Vol. 34, No. 3 June-July '06

Upcoming Events

   June 18
Forum @11:30-2PM
Sheraton Four Points
Steve Cox,
"Writing Brave and Free"
(see article)

   July 16
Forum @11:30-2PM
Sheraton Four Points
Kitty Chappell and Carol Costa's Play,
"From Book to Script"
(see article)

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$20 paid at the door

Writing Brave and Free

   Steve Cox is the author, with U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, of Writing Brave and Free: Encouraging Words for People Who Want to Start Writing (University of Nebraska Press, 2006), which Erika Dreifus, in The Writer, called "one of the most down-to-earth, user-friendly texts I've seen." Steve was a featured speaker at the recent Pima Writers' Workshop and at the 2006 Northern Arizona Book Festival. He leads the Writing Salon at the Tucson Botanical Gardens and has taught workshops on writing for junior faculty at the University of Arizona.

   Director emeritus of the University of Arizona Press and a former editor at the university presses of Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Nebraska, Steve brings both his publishing and his writing experience to Writing Brave and Free.

   Steve has recently published more than thirty articles on inspiring teachers, the American West, and publishing in Montana: The Magazine of Western History, Presbyterians Today, Arizona Alumnus, and other magazines.

   Steve is a native of Kansas and an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma (B.A.) and the University of Tennessee (M.A.). He lives in Tucson.

From Book to Script

   On July 16th those who attend the luncheon forum will have the opportunity to learn about writing for the stage and adapting a book into a script. This is not a lecture but a reading of a new play written by Carol Costa. Talented local actors will present a reading of Absolution, a one act play based on the book, Sins of a Father, Forgiving the Unforgivable by Kitty Chappell. This play deals in part with the physical abuse Kitty and her family endured at the hands of her father. The story is a compelling look at a troubled family, but more importantly, it is the inspirational story of the courage and determination that allowed one woman to overcome her fear, heal herself and her siblings, and provide help to many others who have suffered abuse.

   Absolution is a serious play lightened by its message of hope. It demonstrates how faith and love can change lives, turning hate into forgiveness and heartache into triumph.

   Don't miss the chance to see a performance piece that will take you to the edge of your seat and show you how to dramatize your own stories. After the reading, audience members will have an opportunity to discuss the play and ask questions of the playwright, the actors, and the author of the book.

   Carol Costa is an award-winning playwright. Her plays have been produced in New York City, Los Angeles, and in regional theaters across the country.

processing fees are too high,
we do not make a profit on the luncheons-
what you pay is what the hotel charges us.

Also, if you R.S.V.P. please attend-SSA pays full fee if you don't!)


Mary Anne Butler's Journey to a Land Called Hope has been named an award finalist in the historical fiction division of a contest sponsored by Foreword Magazine, a publication for university and independent presses. "I won't know if I get to the next level: gold, silver or bronze until May 19, but if I do no one will be able to stand me. This has been a long three book project, 12 years including the research to seven states, etc."
Pat Linder and Mary Anne are still on stage with their books. "Saturday we do an all-day book signing at the Arts & Crafts Fair here in SaddleBrooke. I have done some 15 presentations to genealogy groups, a writers organization, the DAR, book clubs, etc. I guess as long as I can talk I can go on. But a 'new young writer,' I'm not! I'll be 81 in July which must prove something about the elderly."

L. D. Clark has a new book out, a Western novel: The Plains Beyond (Stansbury Publishing, Chico, CA). It's like no Western you've ever seen, treating the Texas Plains adventures of a spear-toting black cowboy who seeks to free his wife from Indian captivity. It's more likely to remind you of a medieval romance than an American shoot-em-up. Website: www.ldclark.net.

Carol Costa and Jim Woods' short story collaboration, Olla Podrida, has been released by PublishAmerica. The Mexican-sounding title generously translates to "Spicy Stew," however this collection of short fiction is not about Mexico, the Southwest, nor is it a cookbook. It is, though, a highly seasoned blend that includes story settings around the country, around the world–sixteen tales in all, eight each by Carol and Jim, presented in alternating order. The flavor and spice of the mixture come from the characters and their involvement with one another, and in some cases from plots shaped by chance or enigmatic influences. Enjoy the stew!

Ray Malone's novel, Ring Around the Rosie, has just been accepted for publication by Publish America. "The nursery rhyme is an accurate description of smallpox. My novel is about an attempt by al-Qaida to introduce smallpox into the U. S. to start a pandemic."

Mable Leo's children's book, Yahoodywho, is being adapted into a play by A. Nannette Taylor, who directed In My Humble Opinion. Also, watch for the book Mable is editing for Frank Trejo. "Only he can tell how he went from the barrio of Phoenix to the Softball Hall of Fame–twice!" See his website: http://lilblackcloud.com and watch Mable's websites for updates: www.booksbyleo.com and www.sailorspringsnews.com
The celebration of the Phoenix Writers' Club's 80th Anniversary was a huge success. In honor of the Club's longevity a children's story book was created by ten of the members. Mable wrote the prologue to get their creative juices flowing and they took it from there, each member writing a chapter. "The result is a charming, heartwarming, beautifully illustrated book for children of all ages." It can be ordered through Mable's website or go to www.winmark.com for more info. "Happy reading!"

Chandrea El-Anra Polara will have a review of the chapter "Mystic-Mystery Jaguar of Maui" from her book Risking Love to Heal in the spring issue of Magical Blend, which is celebrating 25 years as a national magazine focused on presenting to the public new ideas for present and future transitions in the people and animal, health/beauty and environmental fields.

Connie Spittler was selected for the panel "The Healing Power of Writing" at Pima College's First International Women's Conference, March 31, 2006, Desert Vista Campus. Sponsored by a Pima Community College Student Activity Grant, the conference, was attended by approximately 150 women and 2 men, included topics such as women's issues, volunteer service, political advocacy and the crime of alcohol. Parenting and literacy were also featured and the writing panel was SRO. Other panel members were Rosi Andrade, Elena Diaz Bjorkquist, Geneva Escobedo and Linda Shaird.

Karen Tauber's All Pretty and Bright:Stories of Courage and Hope for the Teaching Life, an anthology of fifteen heartfelt stories, focuses on the lives of seemingly ordinary individuals, women public school teachers, who confront extraordinary circumstances and frequently make critical choices. In some instances, the protagonists embrace the challenges and continue teaching. All these characters are presented in the fullness of their humanity with their passions, fears, predispositions, and obsessions. Whether these characters move the reader to laughter, tears, or both, they will leave an indelible impression on the soul as they speak to the experience of what it means to be a public school teacher. "I have sold 86 copies so far, and I am in the process of doing a second printing."

Robert Wagner's short story, "A Business Matter," is scheduled for Issue #4 (no date yet) of the Rage Machine magazine.

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