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   June 18
SSA Forum @ 11am—2pm
Hotel Tucson City Center
Joanne Adams— "Weaving History, Art & Writing"
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   July 16
SSA Forum @ 11am—2pm
Hotel Tucson City Center
Philip Waddell— "Lost in Translation"
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   September 30
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   What are people interested in reading right now? Almost like the wind, subject interest for readers seems to change fairly rapidly! Romance novels? children's books? history? biographies or autobiographies? or something else? As an author, you have to keep up if you want to actually sell your published book!

   Joanne Adams faces life and its myriad challenges with zeal and passion. She loves to "see" the world around her in new ways, transferring her ideas and perceptions onto paper and canvas in one way or another. To know that others enjoy what she does is exciting to her. She would love to share her ideas with you, as creating art and/or writing are personal expressions of who we are as individuals.

   Joanne plans to discuss writing tips (as a reminder to all those prolific writers!), comment on story listening and story telling as audio and oral dimensions of story. She will also let you know how she went about having her husband's book Echoes of a Love Story, published after he died. The story, which Joanne will share via CD, is about Dale's parents' life together in Southern Arizona in the 1930s and 1940s when nothing was there except huge rock formations. They used imagination, creativity, mental and physical energy (as we do) to create an incredible way of life for themselves and for those who came later.

   Philip Waddell is an assistant professor of Classics at the University of Arizona, who earned his Ph.D. in 2010 from the University of Missouri with a dissertation entitled "The Directed Gaze: Enargeia and Film in the Annales of Tacitus." He has taught courses on ancient empire, Roman civilization and culture, and the histories of both Greece and Rome, and his research interests include Tacitus, Roman and Greek Historiography, and Ancient Rhetoric. He has recently published in The Art of History: Literary Perspectives on Greek and Roman Historiography with a chapter entitled "Carthago Deleta: Alternate Realities and Meta-history in Appian's Libyca," and is currently working on his first monograph, Tacitean Noir: Screening the Annales and its film receptions.

   His talk, "Lost in Translation" will explore not only the highlights of Classical culture and its contexts, but also the ways in which a firm of knowledge of the ancient Greco-Roman world can benefit the modern scholar, author, and reader. Audience participation will be encouraged to follow topics they are interested in.


Dan Baldwin has just released his fifth photo book on wildflowers of the Southwest: Wildflower Stew #5 The Gila Sunrise—Stirring Things Up in New Mexico is available in ebook and paperback on Amazon.com, Createspace or Smashwords.
One of the joys of living in my beloved Arizona is my ability to visit our neighboring state of New Mexico pretty much any time I want. The beauty and diversity of The Land of Enchantment is well represented—perhaps best represented—by the variety of wild flowers found throughout the state. Even the most seemingly hostile environments produce incredible colors, smells and emotional experiences. These photographs were taken along the Gila River and are unedited, unretouched, and unenhanced in any way. What I saw is what you get. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did bringing them to you.

Pearl Gladwyn Burk's Breaking Free was published in March by CreateSpace and is available on Smashwords and Amazon.com.
In order to get off the streets of Boston in 1844, four-year-old Lisa Bellamont's mother, Charlotte, accepts a job at the Hillside Orphanage for Boys on the condition that her child is a boy. For the next eleven years, they live the lie until Lisa's pretense becomes so much a part of her that she is overwhelmed when she is thrust out into the world after her mother dies. Her last encounter with the cruel headmaster fills him with rage. She escapes from him and goes into hiding with the help of her employer, who is involved in the Underground Railroad. Their escape journey leads them to Lawrence, a small abolitionist settlement in the Kansas Territory, which is being threatened by contingents of pro-slavery men from Missouri. A letter found in her mother's crucifix carries an additional shock to her life. Lisa's effort to find something positive in every situation is tested many times as she finds her freedom and becomes a lovely young woman with a few charming remnants of her boyhood.

Mary Ann Carman's seventh book, third in the Love After Life series Something Borrowed is available on Amazon.com and Smashwords. A ringing phone leads to Maui heat! Helena Foster is frightened. Her parents were abducted in the Maui airport. The reason—she doesn't want to imagine. Alarmed and edgy, she must interpret their message. With Jeffrey, her ghostly companion, she begins her search for the man who craves her talents. Can she locate them in time? Will he sacrifice them in his eagerness to reach his goal?

Eve Crook's new book, Sex, Love, & the Spacetime Pinch, a novella, has just been released by The Wild Rose Press. I wrote under the pen name of Vee Bentley since it is falling under the "erotic sic-fi romance" genre. The cutline at the bottom of the cover page reads: "Danger... eroticism... a wondrous new world of untamed pleasure..." Here is the blurb: Ensign Lara Stone's deepest desire is to become a member of the Naval Aerospace Command's first space expedition to find a planet similar to Earth. What she wishes for lands her and the two male crew members on a fantastic new world. Alien plant life and air filled with human pheromones heighten the urge for sex, introducing Lara, Captain Tenn, and Lieutenant Gordon to pleasure beyond their wildest fantasies.
But unforeseen dangers lurk beyond the dark cliffs that guard their ethereal landing zone, and upon a return trip, the three must work together, along with additional crew members, to protect the tempting alien species. With erotic episodes occurring every time the planet's comet passes over, however, concentrating on danger becomes quite a challenge.

Linda (Lin) Roy Cross published her riveting journey, Alone on the Camino, as an Ebook, on Smashword.com.
At age 66, Linda walked the 500-mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, facing real and imagined death from high winds on the Pyrenees heading toward Santiago de Compostela, anticipating an introspective 31-day silent retreat. Walking alone, she encounters a roller coaster of emotions from physical pain and loneliness, fear, sorrow and humility, to friendship, good will and universal love.
Also check out the 1-minute YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltfqQP8HKPA

Sheri McGuinn's novel, Running Away, was turned into a Lifetime movie directed by Brian Skiba. It's been getting great reviews: "Running Away is one of the best Lifetime films of the years so far." Read more on "What Lisa Watched Last Night #164: Running Away (dir by Brian Skiba)" at http://tinyurl.com/mjyyall
We had to change a lot to make it work for film, but I love the director's ending and this way it won't spoil the novel for readers.

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