Upcoming Events

   February 4
Santa Cruz Chapter @ 11am—2pm
Roy Purcell will discuss "Tapping Into Your Inner Source."
Santa Cruz Chapter website

   February 9
Arizona Mystery Writers @10-2PM
Morning—Bill Adams, AMW member, "Make Your Mentally Disordered Characters Real!" Afternoon—writing assignment based on morning speaker. El Parador Restaurant 2744 East Broadway Blvd.
RSVP at www.arizonamysterywriters.com.

   February 16
Sisters in Crime @ 10am—2pm
"Riding the Magic Carpet" featuring Rhys Bowen and "Cause of Death: Poison" with Dr. E. Mazda Shirazi, Medical Director of the Arizona Poison and Drug Center at the UofA's College of Pharmacy.
Viscount Suites Hotel, 4855 E. Broadway. $20 members, $25 non-members includes lunch. RSVP tucsonsistersincrime.org tucsonsistersincrime.org

   February 17
SSA Forum @ 11am—2pm
Tucson City Center InnSuites
Nathalie (Tika) Goldston and Sara Jenlink - "Double Header for The February Forum"
(see article this page)

   March 4
Santa Cruz Chapter @ 11am—2pm
Panel entitled "Living Dangerously," which tentatively includes a member of the Tucson Police Department Bomb Squad, a Border Patrol Agent, and an Air Force Fighter Pilot.
Santa Cruz Chapter website

   March 16
Sisters in Crime @ 10am—2pm
"A Conversation with J.A. Jance" featuring JA Jance.
Viscount Suites Hotel, 4855 E. Broadway. $20 members, $25 non-members includes lunch. RSVP tucsonsistersincrime.org tucsonsistersincrime.org

   March 17
SSA Forum @ 11am—2pm
Tucson City Center InnSuites
Betty Webb - "First Drafts are Supposed to Stink"
(see article this page)

   April 1
Santa Cruz Chapter @ 11am—2pm
Harvey Stanbrough will talk about Speculative Fiction.
Santa Cruz Chapter website

   May 6
Santa Cruz Chapter @ 11am—2pm
Barbara Marriott will speak on "The Lives of Arizona Pioneer Women."
Santa Cruz Chapter website

To R.S.V.P. SSA Forum
Leave Phone Message
at 546-9382
or e-mail: ssabrunches@gmail.com WEDNESDAY before the Forum
$25 with reservation or
$30 paid at the door

   Nathalie (Tika) Goldston, from Orange, New Jersey, and currently Prescott, Arizona, is the author of Valley of Sorrows, 22 five-star reviews since publication by Smashwords in 2012, and 1,204 downloads to date. Tika has loved reading and writing all her life but her interest fell into business. After receiving a BS from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, and a second BS in Human Resources Management, she became a mother of five, grandmother of fifteen and a writer. It can be done, and she loves her second career. Tika will discuss the following topics: being objective about your work; is your story marketable; accepting criticism; shelving your ego and to ePublish or not to ePublish that is the question?

   Sara Jenlink, of the soon to be published Killing Angels is a Kansas girl who excelled at writing, reading, stage and vocal performances. She will team up with her longtime friend, Tika, after a fifteen-year career teaching middle school and adults, drama instruction and direction of 3-act productions. It was only natural that Sara would spend years writing one-act plays for her students, four of which were published with Merriweather Publishing in Colorado. Sara taught five years of College comp and five years of High School English. She received a Liberal Arts Degree in Literature, a BS in secondary English Education, and a Masters in English. Sara will be emphasizing discussions on rewriting, editing tools, and certain genre differences.

   Both authors will complement and balance each other with knowledge they want to share with SSA writers on their mutual journey to success in the publishing world.

   Shocking though it may sound, writing a terrible first chapter and a terrible first draft of a book is one of the smartest things an author can do. Why? Because writing slop the first time around means you're writing from the heart, not your head—and it's heart that will keep you going. The author of 10 published books in 10 years, Betty Webb takes us through her writing process and explains why it works.

   Betty Webb is the author of the nationally best-selling Lena Jones mystery series (Desert Wives, Desert Noir, Desert Wind, etc.) and the humorous Gunn Zoo mysteries (The Koala of Death, The Llama of Death, etc.). Before beginning to write full time, Betty worked as a journalist, interviewing everyone from U.S. presidents, astronauts who walked on the moon, Nobel Prize-winners, and polygamy runaways. She has taught creative writing classes and workshops at Arizona State University and Phoenix College, and has been a nationally-syndicated literary critic for more than 20 years. Betty is a member of the National Federation of Press Women, Mystery Writers of America, and Sisters in Crime.


Steven Adelson has written his third article for Financial History Magazine, titled "James Ling and the Craft of Financial Alchemy." The article details the rapid rise and meteoric fall of one of one of Wall Street's first "masters of the leveraged buy-out" using derivatives and debt financing to expand a company through acquisition. James Ling started with $2,000 as founder of a Dallas home wiring company (Ling Electric) and in the space of 20 years built a company called Ling-Tempco-Vought into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate involved in military electronics, missiles, jet fighter aircraft, sporting goods, meat packing, pharmaceuticals, electronic industrial equipment, steel manufacturing, insurance and banking.

