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   June 15
SSA Forum @ 11am—2pm
Tucson City Center InnSuites
Jon & Evelyn Lee - "10 Tips for Promoting You & Your Book with Simple Tech""s
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   July 20
SSA Forum @ 11am—2pm
Tucson City Center InnSuites
Bob Hunton & Dan Baldwin - "Ghosting, Rejection and Paths to Publishing""
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   August 15
SSA Writing Contest Deadline - Check out our writing contest at ssa-az.org/contest.html

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   The days of only needing to market your books part time is long gone! Now it's more of a full time job! Getting your book exposed to the media and internet is rapidly changing and can be overwhelming. At our June Forum, Jon Lee—Director of Global Book Rights—will share 10 simple tips that any writer can use to help promote books. These tips are in plain and simple English minus the tech talk and can help you promote your book to the next level in about 30 minutes! He has a simple check list of marketing tips that any author can do.

   Global Book Rights is a literary agency that sells foreign book rights located in Tucson, AZ founded in 1996 by Evelyn Lee. Evelyn will be available to discuss foreign book rights.

   Jon Lee manages the day to day operations of technology & social media for GlobalBookRights.com. This includes web content, design, news, updates, marketing and profiles for authors, agents and publishers to name a few. Jon recently created a proprietary software application to manage and distribute available rights information for Global Book Rights. The management of foreign book rights has grown enormously in the past 10 years to include not only authors, agents, sub-agents, publishers, but numerous countries, legal contracts, translations and royalties. The development of available book rights has led to wave of new technologies that are shared globally around the world. Such issues as document security, submitting and transferring files, and providing potential buyers information in different platforms have become critical in the literary agency business.

   Evelyn Lee Kagey Lee is a former journalist, editor and newspaper & magazine publisher. Her Lee middle name is U.S. Southern and her Lee last name is Chinese. She has worked, studied and traveled in 28 countries. Thus she brings a unique mix of knowledge of publishing and of the world to the business, plus an understanding of what books will sell where and how to market them.

   Global Book Rights is a translation book rights agency founded in 1996. We started out selling translation rights for English language publishers, agents & authors primarily to Asian publishers, but now are additionally selling in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America & the Middle East. The company represents several hundred publishers, agents & authors for whom it makes sales into a variety of territories.

   Forums are at Tucson City Center InnSuites. Remember, you save $5 when you register by Wednesday prior to the forum ($25 for registered guests, $30 at the door). Call in your reservations to 546-9382 or e-mail ssabrunches@gmail.com.

   The July Forum will feature two strong SSA writers, Dan Baldwin and Robert Hunton. Dan will share with us some of the secrets of ghostwriting and Bob will explore some methods of handling rejection without failing. Then, as both have been successful in getting things published, they will combine their experience and expertise in a joint presentation on how to get the words down and then get them out to the readers. This should be a solid event with abundant practical experience.

   Dan has ghost written over fifty books as well as authoring a growing string of novels, including Desecration, Heresy, Trapp Canyon, Caldera and Caldera—A Man on Fire, with upcoming works Caldera—A Man of Blood and Sparky and the King. He is a member of Find Me, an organization of psychics, law enforcement officers and professional search and rescue volunteers from all over the world working with law enforcement and families to find missing loved ones. His western novel, Trapp Canyon, is a finalist in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards competition. You can read more about Dan at his website www.danbaldwin.biz/id63.html.

   Bob taught social studies/language arts for 32 years at Colchester, Vermont Middle School where he delivered graduation addresses, coached both girls' and boys' basketball as well as teaching social studies. He is an active member of the League of Vermont Writers and the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators. Bob has completed two novels in a trilogy: The Gift of the Desert Dog and The Secrets of the Medicine Pouch from Open Books Press, Bloomington, Indiana. His latest, Coyote-Meter's Abyss, will be released in early June. You can read more about Bob at his website www.robertlhunton.com.

   Forums are at Tucson City Center InnSuites. Remember, you save $5 when you register by Wednesday Prior to the forum ($25 for registered guests, $30 at the door). Call in your reservations to 546-9382 or e-mail ssabrunches@gmail.com.


