Upcoming Events

   April 10
Arizona Mystery Writers @10-2PM
HomeTown Buffet, River and Oracle
"Collecting forensic evidence from a crime scene" with Tom Sommerville, CSI Specialist for the Town of Marana, and workshop "Writing Witches--an Introduction to Neo-Paganism" with Ashleen O'Gaea.
$17.50 non-members. RSVP Carol O'Mahony 520-760-3630 or email cdomahony@aol.com

   April 18
SSA Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
Dr. Allan Hamilton - "Ten Steps of Perseverance, or How to Write No Matter What"
(see article this page)

   April 24
Free Writing Workshop @9AM-4PM
Lord of Grace Lutheran Church,
7250 N. Cortaro Road (at Ina Road),
Tucson, AZ
Allen Kates - "Writing Novels"

   May 8
Arizona Mystery Writers @10-2PM
HomeTown Buffet, River and Oracle
Donna Copen McKinnis, author of two published biographies and numerous magazine and newspaper articles, will share her many years of experience with the print and broadcasting media. Workshop: "Presentation of Members Projects."
$17.50 non-members. RSVP Carol O'Mahony 520-760-3630 or email cdomahony@aol.com

   May 16
SSA Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
Jim Turner - "Archival Research: Suggestions & Tips"
(see article this page)

   May 22
Free Writing Workshop @9AM-4PM
Lord of Grace Lutheran Church,
7250 N. Cortaro Road (at Ina Road),
Tucson, AZ
Allen Kates - "Self-Editing"

   June 1
DEADLINE for SSA Writing Contest
See rules at www.ssa-az.org/contest.html

   June 5
Free Writing Workshop @9AM-4PM
Lord of Grace Lutheran Church,
7250 N. Cortaro Road (at Ina Road),
Tucson, AZ
Allen Kates - "Ghostwriting"

   June 20
SSA Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
Donis Casey - "How to Get Away With Murder"

To R.S.V.P. Forum
Leave Phone Message
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$25 paid at the door

   A writer is a fan of reading who has taken matters to extremes. Dr. Hamilton will briefly review his own life experiences which carried him from being a janitor to becoming a Harvard-trained brain surgeon, best-selling author, and Hollywood script consultant to Gray's Anatomy. He will focus on the transition process of collecting personal experiences and converting them to sustainable stories that others might like to read. The art of writing and the work of editing, how the daily habits of lifelong writing become the life's work of being a writer. Finally marrying the personal process of writing to the public enterprise of publishing.

  He will touch on each of the following ten writing processes:

  1. How to write no matter what (or how to learn to hold a gun to your own head before anyone else does)
  2. Becoming a writing addict (creating a habit of writing that won't quit)
  3. Writing in small steps until you have one large step—a book
  4. The "first reader"—remembering for whom you wrote the book)
  5. What to do when you become a writer instead of a wannabe (what you must do when you get your wish.
  6. The "go to" people when you feel like you're ready to give up (when the going gets tough, who you gonna call?)
  7. Don't look down: when the breadth and depth of writing gets scary (when you get scared of heights
  8. When the writer becomes a whore (publicity)
  9. When inspiration is always coming out of left field (why the muse stops transmitting).
  10. Why story-telling is not a sin but often a lie (why a good story is worth anything).

   Make reservations by April 14. Call 546-9382 or email forums@ssa-az.org.

   Jim Turner moved to Tucson in 1951 and has been researching Southwestern history for thirty-six years. He retired from the Arizona Historical Society in 2009 and is now a freelance writer, editor, teacher, and lecturer. He received his Master of Arts in U.S. history from the University of Arizona in 1999, and is co-author of the 4th grade textbook The Arizona Story. Turner writes for several newspapers and magazines, including The Journal of Arizona History and Arizona Highways. His pictorial history book, Celebrate Arizona, will be released by Gibbs Smith Publishers in December, 2011.

  "I will cover not only Southwest research, but also touch on global history for those not writing about Arizona. It's about research and archival tips and tricks."

   Reserve your place by May 13. Call 546-9382 or email forums@ssa-az.org.

   In an effort to go green, we are publishing the Write Word in PDF format from now on. We will be able to add 4-color pictures and get the newsletter out in a more timely manner. If you want to receive a printed Write Word, please send us a note by snail-mail to our address on the home page or by e-mail to WriteWord@ssaaz. org and we will continue to send you a printed copy until you notify us differently.


Willma Gore, Village of Oak Creek writer and workshop leader, received copies this week (Feb. 1st, 2010) of Voices, an anthology subtitled "How 76 authors found publishing success." It contains her short story, "Cellmates." The anthology is published by Writers Institute, Inc. (Connecticut), publisher of marketing guides for both adult and children's magazines and books. Her photo, along with eight of the 76 authors is on the cover. Her short story was originally published in the Montana State University annual of 2007 where the editors of Voices found it and sought permission from Willma to use it. The book is designed for use of college level creative writing teachers. Included with her story is a short bio and her report on the origins of the story. This is the second of four anthologies for which Gore's three essays and the short story were purchased in 2009. Her humorous essay, "Feline Fortitude," appeared in the 2009 Chicken Soup For the Soul Anthology, What I Learned From The Cat. Anthologies published in Los Angeles, I Didn't Get Old Being Stupid, and another by The Tampa Marketing Co. in Florida, also purchased her work in 2009 but have not yet published. Willma was profiled by Lu Stitt ("At Random") in Sedona Red Rock News for the issue of Dec. 3, 2009.

