Vol. 3, No. 12 April/May '03
  20   SSA Writers' Forum
Sheraton Four Points

Speaker: Lisa Dale Norton

Topic: "Personal Stories"
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  18   SSA Writers' Forum
Sheraton Four Points

Speaker: Mike White

Topic: "Publishing & Self-Publishing"
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The Power of Personal Stories

Lisa Dale Norton    Lisa Dale Norton leaves a mighty impression on writers. Her ability to transform personal journey and experience into written narrative and workshop or classroom discussion is stunning. Almost everyone who works with her experiences a leap in some aspect of their writing ability. Lisa will speak about her writing and her passion for the personal story at our April 20th Writers' Forum.
   Lisa got on the literary map in a big way, achieving national acclaim and favorable comparison to Annie Dillard and Terry Tempest Williams for her memoir, Hawk Flies Above: A Journey to the Heart of the Sandhills (Picador USA/St. Martin's Press.) She has appeared on television, radio, and before live audiences across the country, teaching at conferences and workshops, including SSA's "Wrangling With Writing." Lisa's forthcoming books include a work of narrative nonfiction Under My Skin: A Journey of Memory & Forgetting and the writing guide Bad Girls: Telling Your Story (An Audacious Guide to Speaking Up, Speaking Out & Writing It All Down).
   Norton currently speaks and teaches on a national circuit. She offers writing coaching through Word Journeys, Inc. (www.wordjourneys.com). Check the workshop notices on pages 10-11 in this month's issue of The Write Word for Lisa Dale Norton's "Writing Memoir" workshop on Saturday, April 19th, the day before her Writers' Forum presentation.
   Please phone in Forum reservations (546-9382) by Wednesday, April 16th.

2003 Publishing Trends - End the Confusion!

Mike White    Changing trends in publishing are enough to make a writer's head spin. It's time to clear up the endless confusion surrounding today's publishing options. On May 18th, our featured speaker, Mike White, will address all the various, current forms of publishing and self-publishing.
   Mike's discussion will include: standard manuscript submissions, print-on-demand systems, electronic publishing and distribution, individual self-publishing efforts, selfpublishing consultants (such as his own Ghost River Images), small presses, vanity presses, and commercial book packagers and publishers. He will provide detailed descriptions of how each of these systems works; pros, cons, costs, and the success that authors are presently enjoying with each. To assure that everyone comes away with a complete understanding of available publishing alternatives and a means to choose among them, Mike will allow plenty of time to answer questions.
   White is a real pro with over 20 years experience as a trainer in technical writing and work in computer-related fields. He is the founder, owner, and graphics specialist/trainer of Ghost River Images, a desktop publishing training and services organization in Tucson, AZ since 1991, specializing in helping authors self-publish their own books.
   Please phone in Forum reservations (546-9382) by Wednesday, May 14th.
Editorial Letters About Arizona Highways

The Honorable Janet Napolitano March 17, 2003
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

ARIZONA HIGHWAYS: State Historical Treasure
From Grand Canyon to Chiricahua National Monument, to Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park and Tubac Presidio State Historic Park, Arizona can be proud of its National and State treasures. We have another treasure that, for over eighty years, has done its silent job of providing historic beauty and "armchair" tours of our state: Arizona Highways. Subscriber research coupled with visitor expenditure data indicates that Arizona Highways drives revenue to private sector businesses in excess of $300 million annually. It should be remembered that Arizona Highways is an enterprise fund organization and has not received appropriated dollars from the state in more than 20 years. Moreover, in the past 12 years, just under $6 million has been transferred from the magazine's enterprise fund balance to the state general fund. Arizona Highways consistently provides readers throughout the world with informative articles, stories and exemplary photographs that serve as models for other regional magazines throughout our country. It has consistently won top honors from the National Regional Magazine Association as Magazine of the Year. State Senator Robert Burns has suggested that Arizona Highways be sold to the highest bidder. Why doesn't he suggest the sale of Grand Canyon, or Rainbow Bridge, or Jerome State historic Park or many of Arizona's other treasures? Maybe he would, but they aren't his to sell. They belong to the people of the State of Arizona, our Nation and the world. In a very real sense, Arizona Highways should be included in this treasure chest. Arizona Highways was here long before Senator Burns and his committee. As with our other treasures, I hope it will be here long after he is gone. It is not his to sell. I urge you to see that SB 1129, or any other bill that promotes the sale of Arizona Highways be strongly defeated.
Samuel E. Turner,
An Arizona Native

