August 19
SSA Workshop @ 1 pm—3pm
Hotel Tucson City Center
Sharon Miller & Susan Wenger— "Editing Tips & Tricks for the Serious Author (Or How to Keep Your Editor Happy)"
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   September 17
SSA Forum @ 11am—2pm
Hotel Tucson City Center
Alan M. Petrillo— "Writing Historical Fiction: Getting It Right"
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   September 30
SSA Writing Contest Deadline
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   Sharon Miller and Susan Wenger will present at our first bi-monthly workshop, which will be Saturday, August 19, at the Hotel Tucson City Center for only $5.00. In this interactive workshop, participants will engage in a variety of self-editing practices designed to save time and money on editorial services. We'll show you how to identify big-picture issues, deal with common errors, prevent editors from messing with certain style choices, and proofread your drafts effectively. Participants are encouraged to bring along drafts of works-in-progress to use in some activities.

Presenter Bios:
Sharon Miller is a freelance editor specializing in e-book conversions for Kindle and Android e-readers. She is the author of the Clay Series, three novels set in what is now Catalina State Park. These stories chronicle the story of one pot and three women over the course of eight hundred years. The Clay Remembers was published in 2015, The Clay Endures in 2016, and The Clay Sustains will be released in late September. Learn more at www.buckskinbooks.com and www.sharonkmiller.com. Sharon is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and is active in the Arizona chapter.

Susan Wenger has been an editor for 19 years, and she is active in the Arizona chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Susan provides a wide range of services to new and established authors, including manuscript evaluation, developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, back cover copywriting, and book design. While she's been taking on more fiction projects lately, she still enjoys translating business-ese and academ-ese into English. You can learn more about her services at covertocoverllc.com. When she isn't wielding a red pen, Susan writes songs and sings them in a band called Cinder Bridge.

   ALAN M. PETRILLO will be covering the process of writing an historical novel. Outlining, plotting, characterization, setting, action and story will be among the topics.

   In historical fiction, writers have to know their characters well in order to make them believable to the reader and historical characters are especially challenging because of the gulf of time between when they lived and today. There will be differences in cultures and societal norms of the period being written about. Choosing a period that is particularly interesting to you or fascinates you in some way will make the research more rewarding.

   Al is a Tucson, Arizona-based journalist, who writes full-time for national, regional and local magazines and newspapers. He has been a reporter and editor for daily newspapers in New York, and has served as editor of several monthly national periodicals.

   He is the author of three historical mysteries, A Case of Dom Perignon, Asylum Lane, and Full Moon; five books on historical military firearms; the non-fiction work, Ice Hockey in the Desert; and has contributed short fiction to several anthologies. His short story, "Burn Unit," won the 2005 Short Fiction Best Literary Award presented by Writer's Post Journal magazine.

   Al served 22 years with Verdoy (NY) Fire Department as a firefighter and engineer, including the position of chief.

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