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   April 12
Arizona Mystery Writers @ 10am—1:30pm
Rhema Sayer, MD, morning: "Ã’Emergency Room Procedures."
Afternoon: "Panel presentation on how to use social media to market your book." At the Old Pueblo Grille, 60 N. Alvernon (just north of Broadway) from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
(more info: arizonamysterywriters.com)

   April 27
SSA Forum @ 11am—2pm
Tucson City Center InnSuites
Harvey Stanbrough - "Electric Secret to Success as a Writer"" & SSA Elections
(see article this page)

   May 10
Arizona Mystery Writers @ 10am—1:30pm
Rhema Sayer, MD, morning: "Emergency Room Procedures."
Afternoon: "Panel presentation on how to use social media to market your book." At the Old Pueblo Grille, 60 N. Alvernon (just north of Broadway) from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
(more info: arizonamysterywriters.com)

   May 23
SSA Forum @ 11am—2pm
Tucson City Center InnSuites
Carmen Payne - "How to Chart & Follow a Course to Achieve Your Goals""
(see article this page)

To R.S.V.P. SSA Forum
Leave Phone Message
at 546-9382
or e-mail: ssabrunches@gmail.com WEDNESDAY before the Forum
$25 with reservation or
$30 paid at the door

   When my gentle friend Penny Porter signed me up for this gig, I said, "Okey doke. And I'll say some electric stuff you've never heard me say before." She wrote back and suggested that should be the title of my presentation: "Electric Stuff You've Never Heard Me Say Before." (Another friend, one who's some distance away from center on the normalcy scale, suggested I should title it "Underwater Soybean Growth in Salt Water Marshes," but I digress.)

   Unfortunately, the former title was too broad, especially since I would have to write a description for The Write Word. And although I was pretty severely attracted to the latter title, I suspect it would be like a spider monkey on acid—all over the place—not something that could be contained in a half-hour talk. So I thought about what I wanted to say.

   I riffled frantically through the card catalogue (a kind of pre-historic Google) in my mind, and you know what? It turns out I've taught pretty much every topic under the sun About Writing. On the other hand, I haven't taught Writing Itself, and it's high time I do. Okay, so here's my write up for The Write Word, presented appropriately in third person: On Sunday, April 27 at the SSA Forum, Harvey Stanbrough will be your speaker. Other than peripherally, he won't talk about writing dialogue or dialect or narrative, and he won't talk about creating characters. He won't discuss Microsoft Word for Writers or the ins and outs of self-publishing or which subsidy publishers to avoid like a bad clichè or how to edit your own work. He won't talk about writing poetry or flash fiction or great beginnings or the inherent evil or blessings of various critique groups. Instead, he will address The Electric Secret to Success as a Writer. Sound too good to be true? Well it isn't. If you have a desire to write, you can achieve success with this one simple secret. If you'd like to know what it is, come to the SSA Forum on Sunday, April 27. See you there!

   Harvey Stanbrough is a very good friend of Juan-Carlos Salazàr, the owner and bartender of the cantina in the fictional village of Agua Rocosa, where he regales his patrons with stories about the magical events that exist all around their humdrum, mundane lives. Fortunately, this is not difficult because they live precisely at that point where reality folds into imagination. Oh, and Harvey teaches writing. His website is http://HarveyStanbrough.com.

   Strategic planning and operations specialist Carmen Payne will be speaking on the topic of "Your Business GPS: How To Chart And Follow A Course To Achieve Your Goals." An experienced vision architect, Carmen honed her planning skills by working directly with CEOs and presidents for 25 years in corporate America where she was influential in consistently turning business visions into reality. She believes that a GPS's operation can be applied metaphorically to help writers understand that the business side of their writing life is just as important as the writing itself. Having a plan, organizing the activities within the plan to systematically contribute to the bigger picture, and executing the plan in a timely manner are all key components to getting desired results. Without planned, methodical action, a desired business destination remains a dream. Her business, Champion Small Business Consulting, helps Entrepreneurs get their minds in order on paper so that they move forward with clarity to achieve their goals. You can read more about Carmen at www.myforteisyou.com.

   We are back at our regular location and time for this forum. Remember, you save $5 when you register by Wednesday Prior to the forum ($25 for registered guests, $30 at the door). Call in your reservations to 546-9382 or email ssabrunches@gmail.com.


