Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors           Vol. 40, No. 3 June—July '11


Upcoming Events

   June 19
SSA Forum @ 10AM—1PM
Four Points Sheraton
Dan Baldwin - "I'm not the Author; I Just Wrote the Book—Ghostwriting Tips, Techniques & Terrors"
(see article this page)

   July 17
SSA Forum @ 10AM—1PM
Four Points Sheraton
Gary Wagnon - "It's All About The Buzz—Social Media Marketing Strategies"
(see article this page)

To R.S.V.P. Forum
Leave Phone Message
at 546-9382
or e-mail: WEDNESDAY before the Forum
$20 with reservation or
$25 paid at the door

I'm not the Author; I Just Wrote the Book—
Ghostwriting Tips, Techniques & Terrors

   Dan Baldwin is the ghostwriter or co-author of more than 40 books on business and business related subjects for major publishers (. . . For Dummies, Streetwise Guides, Dearborn), and individuals and organizations. He has won national awards for advertising copywriting and directing television commercials and corporate presentations. Baldwin is the author of Caldera, and a sequel, Caldera—A Man on Fire, published by Red Willow Digital Press and available through Red Willow Digital Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.
His website is

"I'm Not the Author; I Only Wrote the Book" features Baldwin's tensteps for ghostwriting a book:

  • Find a client. Let clients find you.
  • The most important factor that determines your success
  • Establish the rules of the game.
  • Research
  • Write the first draft
  • Write the second draft
  • Write the third draft
  • Collect your final payment
  • Prepare for the blame game
  • Prepare for the success game
  • Step out of the picture

   Topics covered will include contract basics, compensation for referrals, kill fees, making sure the book is the client's book, networking, and the occasional horror story.

   Don't forget to call in your reservations to 546-9382 OR e-mail by the Wednesday prior (in this case, June 15).

It's All About The Buzz—Social
Media Marketing Strategies

   Whether you are publishing a book, selling a product or promoting a new idea, it's all about creating a buzz. Get people talking about you and interacting with you and your marketing is done!

   Imagine yourself in a group of people and someone asks what you do. How long could you go on about your project? (Probably longer than they wanted to hear.) We get passionate about our projects and can go on forever. That's the basis of social media. It's about building relationships with others.

   What is Social Media? While most people associate social media with Facebook or Twitter, video sharing sites like YouTube and blogging platforms like Wordpress are also part of the collective known as social media. The best analogy for social media is a party with a couple of million of your closest friends. The most common mistake I see in social media is the person who views social media as an advertising medium. It's not called "advertising media." It's called "social media" because it's about providing valuable content that will entertain or enrich the other person.

   Gary Wagnon is the creator of Social Media Lab and has trained hundreds of people how to use social media both effectively and efficiently. He will present his "Social Media Funnel" concept plus discuss strategies for using the major social media sites to build a buzz for your business.

   Don't forget to call in your reservations to 546-9382 OR e-mail by the Wednesday prior (in this case, July 13).

SSA Board forms
Interim Management Committee

The Society of Southwestern Authors has formed an SSA Interim Management Committee to help guide our membership into the 21st century.

After nearly a year of searching, we are still looking for SSA members who have the time, desire and qualifications to join the Board of Directors. We need you to step up to the plate!

Meanwhile, we invite any and all of you to attend, observe, make suggestions for events, and take part at our regular Board meeting held on the Tuesday before the forum each month at the Four Points Sheraton at 6:30 pm. Email Penny Porter ( to let us know you plan to join us for a meeting.

NOTE: the Wrangling With Writing Conference and the Writing Contest are canceled until further notice.

The SSA Interim Management Committee has the following directors you may call to get answers on specific topics. Note their expertise. Their names and emails are listed at the bottom of the page.


   Jan Cleere is delighted to report that her latest book, Levi's & Lace: Arizona Women Who Made History, has just been released by Rio Nuevo Publishers.
"The publisher did a marvelous job with the layout and photos. Levi's & Lace tells the stories of over 35 women from the mid 1800s to mid 1900s who had an impact on the development of the state." The publisher also included a listing of the women from the book who have been honored by induction into the Arizona Women's Hall of Fame and Prescott's Sharlot Hall Territorial Memorial Rose Garden. They also added an Arizona Timeline and references for each chapter. Lots of good stuff! It is available at

   Lauren Grossman made the decision to convert her book, Once in Every Generation, to Kindle format.
"Too many people asked me if it was available as an e-book. I caved. It seems there is no escaping the futureÐas it is here now."
Once in Every Generation is now available at's Kindle store. (Sorry, other formats will have to wait.) Please feel free to add your reviews to the Amazon site. "Thanks to everyone who has already ordered the novel."