Arizona Department of Transportation
Arizona Highways Magazine
Issue Paper: Sale of Arizona Highways Magazine

Arizona Highways magazine was established in 1925. It promotes travel to Arizona by publishing magazines and other products (books, calendars, cards, etc.) about the state and its people. The magazine and related products are internationally recognized, award winning and market Arizona as a highly desirable travel destination. The magazine reaches all 50 states and two-thirds of the countries in the world. The content is focused on the diverse and desirable destinations across the state. Subscriber research coupled with visitor expenditure data indicates that Arizona Highways drives revenue to private sector businesses in excess of $300 million annually. Arizona Highways magazine is an enterprise fund organization and has not received appropriated dollars from the state in more than 20 years. Moreover, in the past 12 years, just under $6 million has been transferred from the magazine's enterprise fund balance to the state general fund. The sale of Arizona Highways will jeopardize the economic impact of the magazine to the state. The track record of the magazine has been established for nearly 80 years. It is unknown, and therefore a substantial risk, whether a private business would share the dedication to the high quality journalism and production standards that are the hallmarks of Arizona Highways. The importance of Arizona Highways as a vehicle to promote visitation to the state as illustrating the beauty and grandeur of the Grand Canyon State is magnified as budgets are cut or eliminated for appropriated agencies such as the Arizona Office of Tourism. As a private sector entity, substantial changes to the tone and appearance of the product will likely be made because of economic necessity. Specifically, advertising would be added and the trim size would be reduced - the first to raise revenue and the second to cut costs. Advertising revenue would largely come from urban businesses (retail stores, hotels and resorts, airlines, etc.) and would drive magazine content accordingly. Rural areas, now a large part of the editorial mix and beneficiaries of attendant tourism income, would not be covered as frequently or as comprehensively. In summary, the driving motive of a privately owned magazine is profit. Arizona Highways main goal is service - to the reader and to the state. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a private business would share the dedication to Arizona Highways' travel-related mission resulting in an inevitable reduction of the magazine's impact on tourism and the revenue to the state that travelers provide. You should know that Senators Burns, Blendu, and Harper have introduced SB 1129 that specifically addresses that Arizona Highways magazine be sold. If you agree, as do most members of SSA, that this bill should be defeated, we urge you to write your representatives urging them to defeat this bill. Further, a letter of your concern should be sent to the Governor encouraging her to see that this bill be defeated, if necessary, by Veto.


Dale Adams"The Souvenir" appeared in the February issue of America's Flyways Magazine. But that is only part of the recognition this story has received. "The Souvenir" tells of the crash of a B-17 bomber near Baker's Creek, Queensland, Australia, in 1943. Still recorded as the worst tragedy in Australian aviation history, the crash killed forty American soldiers. The incident was immediately declared secret by the military and only a few remaining family members recall the event. But the Australian people remember. The 60th anniversary of the Baker's Creek Memorial will be celebrated in June and Dale, who has never been to the "land downunder," has created a display, including his story, which will be presented to the people of Australia. The display will remain in that country for public viewing.

Eileen Birin will be signing her new book, WhatNots, a collection of stories on collectors, at the Arizona Book Festival in Phoenix on Saturday, April 5th. Five of the interviews in the book are from collectors in Winslow. Look for the booth banner "The Writing Junkies," which Eileen is sharing with Mabel Leo.

Greg Brown is happy to announce his new book, Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane, now available at your favorite bookstore, pilot shop, online store, aviation catalog, or through Greg's website at: www.GregBrownFlyingCarpet.com Greg says, "I'm excited because this is my first book addressing general audiences as well as pilots. Along with stories you'll enjoy, Flying Carpet is profusely illustrated with maps and photos, plus I'm honored that well-known author and pilot Stephen Coonts consented to write the foreword. Initial publication is in hardcover. Until my hand gets tired, Flying Carpet books ordered through my website will be autographed."

Bea Carlton, after signing five book contracts with Thorndike Press, is delighted to be having her mystery novels put into large print editions, both hard and soft cover. Now in print, the first three titles are In the House of the Enemy, Moonshell, and In the Foxes' Lair. Bea's other two large print books will be out in the middle of 2003.

