Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 2, No. 26 June/July '00

  18   Sunday Brunch
Plaza Hotel@11:30-2pm
Speaker: Derrick Neil, Science Fiction Writer
Topic: " Controversial Writing" (see article)
  16   Sunday Brunch
Plaza Hotel@11:30-2pm
Speaker: Lisa Chernin
Topic: " The Funny Business of Writing" (see article)
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I am an ear for poems
by Sherley Dunn Perry

picking up pen
come into hand
like night stars
at dusk

What You Know Best & Love Most is Key

  How do you choose what to write about? For novelist Derrick Neill, our June 18th luncheon speaker, the answer lies in a careful examination of his most important values. In his sci-fi novel Adventures in Spacetime, he chose subjects ranging from rock-climbing and mountain men to dinosaurs and evolution (a decision which got him into hot water with the ultra-conservatives in his community). And now, in Duck Egg Blue, Derrick stirs up even more controversy, writing a novel dealing with religious discrimination, the separation of church and state, and the creationism versus evolution debate.
  Tackling controversial topics is never easy, but for Derrick, these are the subjects he's passionate about. And if writers aren't passionate about their subjects, how can they expect their readers to be? Join Derrick Neill for an enlightening examination of the writing process: "When it comes to controversy."
  Please be passionate about phoning in your luncheon reservation by noon, Thursday, June 15, so that we can have an accurate count.

The Funny Business of Writing

   So, you think you have a pretty good sense of humor. . . . After all, you can tell a joke with the best of them. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a comedy writer? Chances are, it isn't quite what you imagined! Come find out what really goes on while the cameras are off when television writer Lisa Chernin shares the secrets of sitcom writing at the July meeting.
  Lisa Chernin grew up in Tucson and, in her early teens, spent entirely too much time at Old Tucson Studios watching the filming of The High Chaparral TV series. Later, after graduating from the University of Arizona's creative writing program, she traveled to Los Angeles where she worked as a journalist, editor, and advertising copywriter.
  Lisa eventually broke into the television industry, but ended up writing comedies rather than westerns. Her credits include episodes of the hit sitcoms Murphy Brown and Married...with Children.
  Lisa returned to Tucson several years ago and is enjoying the comparative calm of the Catalina foothills. She is currently working on a cable television project and a nonfiction book.
  Remember to phone in your luncheon reservation before noon on Thursday, July 13th. And don't forget to bring your sense of humor!


Sinclair Browning is one of five nominees for the 2000 Arizona Arts Award. Honoring individuals in the literary, visual and performance arts, the award is the largest of its kind in the state. Browning's "The Last Song Dogs" has gone into a second printing and her third Trade Ellis mystery, "Rode Hard, Put Away Dead" will be out from Bantam next February.

Jane Candia Coleman was the keynote speaker at the Cochise Writing Celebration at Cochise College, March l0 and 11. She spoke on "Writing without Limits." Jane will also be speaking and signing books at the Territorial Book Traders in Tombstone, June 10, 5:30 to 7:30, and at the University of Arizona in Room 350, Modern Language Building on June 22. Her topic will be "Fact into Fiction."

Rebecca Cramer's The View from Frog Mountain, book two in the Linda Bluenight Series, was released by Book World Inc. in March, 2000. Mission to Sonora, her first mystery in the series was released in 1998.

Martin Garaway was recently featured in the Arizona Daily Star. The article talked about his many years of writing short stories as he drove a taxi in New York. It took him over five years to write his novel, The Theft of the Anasazi Pots, finally getting it published at 86 years old. His book has been available at many of our luncheons or you can order it from Old Hogan Publishing Co., P.O. Box 91978, Tucson, AZ 85752 for 12.50 (plus $3 shipping/handling) or you can get it at

Gean Gietzen's story, "Unforgettable Beauty," will be coming out in July in Chocolate for the Teen's Soul. She will also be one of the 101 authors featured in the Spring 2001 Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul.

Deirdre Mardon's article "Out at Arizona," about gay, lesbian and bi life at the U of A, appeared in the Spring 2000 issue of Arizona Alumnus. She will also be the editor of Art Life for the second year in a row. This is a 100,000-copy high-end magazine distributed at 500 locations (mostly galleries and deluxe resorts) throughout Arizona.

Shirley Dunn Perry's poem, "Unpacking," was just purchased by ByLine Magazine. Another of her poems graces our front page.

Jennifer J. Stewart signed a contract for a second children's novel with Holiday

House! Also, VOYA named If That Breathes Fire, We're Toast! one of the best fantasy books of 1999.

Dianne Janis Wight will have an article, "Dining in the Cellar" published in the next issue of Epicurean Magazine. The issue will be on the newsstands the 3rd week in May.

Lon Wolff has had two items accepted by Legions of Light magazine. One of the pieces, a poem titled "Mule Egg," placed second in SSA's 1998 Writer's Contest. Also accepted was a nostalgia article, "The Arrowhead." In addition, Lon has sold a story, "The Trail to Intuition," to Gold Prospector Magazine.

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