   Toby Fesler Heathcotte's books win epic prizes: the top prize in metaphysical fiction went to The Comet's Return, at the EPIC banquet held in Williamsburg, VA on March 12, 2011. The yearly awards presented by The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition celebrate e-books in all categories ( Another Heathcotte book, Out of the Psychic Closet, earned a finalist award in nonfiction.
The Comet's Return tells the stories of six souls who reincarnate after building centuries of karmic connections. In 2061 Arizona, Angela dreams of people she should recognize and events she should remember. With her career and her sanity in jeopardy, she goes to the trunk opening for Halley's Comet and finds her love. Remembering their previous lifetime opens Angela to the great knowledge. Kegan yet walks the world, intent on ending the blood feud from Celtic times. The book is the fifth part of the Alma Chronicles.
Out of the Psychic Closet: The Quest to Trust My True Nature is a self-help handbook in two parts that will show the reader how to step out of the psychic closet, to rise above anxiety and distrust, and to incorporate psychic abilities into a more honest model of personal reality. The first part narrates the author's psychic experiences. The second part details scientific research, historical background, and previously unpublished anecdotes of the paranormal. The second part also includes print and web resources.
Both The Comet's Return and Out of the Psychic Closet are available for sale in multiple e-book formats as well as in paperback on Look for further information on the author's website (

   Hughlett L. Morris' Old Men's Tales, was recently published by Wheatmark.
Twenty-five men at a certain age and place tell a story to an unseen listener. The story may be factual, imagined, embroidered, or exaggerated. In any case, it tells something about the man and his life. His story deserves our attention, as does he. Available in print and in's Kindle.

   Sharon Poppen's latest novel, Abby-Finding More Than Gold, is now available on Kindle. The cover looks great and truly depicts Tommy and Abby, the hero and heroine of the story. Check it out on
"Now, a little advice/help, please. Anyone know of a blog or forum where I can 'brag' about this delightful novel? It is set in the time of the Yukon Gold Rush and follows a headstrong Irish girl as she makes her way from the tenements of turn-of-the-century Chicago to the white, wilderness of the Yukon gold rush."
"I want to thank the SSA for all the informative workshops offered during their yearly conferences that helped me hone my writing skills. A special thank you to Jane Candia Coleman who read the first chapter a few years back and gave me encouragement that it was a marketable story."

   D.R. Ransdell just had a story published in Chicken Soup for the Grandmother's Soul. In an essay titled "Betwitched by Baby T" she explains how her mother went so ga-ga over her first grandchild that her own daughters couldn't recognize her.

   Harvey Stanbrough has released Six Years in May: Thirteen Stories from a Very Odd Mind.
These tales range from the almost normal to the fantastic, from the tragic to the comedic, from dark tale to fairytale. You'll encounter a mind cleaner who enters the mind of an angel, a rodeo cowboy who's beleaguered repeatedly by a black Angus bull in the arena and a raven-haired woman in his dreams. You'll witness what happens when the only woman Giacomo Casanova has truly loved down through the ages finds a way to bring him back to life, and you'll trudge through Death Valley with a hiker who encounters, and questions, God face to face. You'll accompany a writer as he makes his way by pickup truck over rough terrain through a nuclear holocaust, narrowly avoids plummeting into a canyon and fears he's about to be eaten by wolves, and you'll watch a storm chaser in Oklahoma remember who he really is and become an integral part of a unique electrical storm being steered by aliens. You'll share the frustrations of a rural boy who, after being forced into manhood by the death of his father, watches helplessly as his future is washed away in a flash flood, and you'll learn the ground rules about frightening little things we all know deep inside but don't generally admit to noticing at all. You'll consider the morality of euthanasia and how you might one day pay the oldest debt. You'll watch a boy who loves to crush bugs get his comeuppance (or does he?), and you'll accompany a Cajun man on a single-minded mission into the backwoods of Louisiana in a deep, humid night. (Why's he carrying that rolled-up carpet over his shoulder?) Finally you'll witness hell on earth in the title story, "Six Years in May," and then relive the story of Little Red Riding Hood with a new, improved Red who believes in magic and herself.
"I sincerely hope you will enjoy these stories. If you do, please consider coming back to where you purchased this book to write a brief review. As an added bonus, interspersed among these tales in the style of Papa Hemingway, is an extra story marked in Parts and not indicated in the table of contents. It is at once a story, a recollection, a history and a confession. It is truth and fiction, reality and fantasy. I'll let you choose which is which."
You can get the collection at and, and Barnes & Noble.

   Ben F. Williams, Jr's latest book, Pancho Villa, A Lifetime of Vengeance, is now available on's Kindle.

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