Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 2, No. 25 April/May '00

  16   Sunday Brunch
Plaza Hotel@11:30-2pm
Speaker: Sinclair Browning, Mystery Writer
Topic: " The Mystery of Writing" (see article)
  21   Sunday Brunch
Plaza Hotel@11:30-2pm
Speaker: Bonnie Prudden
Topic: " Painless Writing" (see article)
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$13 mem/ $15 non


by Mike Thompson

A hundred dollar hat
Doesn't make you a cowboy,
Nor those pearl snaps on your shirt.
Those Designer jeans never sat in a saddle,
Your 'gator boots never been in the dirt.

That giant store-bought buckle
Makes a cowboy chuckle.
I'll advise you, and I'm being kind,
Cowboy's not the clothes you wear,
Cowboy's a state of mind.

From Heifers to Homicide

  Sinclair Browning is an original, and so is her new mystery series featuring Trade Ellis - part Apache, part rancher, and all private eye against a modern Southwest backdrop. For Browning, murder is a seriously funny business. Come hear her shine her headlights on "how the Trade Ellis series was written, died, and resurrected from publishing hell." Her latest book, The Sporting Club, followed quickly on the heels of The Last Song Dogs, published last April, and there's a third book in the series to follow.
  Sinclair Browning spent her childhood on her belly in dry arroyos hunting sand rubies, converting her propane tank into a stagecoach and exploring the Sonoran desert on her horse. Summers were spent on the family ranch in southern Arizona. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Literature and Creative Writing, Browning worked in banking, travel, real estate and politics before finally settling into writing.
  Besides the Trade Ellis mysteries, her published books include the historical novels Enju (Aravaipa Apaches and the Camp Grant massacre) and America's Best (World War II set in the Philippines). She also co-authored the best selling horse-training book, Lyons on Horses.
  Sinclair Browning lives with her husband and assorted menagerie outside Tucson. She still breaks her own horses and works cattle. Please remember to phone in your luncheon reservation before noon on Thursday, April 13th. You won't want to miss this one!

Painless Writing with Bonnie Prudden

   When you sit all day at the keyboard, parts of your body start to hurt. Fitness expert Bonnie Prudden promises to show us how to prevent and/or erase muscle spasm and pain due to many hours of writing. This includes neck and shoulder pain, upper and lower-back pain, arm, wrist and hand pain and leg pain. This won't be a standard lecture. Prudden, with assistance from Enid Whittaker, will be demonstrating exercises and techniques that will both erase pain and prevent it from happening. Audience participation is encouraged; wear clothes you can move in!
  Bonnie Prudden has been a world-class authority on physical fitness and exercise therapy since the 1950s. Her research on the fitness of American children helped create the President's Council on Physical Fitness during the Eisenhower administration. In 1976, recognizing that 95% of all chronic pain is muscular in origin, she developed a revolutionary technique of pain relief that has earned widespread medical endorsement. She describes this technique in her best-selling book Pain Erasure: The Bonnie Prudden Way. She is the director of The Bonnie Prudden Pain Erasure Clinic and School for Physical Fitness and Myotherapy here in Tucson.
  To energize your writing with Bonnie Prudden, don't forget to phone in your luncheon reservation before noon on Thursday, May 18th.


Jerry Airth will have a story, "Alternative Medicine," published in the March/April, 2001, issue of Calliope magazine, a publication of Mensa, Ltd. This story won a commendation in our last SSA writing contest. Besides publication, Jerry received a wonderful letter of encouragement from Sandy Raschke, Fiction Editor. Jerry is also, of course, free to submit his story elsewhere, which he intends to do.

Eileen Birin completed her latest book, Go Ahead And Self-Publish!, which offers how-to tips for turning books into reality. It includes essays from 15 authors and self-publishers, as well as guidelines from professionals to help authors produce and market their books. There is also a section with writing and publishing references, club and association phone numbers, as well as distributor, wholesaler, printer and manufacturer contacts. Eileen learned a lot about self-publishing and marketing from her first book, Chalkboard Dust, in 1996. Her book can be found at, or ordered through your local bookstore.

Loren Humphrey's new book, Quinine and Quarantine: Missouri Medicine through the Years, came off the University of Missouri Press this week (the tenth book in the Missouri Heritage Readers Series).

Jennifer J. Stewart's children's novel If That Breathes Fire, We're Toast! was recommended to usher in the Year of the Dragon in the February 20th L.A. Times.

Mike Thompson had his poem "Cowboy" published in the March/April 2000, American Cowboy. He wrote the initial poem in the early 70's when he was in the horse business in North Dakota and came up with the last half about two months ago while driving to work at 5:30 AM. He wrote it down when he got to work, completing it after all these years.
(see finished poem-page 1)

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