Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors           Vol. 38, No. 4 August-Sept. '09


Upcoming Events

   August 16
Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
Dr. Carroll Rinehart
"Teaching Children to Write"
Fostering a love of writing and reading in children gives them a lifelong gift. Learn how to encourage children to transform their wildest creations into stories they can share--and prepare for an amazing and inspirational experience!

   August 22
Saguaro Romance Writers @10-2PM
El Parador, 2744 E Broadway Blvd
features Emma Bull and Will Shetterly in "Q & A with Emma Bull and Will Shetterly"
$20 members, $25 others. E-mail no later than 8 p.m. Wednesday before the meeting.

   September 12
Arizona Mystery Writers @10-2PM
Hometown Buffet, 5101 N. Oracle Rd, in Tucson,
resumes its 09/10 season.
$12.50 members, $17.50 others, includes buffet. Attend only the morning workshop or the afternoon speaker, no buffet = $5.00. Contact Kevin Josker at for membership and reservation info.

   Sept 26-27
Wrangling With Writing conference
Holiday Inn Palo Verde
Mark your calendar NOW--prices are unchanged from last year! Check out workshops and faculty available for individual interviews! For more information, email Carol Costa (

   October 18
Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
"Writing Contest Awards" This meeting will be our Award Show headed by Ashleen O’Gaea. It will also include the Lacapa Award for Children's Short Story. Join in the success of other writers as they share their prize winning stories.

   November 15
Holiday Book Fair @Noon-4PM
Four Points Sheraton Confeernce Center
Authors, get ready to sell! Space will be limited to 40 authors this year. Watch for additional information on the website and at the forums.

To R.S.V.P. Forum
Leave Phone Message
at 546-9382
or e-mail: WEDNESDAY before the Forum
$25 paid at the door

Teaching Children to Write

   What does it mean to be an author? At what age does one begin? How do we help young people in their quest for authorship? Start with a pencil and paper or a computer (something some of us have to learn) and an open, inquiring mind. Be open, be playful, be passionate about that in which you're interested. Carroll Rinehart has followed some of these processes in working with students in creating or adapting stories as a basis for their operas His library contain about 170 books with his name attached. So come with a sharp pencil and a sharp, creative mind. One learns best IN and not just ABOUT a topic. What is your greatest interest?

   Fostering a love of writing and reading in children gives them a lifelong gift. Learn how to encourage children to transform their wildest creations into stories they can share—and prepare for an amazing and inspirational experience!

   Join us at the Sheraton Four Points Conference Center on August 16. As always, you can either call in your reservations to 546-9382 OR e-mail by the Wednesday prior (in this case, August 12).

Wrangling with Writing in September

   Opportunities will be served up in heaping portions at the upcoming Wrangling with Writing conference to be held September 26th and 27th at the Palo Verde Holiday Inn. There are workshops where you can learn more about how to write, how to market, and how to present yourself and your projects in a professional manner. More importantly, there will be agents and editors eager to talk to you about your projects. Every year attendees advance their writing careers at our conference by networking and scheduling one on one interviews with agents, editors, and producers.

   Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Wrangling with Writing is a conference you don't want to miss. This year's special events include agent and editor panels, a Mock Book Auction and a special Readers Theater presentation. For more information see the brochure enclosed with this newsletter or visit our website: The conference is fun, exciting and filled with golden opportunities for YOU!

Note: Forum price is now $25!


Steve Brown recently had a collection of short stories, entitled Sol Y Sombra: Short Stories From the Sonoran Desert, published by Tiny Island Press (which is in Malta)–you can see reviews at
"It's on and folks buy it there but my heart is with the independents . . . it's in local independent bookstores here in New England and has gotten a couple of good reviews (see the website) and I'm hoping to come to AZ this fall and do some readings . . . hopefully get it in independent stores in Maricopa, Pima, and Santa Cruz Counties.
I was born and grew up near Patagonia in the Santa Ritas, so that's the setting for the stories."