Susan M. Ballard is proud to announce her second non-fiction book, titled All About Arizona, released by Goose Flats Publishing, Tombstone, Arizona. All About Arizona is a collection of previously published newspaper and magazine articles documenting some of the most important people, places and events in the history of the state. All About Arizona also includes light-heartedly pieces and informational articles told in a manner certain to interest and entertain the reader.
All About Arizona is available in Sierra Vista at Hastings, in Pearce at The Prickly Pear Emporium, through the publisher at www.gooseflats.com and through Susan's website at www.smballard.com. Price: $9.99.

Susan Dawson-Cook (Sabrina Devonshire) has a new book out: Message from Viola Mari. The man who makes Marissa crazy is the only one she wants. But it's a bad time to let lust call the shots when a comet cloud is careening toward Earth and Marissa's the only one who can save everyone. World-renowned oceanographer and meteorite specialist Marissa Jones uncovers evidence that a comet cloud will soon destroy Earth. When aspiring writer and best friend, Jennifer begs her to take a Saturday morning sci-fi writing class, Marissa reluctantly agrees. Writing her real-life story as fiction gives her an astonishing new perspective on the anomalous set of craters she discovered off the La Jolla coast. But this favor for her friend stirs up more than scientific results . . . Writing teacher, Justin Lincoln, goads her constantly and taunts her with his irresistible curly blond locks and a steely physique he knows only too well make women drool. Marissa teeters on the edge of anger and raging attraction for this irritating man. But it's a terrible time to let lust call the shots when the world's about to end and Marissa's the only one who can save everyone.
Available Now from Extasy Books www.sabrinadevonshire.com

Raya Fand's story "The Tapestry Room" appears, under her pen name April, in Spectral Hauntings: Anthology of the Supernatural, a collection of ghost stories published by Dark Moon Press.

Greg Knowles and his brother, Mel, have co-authored a novel titled Granada Gamble. It's an adventure stuffed to the gills with humor, mayhem and fish. (Think: Carl Hiaasen, Dave Barry and Ben Rehder in the same boat.) While the sport of fishing is a key part of the story, the non-fish action hooks fiction aficionados and won't let go. CIA freelancer and top bass fishing pro Ric Bedderman arrives in Granada, Illinois, for a big-money pro-am tournament. While there, the Feds have asked him to prevent Granada's rotund mayor from opening a long-abandoned coal mine that contains much more than coal. When he's not catching fish or romancing a gorgeous TV producer, Ric teams with a shadowy associate who helps him sort out despicable politicians, a hard-nosed cop, a womanizing Indian casino lobbyist, coke heads, hit men, and a string of uncommonly bizarre small-town misfits who are recklessly determined to royally screw up his fishing and his mission. Granada Gamble is available for a mere $3.99 on Amazon or Smashwords. For more information, go to greg@btrtms.com

Eric Bishop-Potter is an Englishman who has never set foot in America; yet his novel, A Ruined Boy, brilliantly captures the wit and drive of the American people. Set against a backdrop of Hollywood and the Mafia in the fifties, A Ruined Boy is the story of Honey Bunn, a coarse, bloated, baritonal nightclub entertainer (she impersonates male movie stars), who finds herself at war with her camp, psychopathic son Sonny, the live-in boyfriend of Underworld boss Sylvano Mastrioni, whose slavish devotion to Sonny leads to unrest among his lieutenants, one of whom is Thomas Calvino, Honey's power-hungry lover. Together Calvino and Honey hit upon a plan that will eliminate both Mastrioni and Sonny—a plan so ingenious that it cannot possibly fail. Or so they believe.
A Ruined Boy tells of the American Dream gone horribly and, at times, hilariously wrong. It is available in paperback or e-book format from www.amazon.com

Pat Gould has ePublished The Ancient Cave, The Birthplace of Kokopelli to Amazon and Kindle ($7). She hopes to have a hard copy printed in the Spring. "Kokopelli. Is he a Myth? A Magician? A Flute Player? A Fertility God? A Legend?Or was he an Alien? Where did he come from? Where did he go? I've never been able to find any of the answers to these questions, so I decided I would write this book and add to his mystery. So my Muse and I sat down and between the two of us we wrote this fictional version of where he came from. We think he was a really good lover, too."

Becky Masterman's thriller Rage Against the Dying will be published by St. Martin's Press under the Minotaur Imprint on March 15, 2013. The book has already achieved some success, having been chosen by the Literary Guild for their March main selection, and also highlighted by Publisher's Weekly as "Pick of the Week," in their December 17 issue. A Q & A will run in the same magazine in January. The book will be simultaneously published internationally, by Penguin in Canada, Orion in the UK, and six other publishers in various translations. This is Masterman's sixth novel after twenty years of writing, the first to be published by a major press, and the result of Churchill's advice: "Never never never never give up."

Bob Natiello has been included in a select group of 50 University of Pennsylvania alumni and faculty permitted to contribute to Wharton Magazine online. His latest piece, "Immigration Policy: A Victim of Cliffmanship?" appeared on January 10th. You can read it at whartonmagazine.com/blogs/immigration-reform-a-victim-of-cliffmanship.

Ernie Schusky had two novels published in 2012. One publisher took three years to publish, the other, Wheatmark, took nine months. You may have seen mention of In Saguaro's Shadow. The Daily Star listed it as one of the ten best books by local authors for 2012. Two Tohono O'odham protagonists vie with each other over registration for the draft in 1940. Like most conflicts between whites and Indians, the incident has its tragic and comic moments.
The other novel, Too Many Miracles, is about Yaquis in Sonora. An agricultural priest confronts an evangelical priest converting villagers to cash crops in order to save their souls. More details at ernestschusky.com.

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