Allen Kates was featured in the article, "Ghostwriter brings people to life," by Al Petrill—Special to The Explorer (published March 10, 2010). Allen has ghostwritten dozens of books for individuals around the country. This article details his work on Just Plain Dorothy: The Life of Dorothy Hunt Finley—Cowgirl, Teacher, Tycoon, Philanthropist, a memoir for local businesswoman Dorothy H. Finley, owner of Finley Distributing in Tucson. He also talks about ghosting, Gifts My Father Gave Me: Finding Joy After Tragedy, a memoir for Sharon Knutson-Felix, the executive director of the 100 Club of Arizona, a group that honors fallen police and firefighters. He was also featured in an article in the NW section of the Arizona Daily Star on March 10, 2010: "Local author-editor is holding series of free writing workshops" It covers his workshops:"Writing Memoirs: the turning points," "Writing Novels: the story that grabs you," "Self-Editing: editing when every word is priceless" and "Ghostwriting: writing somebody else's story without going nuts." You can read more about them and get dates, times and locations at www.WritingPublishing.com.

Ray Malone is pleased to announce the publication of two novels. The first is Unforgiving Sun, which is a written version of a novel which was first done in verbal form by Books in Motion. The book was released in 2009 by Publish America. It is a novel about desert survival. A self-centered, money-hungry,atheistic doctor who neglects his wife and children is stranded in the Arizona desert for two weeks when his horse breaks a leg and he suffers a concussion. Unable to travel during a record heat wave, he must survive on his meager knowledge of desert survival. Alone in the desert, he learns to find himself and God.
Battling the Drug Cartels is a fast moving novel that presents a challenging, innovative solution to our national problem with illegal drugs. Doctor Brad Graham, an ER physician, and Cindy Farber from Homeland Security become targets of the drug cartels. Cindy is kidnapped to be used in a hostage exchange by a drug lord. Brad joins a group of Navy SEALS in a daring rescue. There are pitched gun battles as the drug cartel attacks Brad and Cindy. Brad becomes the spokesman for the Drug Reform Party attempting to elect a President. The drug cartels make every effort to kill Brad and Cindy.

Hugh Morris' new book, Tennessee Mary, has been published by Wheatmark. It is the fifth in a saga about a Tennessee family. Tennessee Mary was a woman of her era, 1911-1991. There are four snapshots, in time, of her. 1929: A beautiful young woman sits in the sweet grasses in Tennessee with her sweetheart come to see her from Detroit. 1931: A single mother with a ruby ring and a baby boy. 1939: Perched on a stool in a tight brown silk dress, she sings the blues with Little John at the Dunbar Club in Kentucky. 1991: A full life and four men behind her, she is content in the Cumberland Plateau.

Kris Neri's paranormal mystery, High Crimes on the Magical Plane, published by Red Coyote Press in Phoenix, received a Lefty Award nomination for Best Humorous Mystery by the Left Coast Crime Convention 2010: Booked in LA.

Lynn Wiese Sneyd of LWS Literary Services just joined the blogosphere with http://blog.lwsliteraryservices.com

Connie Spittler's essay entitled "Tree of Life" will appear in the anthology Nature's Gifts, scheduled for an Earth Day release by Vanilla Heart Publishing. Her essay follows the seasons of the loquat tree in her patio, woven together with the story of her breast cancer experience. In addition, Connie's essay "Pink Moments" about the Catalina Mountains was chosen for the anthology This I Believe: On Love. Essays for this book were selected from the This I Believe NPR radio show archive. Connie's mountain essay also appeared in a special Christmas Eve section of the Arizona Daily Star. The This I Believe anthology will be released in fall of 2010.

Judy Strong is pleased to announce the January publication of her second book, A Child's Grief: Surviving the Death of a Parent. Judy began this book in response to the trauma her family experienced when her first husband died. She saw first hand how their father's death affected her children then, and how it continues to impact their lives today. Helping a grieving child can be difficult because children cannot always articulate what they feel, and adults are often very deep in grief themselves. Personal interviews with survivors attest to the pain and turmoil of such children. In addition, Judy gathered data from professional educators, therapists, and sociologists whose body of information bears witness to the needs of grieving children. Some facts to consider: One child in twenty will lose a parent by the time he or she is a senior in high school, and children who had a parent who died suddenly have three times the risk of depression than those with living parents.
A Child's Grief is a practical and insightful resource for parents, family members, teachers, or anyone helping our most important citizens cope with the grief of loss. A Child's Grief: Surviving the Death of a Parent is published by Beaver's Pond Press, Edina, MN. To order, visit www.beaverspondpressbooks.com. The book is also available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com or from Judy's website, www.judystrong.com

Donna Young's book Mirror to Goa was launched January 30, 2010 by the publishing house Goa 1556, in Goa, India. You can see photos at:
Read about the launch at:
And see her interview at:

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