Nancy Andres, author and health & lifestyle writer, is proud to announce the publication of her woman's self-care journal, Colors of Joy: A Woman's Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss by Align Publishing LLC in March. It is available in Tucson at Alphagraphics at 7306 N. Oracle Road and Ina and Alphagraphics at 4811 E. Grant and Swan, Salon Nevaeh at 7831 E. Wrightstown Road and Pantano, Mostly Books at 6208 E. Speedway Blvd. and Wilmot, Treasure Hunters at 7731 E. Broadway Blvd., and Amazon.com.

Kenneth V. Iserson, M.D.'s latest book, The Global Healthcare Volunteer's Handbook: What You Need to Know Before You Go, has been published by Galen Press, Ltd. Now limiting his medical practice to global and disaster medicine, Dr. Iserson, a Professor Emeritus of Emergency Medicine at the University of Arizona and the author of 12 prior books (including one in its 8th edition), has practiced and taught medicine on all seven continents, including 6 months as the USAP Lead Physician in Antarctica. In his latest book, he provides a wealth of practical information, including a detailed list of organizations and the nuts-and-bolts details of vaccinations, travel documents, international communication and what to pack. Dr. Iserson says he wrote the book "to encourage healthcare professionals and students to volunteer globally without making the easily avoidable mistakes that I made. I learned the information in this book through hard experience, rather than through the easier process of reading it in a book. There was no book!"

Ethel Lee-Miller's new book, Seedlings: Stories of Relationships, is a garden of short fiction and memoir, sharing different kinds of relationship experiences. "As a gardener of relationships myself, I wrote Seedlings to show that relationships can be healing, loving, and supportive, that acceptance is important for successful relationships, and that laughter is mandatory for every healthy relationship. Seedlings will give you a glimpse of love, marriage, or partnerships that hold laughter, hugs, trust, compassion and love as the ultimate experiences in life. May you be entertained and inspired as you meander through my garden." You can buy Seedlings on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Becky Masterman's Rage Against the Dying has been nominated for both an Edgar for best first novel and an Audie Award. Becky says, "This will have currency until May 1 when the most deserving person gets it. I'm betting on Reconstructing Amelia but you never know.

Katherine Rambo's new book, The World Came To Tucson, was published by Stanegate Press, owned by SSA member Geoffrey Notkin, who also wrote the introduction. Quoting from his press release, "The book is a history of the world's greatest gem and mineral show, and an enthralling personal journey through the show, populated with a cast of strange and fascinating characters." It also contains a day-by-day journal, and a section of survival tips.
Signed copies will be available in Geoff Notkin's showroom at the Hotel Tucson (formerly the Inn Suites) from February 1 through February 15, and afterwards directly from Aerolite Meteorites at www.aerolite.org and Stanegate Press. It will retail for $20.

D.R. Ransdell's Thai Twist was recently published by Assent Publishing. The novel about two sisters is part mystery, part romance. For high school graduate Gina Campanello, winning a trip for two to Thailand seems more like a chore than a prize. The only available travel companion is her sister, the country is a long plane ride from Tucson, and besides, she'd rather stay in town and flirt with college boys. But when a neighbor asks Gina to deliver a package, she has a mission. While Rachel visits every available temple, Gina checks out leads. She has so many setbacks that by the time she learns that the man she's looking for lives in Chiang Mai, she's en route to Phuket! For more information, please see www.dr-ransdell.com

Lynn Wiese Sneyd and H. Alan Day coauthored, The Horse Lover: A Cowboy's Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs. Alan Day already owned and managed two ranches and needed a third about as much as he needed a permanent migraine: that's what he said every time his friend pestered him about an old ranch in South Dakota. But in short order, he proudly owned 35,000 pristine grassy acres. The opportunity then dropped into his lap to establish a sanctuary for unadoptable wild horses previously warehoused by the Bureau of Land Management. After Day successfully lobbied Congress, those acres became Mustang Meadows Ranch, the first government-sponsored wild horse sanctuary established in the United States.
The Horse Lover is Day's personal history of the sanctuary's vast enterprise, with its surprises and pleasures and its plentiful dangers, frustrations and heartbreak. Day's deep connection with the animals in his care is clear from the outset, as is his maverick philosophy of horse-whispering, with which he trained fifteen hundred wild horses. The Horse Lover weaves together Day's recollections of his cowboying adventures astride some of his best horses, all of which taught him indispensable lessons about loyalty, perseverance, and hope. This heartfelt memoir reveals the Herculean task of balancing the requirements of the government with the needs of wild horses.
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor provided the Foreword.

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