Chon S. Edwards' second book, Kimchee and French Fries, Dorrance Publishing, is now available by phone order from 1-800-788- 7654. The story relates the horrors of war torn South Korea and is set in several international locations, including Korea, The Sudan and the USA. Chon's heroine, Susan, an outspoken active advocate of Korean women married to American men, leads the reader through unique insights into the cross-cultural and personal relationships between the peoples of Korea and America. Chon's first book, I Am Also a Daughter of Korea, was in the Korean language.

Jean Gietzen's story, "Rattlesnakes Do Not Lay Eggs," will appear in the May 2003 anthology, Chocolate for the Woman's Soul II, edited by Kay Allenbaugh, published by Simon and Schuster. Jean has received word that her poem, "God's Folly," will be in the July 2003 issue of Catechumenate Magazine.

Fran Lenzo is smiling. Her essay, "Less IS More", was just published in anthology by Hyperion, The Don't Sweat Stories: Inspirational Anecdotes from Those Who've Learned How Not to Sweat. The foreword is by Richard Carlson, the author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. Fran's essay is on page 130. The book is now available online at Amazon.com and in local bookstores.

Mabel Leo will present her book, The Saga of Jack Durant, to The Westerner's Club on Wednesday, April 2nd at 6:30pm at The Beefeaters Restaurant, 3rd Avenue and Camelback Road, Tucson. Mabel will also be signing The Saga of Jack Durant at the Arizona Book Festival in Phoenix on Saturday, April 5th. Look for the booth banner "The Writing Junkies," which Mabel is sharing with Eileen Birin. Mabel's book on Durant's strange life is now being turned into a play by a Phoenix playwright. Mabel Leo's writing career has taken a new turn. After self-publishing six of her own books under MIBS Publishing, she was offered the opportunity to publish another author's work. After much prodding, she took worked on the editing and typesetting, served as a liaison between the author and graphic artist for the cover, negotiated with the printer, and consulted on promotion. Her client was thrilled with the results, paid for her work, arranged for Mabel to receive a percentage of the sales, and contracted her for a sequel. Mabel's advice to anyone leery of taking on something new, "When a door opens, walk through, find out what is on the other side." The book, Warning to My Grandchildren, by J.S. William, details how to survive inevitable economic highs and lows. Mabel says, "At first I wasn't interested; but after reading the manuscript, I wished I'd read it two years ago!" For more information, Mabel can be reached via Email at mibbles@att.net or at P.O. Box 17413, Phoenix, AZ 85011.

Patricia Linder's new book, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, published by 1st Books Library, is a memoir of the author's thirty year career as the wife of a Naval Officer. With thirty-five moves under her belt, Linder is well qualified to tell of the thrills and frustrations of military life. She encircled the globe, broke up racial riots, dodged the flying rocks of angry

Jeri Mills has some good news to share. After reading her book, Tapestry of Healing : Where Reiki and Medicine Intertwine, William Rand has asked Jeri to do a regular column on Reiki in Hospitals for his quarterly magazine, The REiki News. www.reiki.org

gael Mustapha won the "Ms. Motivational" trophy in the 2003 Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant, recently held in Phoenix. gael served as inspirational motivator for contestants.

Emmy Lou Schenk won 1st place (Fiction) for her short story, "Dumb Cane," in the Cochise College Writing Celebration Contest.

Connie Spittler galloped off to read her western poetry at the Picacho Peak Trail Ride and Cowboy Poet Gathering, February 8th. Check out her website: www.PowerBall33.com/pickacho.htm for pictures and a sampling of cowpoke fare. Connie also read from her short stories published in the Mexicana women writers' multicultural anthology, Sowing the Seeds, at Readers Oasis, February 16, 2003.

Jennifer J. Stewart will speak to 800 school children at the Arkansas Young Authors Conference in May. She led workshops at the Arizona Young Authors Conference in March in Casa Grande. Go Jennifer!

Daniel Stolar's first book, The Middle of the Night, a collection of short stories published by Picador USA, St. Martin's Press, has jumped the gun ahead of its official publication date, June 2nd, and is already available online at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Powells.com. Daniel's eight tales of everyday life identify the ties that bind us to and sometimes distance us from those we love. Dan is especially grateful to many who have been intimately involved in his writing life, reading drafts, helping research facts, encouraging his move from medicine, and discussing and helping him endure the travails of the writing life. Dan says, "I am very grateful for your contributions to this book."

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