Dan Baldwin & George Sewell's Just the FAQs, Please, About Alcohol And Drug Abuse is a reader-friendly journey through the perplexing world of drug abuse and its more sinister cousin, chemical dependency. The "War on Drugs" has been waged for a generation through laws, school programs, social movements, and law enforcement. The drug problem has raised a host of basic questions from people who aren't in the trenches, so to speak. These "Frequently Asked Questions" have been posed to the authors for more than twenty years and are addressed in this lively survey of the drug problem. The book is a handy guide for readers who wonder what drug abuse is all about. The authors use a dash of history, a measure of tales, and a heaping cup of facts to assist the reader in understanding the confusing dynamics of drug abuse and addiction. Whether you realize it or not, you are involved in the war on drugs. Here's how to know the enemy. It can be found at americastarbooks.net and Amazon.com.

Allan Meyer has a new novel called A Dog's Choice, in which Eddie, a "normally-impaired" philosopher, loses every argument with Zelda, his talking dog. When he reminds her that he has a college degree in the "art of correct thinking," she answers, "Hey, your problem, not mine." When he complains that she has three beds, whereas he, a married man, has only one half of one bed, Zelda advises him, "raid where you can and cut a deal where you can't."
Meyer adds characters like Yancey, who thinks it strange to obey the Ten Commandments without first reading the fine print, a graceless judge with habits that can "irritate a sandbag" and four-year-old Emma who wants to avoid Boston because, "my dad says the place is full of Irishmen." Beneath this benign turbulence run more serious currents—gender equality, coping myths, remembrance. Facing a crisis that his logic cannot justify, Eddie seeks sanctuary in a personalized myth and Zelda answers the call of South Dakota's beautiful Ghost Dance Lake.
Meyer's story is exactly what one writer/reviewer called, "a shoplifter in the heart store."
A Dog's Choice, on Kindle and Nook, is also available in paperback from Arizona Vintage Investments, LLC, 12982 N. Meadview Way, Oro Valley, AZ 85755. 520-297-4496. Price, $14.95 (no shipping charges).

Harvey Stanbrough, following Heinlein's Business Rules for Writers, has challenged himself to write at least one new polished short story per week. Writing as himself or as one of his alter egos—Gervasio Arrancado, Nicolas Z Porter, or Eric Stringer—he has written (and published) six short stories in the past three weeks. To get a new short story every week, visit http://hestanbrough.com and sign up. You can read several stories on the site now, as well as the bios of Harvey and his friends.

Ron Wick's Desert Kill, the second book in the Santiago Mystery Series, has been published and nominated for the IPPY (Independent Publishers Book Award) for Best Mystery/Thriller E-Book 2014 by StoneThread Publishing. Michelle Santiago's best friend Nikki, wife of billionaire Claude Braun, begs for help in finding her missing stepdaughter Lindsey. Santiago's commitment to help takes her away from a coastal vacation in Washington State with her partner lover, Seattle police department homicide detective Chance Stewart, to a murderous nightmare in Arizona's Valley of the Sun. The search for Lindsey leads Santiago into the world of a psychopathic killer; a former spook, MIA, mercenary, assassin, and serial killer of young women. A team of special FBI agents joins the search to neutralize the kidnapper if he is the rogue spook to prevent him from coming to trial in open court and exposing government secrets. Santiago is stalked, imprisoned and threatened with life-altering circumstances in her search and battle for survival with the obsessive killer. Desert Kill is available on Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

James Wharton's Delirium is now available on Amazon.com. Good looks, a great job and a cool car—Jack Keeler has it all. He's even found the perfect girl, the soul mate he always dreamed of. But Jack's world is not what it seems, and the reality he thought he knew is only an illusion. He suddenly finds himself in a totally different world, one filled with deceit and death. As Jack realizes he is a man living in two worlds, his life begins to unravel. He struggles to separate the world of reality from the world of illusion, but is horrified to find the world in which he lived and the world in which he now finds himself offer only one choice—certain death!
Set against the vibrant backdrop of present day Chicago, a small Indiana town, and the South Pacific in World War Two Delirium is a haunting love story spanning time and continents. Its compelling and all too human characters jump off the page to join the reader in the mystery, action and romance.

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