Vol. 3, No. 13 June/July '03
  13   SSA Writers' Forum
Sheraton Four Points

Speaker: John Vornholt

Topic: "Media Tie-in Novels"
(see article - this page)

  20   SSA Writers' Forum
Sheraton Four Points

Speaker: Jane Candia Coleman

Topic: "Research Methods"
(see article - this page)

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Trek Struck - For All Generations

John Vornholt    Prepare for a voyage into the unknown when Star Trek novelist, John Vornholt, speaks at the June 15th Writers' Forum. Vornholt's down-to-earth message promises to enlighten us about: adult and children's books, their differences, and how to move back and forth between them; middle-grade and young adult novels (it's not all Harry Potter); writing Media Tie-in novels and making money from Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and other TV shows; the state of the industry; agents on the front line; and writing for money versus writing for fun.
   John's 1989 novel, Masks was the first in the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to reach the New York Times best-seller list, beginning a relationship with Pocket Books that has seen him write over twenty Star Trek novels for adults and children. Providing entertainment for all ages, his credits include animated cartoons, travel articles, children's nonfiction, and a New York stage musical. Continuing his prolific outpouring of esoteric creativity, John's hardcover Trek series "Genesis Wave" will become four volumes with the publication of Genesis Force in July. His "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" novel, Seven Crows, is due for release in June. Vornholt's earthly home is in Tucson, Arizona.
   Phone in Forum reservations (546-9382) by Wednesday, June 11th.

Rewarding Research

Jane Candia Coleman    When SSA member Jane Candia Coleman researched her first novel, Doc Holliday's Woman, she rode her horse on part of the Western Cattle Trail - from Griffin, Texas to the Red River. Jane is a stickler for close attention to the facts of history and culture in the settings of her awardwinning books of poetry, short fiction, historical novels, and contemporary women's fiction. "I can't write the country if I've only looked at it out of a car window," says Jane.
   At the July 20th Writers' Forum, Jane will reveal top-notch research methods when she presents "Everything I should have known I learned writing about it." Jane will discuss her ongoing research and how "handson" research is more valuable than surfing the net.
   Coleman's impressive list of writing awards includes two Spur Awards from the Western Writers of America and runner-up for the Willa Cather Award in 2002. She is also a five-time Pulitzer nominee and the only woman to receive three Western Heritage Awards from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.
   Phone in Forum reservations (546-9382) by Wednesday, July 16th.
Letter from the Editor

SSA -- Under New Management

   This will be the last 2003 issue edited south of the Equator. In July, I will be heading back to the oven and wish I could bring the torrents of rain we've had in Sydney this autumn, including one wettest four day period in four decades!
   Though autumn downunder, it's spring in Arizona, which always ushers in a changing of the guard for SSA. That means farewelling outgoing board members and appointed chairpersons, some of whom have given years of dutiful service to SSA. It also means announcing the new lineup for this year's behind the scenes management of our nearly 600- strong organization. Please join me in welcoming and thanking our 2003 Directors and Chairpersons:

Best wishes,
see you in July!
(Jean Walsh, Editor)


President, Chris Stern

Vice Presedent/Membership Chair, Penny Porter

Treasurer, Jay McCall

Recording Secretary, gael Mustapha

Luncheon Forum Chair, Connie Kazal

Conference Director, Al Petrillo

Conference Co-director, Barbara Stahura

Writing Contest Chair, Sharon Landeen

Mentor & Writing Group Chair, Sam Turner

By-Laws, Dale Adams

Mark Sneller


Corresponding Secretary, Jean Gietzen

Quarterly Workshop Chair, Lucy Kauffman Simons

Webmaster, Mike Rom

Write Word Editor, Jean Walsh


Vera (Bunny) Badertscher entered the Arizona Press Women's writing contest for the first time this year and won two prizes: 2nd place in travel writing with a submission of two articles - an Arizona Highways story on a weekend in Ajo and an Arizona Highroads (AAA) article on Mata Ortiz; and 1st place in web writing for "The Monks Who Forgot How," available in the archives of: www.killingthebuddha.com

Greg Brown's Flying Carpet has reached the eyes and heart of Rich Karlgaard, book reviewer for Forbes Magazine, with a review in his "Summer Reading" column praising Greg's book. "A journey of life and flying that contains some of the most fetching words yet penned about a father-son relationship," says Karlgaard. Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane is available at your favorite bookstore, pilot shop, online store, aviation catalog, or through Greg's website at: www.GregBrownFlyingCarpet.com

Norman Clark, Sun Lakes SSA member, is proud to announce the release of his murder/ mystery novel, Love'em to Death, published by 1stBooks. This one will keep you awake all night, cause you to get up and check the locks on all your doors, and probably hire a personal bodyguard. Love'em to Death can be purchased through any bookstore.