Patricia Herring, Professional Member, poet and research author of Historical fiction and nonfiction of the Spanish Southwest US, announces the publication of her newest book, Life and Society at the Royal Spanish Presidio of San Agustin del Tucson, 1775-1856 (Wheatmark). The Presidio of Tucson was established by the Spaniards in 1775. Around 1821 it became a Mexican fort until 1856, after the Gadsen Purchase.
Herring stresses she is not a 'local historian' though she discusses the lives and environment of every day settlers. She tries to focus on the bigger picture as in Spain, Europe, Mexico and Sonora. Available on line at or call 1-888-934-0888 ext. 3.

Kathleen Golden, new Associate Member of SSA is successfully marketing her book, Si The Siamese, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is an adventure tale of a deaf Siamese rescue cat geared for children ages 5 through 9. Kathleen is presenting Si to both children and adult audiences. Second and third graders are captured by the story as are all adult animal lovers. The book was published by Wheatmark Publishers in January, 2009. See Kathleen's blog at then search KGOLDLENSBLOG. Si's website is, where you will see the author bio as well as enticing information about the book. Si can be ordered through Wheatmark web, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders or directly through the author

Allen Kates ghostwrote a 400-page historical memoir for Tucson’s Dorothy H. Finley titled: "Just Plain Dorothy: The Life of Dorothy Hunt Finley, Cowgirl, Teacher, Tycoon, Philanthropist." He will even get credit on the cover: "With Allen R. Kates, MFAW, Author of CopShock." It will be published in September.
Allen was recently on The Pat McMahon Show on AZTV7/Cable 13 in Phoenix. One comment Allen received was that it was "informative, well-spoken and entertaining."
"Doesn’t get much better than that," says Allen, "And Pat McMahon must have plugged my book [Copshock, 2nd Edition: Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)] holding it up to camera, at least 6 times. The time just flew by ( two 8-minute segments) and we covered a lot of ground, from the symptoms of PTSD, to 9/11, what it was like for me when I toured the devastation just 3 weeks after the towers were destroyed, and what cops can do prevent PTSD."

Frederick J. Masterman’s third novel, That Which Endures, was released in June 2009. It is an action-adventure story, but the book is not part of the author’s ongoing series, The PlanetCare Discoveries, which contain his first two books, Season of the Plant and The Jewels of Stonehenge. The current novel is a science-fiction thriller, set in Tucson in the year 2140. In this futuristic tale, Tucson has risen to be prime city of the state, and the University is a leading institution in many fields, including time-physics and vertebrate paleontology--two apparently unrelated disciplines which intersect in a dramatic way. The two protagonists, a paleontologist and a professional escort, find themselves caught in a web of violent crime, in which escape by time-travel traps them in a world that has not existed for fourteen thousand years. That Which Endures is published by Orchard House Press, a medium-sized traditional press located in Seattle, Washington. Books may be ordered on line ( or directly from the author ( or 818-9124.)

Ashleen O'Gaea's essay, "Not on the Syllabus," is among the contributions to Out of the Broom Closet, due from Adams Media in late September of 2009. Ashleen's is one of several stories about discovering one's Paganism, first encounters with deities, and coming "out of the broom closet" to friends and family.

Judy Ray's new book of poems, To Fly Without Wings, was published by Helicon Nine Editions (Missouri). The poems range from family memories related to a childhood in southern England; experiences of travel and sojourns in such diverse places as Uganda, Australia, and France; concerns for the environment and peace; and moments that illuminate our relationships. Of this book, the poet Richard Wilbur writes: "Judy Ray is a true daugher of Mnemosyne . . . Such a power to evoke the past depends, of course, on passionate noticing in the present." More information can be found at

Ken Weene's poetry was featured in Sol Magazine, a couple of his short stories were accepted by The Legendary, and his novel, Widow's Walk, was accepted for publication by All Things That Matter Press.

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