Eric Eaton has two new publications to share. He contributed to The Butterfly Gardener's Guide, edited by Claire Hagen Dole, published by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in their "All- Region Guides" series. Eric's article on flies, complemented by stunning photography, appears in this month's issue of Missouri Conservationist magazine and can be found on http://www.conservation.state.mo.us/ conmag. Eric also reports the field guide to insects is coming along in fits and starts with periods in between advances pushing him into part-time temp work. Ah, the life of a writer! Undaunted, Eric continues his sideline as a magnificent naturalist illustrator, currently rendering illustrations for a friend's forthcoming book on the natural history of the northern Rockies. Check out Eric's wonderful illustrations on his website: community.webtv.net/bugeric/BugEric

Jane Eppinga's chapter, "The Day of Infamy," on the attack of Pearl Harbor, appears in the newly released Arizona Goes to War: The Home Front and the Front Lines During World War II, edited by Brad Melton and Dean Smith, published by University of Arizona Press. The book includes a foreword by Senator John McCain and an introduction by Marshall Trimble. Jane was interviewed about the book on Arizona Illustrated and appeared at signings with Dean Smith at both Barnes & Noble Tucson stores. For more information visit Jane's website at: www.desert-silhouettes.com

J.M. "Mike" Hayes' three books, The Grey Pilgrim, Mad Dog & Englishman, and Prairie Gothic will feature at his Barnes & Nobles signings - Foothills Mall, Saturday, June 21st at 2pm, and Broadway, Saturday, June 28th at 2pm. Mike will also appear at the Pinetop Friends of the Library event on Saturday, July 12th. Mike's latest release, Prairie Gothic , which came out in February, has been getting some great reviews. The best quotes so far include - "McMurtry on skates . . . Among the funniest mysteries I have read." (Mark Bernstein, The Drood Review of Mystery). "As gothic as Faulkner, as amusing as Twain . . ." (John Orr, San Jose Mercury).

Martha Huffman has self-published her novel Kin Keepers, the story of the Detchon family's mid-1800's migration from the picturesque Mahoning Valley, Ohio, and settlement on the bleak plains of Iowa, where money and provisions for survival were scarce. To find out more about this thrilling memoir, email: marthahuffman@aol.com

Kenneth Iserson's revised Getting Into a Residency: A Guide for Medical Students (6th) edition, Galen Press, arrived from the printer this week. So far, all editions have sold over a quarter million copies. This is for a book that was initially rejected by all major medical publishers! For more information check out: www.galenpress.com ph: 1-(800) 442-5369

Ed Kostro's short story, "A Time to Live, Not Die," features in the Spring 2003 issue of The Copperfield Review, A Quarterly Journal for Readers and Writers of Historical Fiction. This Arizona story, circa 1870s, revolves around an Apache Indian legend concerning a small group of Native Americans who outmaneuvered the U.S. Cavalry and disappeared into the mysterious depths of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. The story is an excerpt from Ed's yet to be published Western novel, Gold River Canyon. "A Time to Live, Not Die," can be read online at: www.copperfieldreview.com.

Carol St. John's new novel, Anchors of the Soul, a women's survival story, has just been released and is now available in local bookstores. In her other guise, Carol celebrates the opening of the Dreams of Freedom Museum art exhibit in downtown Boston, where her satirical art will hang from May through Labor Day. If you are visiting the Northeast, don't miss the Dreams of Freedom Museum, 1 Milk Street, where the story of immigration is made real and Carol St. John serves up her vision of America today.

Diane Warner has three recent book releases: How to Have a Big Wedding on a Small Budget, 4th Edition F & W Publications, Betterway Books; Inside Secrets of Finding a Teaching Job, 2nd Edition, coauthored with husband Jack Warner and Clyde Bryan, JIST Publishing; and Single Parenting for Dummies, coauthored with a psychotherapist friend from the San Francisco area, Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Marian Wilson's book of humorous poetry, Why Pencils are Yellow, received first place in the poetry category of the 2002 Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book contest. The judge calls the book "a completely enthralling and entertaining collection. A tour de force by a major voice in American poetry." Available from Antigone's, Arizona Inn, and the poet at: notmarian@aol.com.

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