Vol. 3, No. 11 Feb/Mar '03
  16   SSA Writers' Forum
Sheraton Four Points

Speaker: Michael Lacapa

Topic: "The Art of Storytelling"
(see article - this page)

  16   SSA Writers' Forum
Sheraton Four Points

Speaker: Eva Peel

Topic: "Writing for TV & Movies"
(see article - this page)

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The Art of Storytelling

Michael Lacapa    "Every picture must have a story. Every painting must tell, share, move, or excite us to words," says Apache/Hopi/Tewa artist Michael Lacapa, nationally recognized Native American storyteller and well-known author/illustrator of children's books. A voice for his culture, Michael's story is one you won't want to miss on February 16.
   As a young boy, Michael wished he could paint and draw all day long. Nearly 20 years later, after a formal teaching career, he began working with the White Mountain Apache Tribe in developing multicultural curriculae for native school-age children. From this work came his first co-authored/illustrated book, Ndee Benagode'i (Three Stories of the White Mountain Apache Tribe).
   Michael's dream of creating quality literature became a reality in 2001 when he and his wife, Kathy (also an author), officially launched Storytellers Publishing House. On January 19, 2002, their first title was released: Less Than Half, More Than Whole, a storybook celebrating the beauty of multiculturalism.
   "Only in America," says Michael of his coming to a place where he is now publishing his own works and painting all day if he wants to! Michael, Kathy, and their three children reside in Taylor, Arizona.
   In keeping with the southwestern flavor of the day, SSA member and award winning author Jane Candia Coleman will read her short story, "Rodeo." Jane is our featured author in this issue of The Write Word.
   Please phone in reservations to 546-9382 by Wednesday, February 12th.

Hollywood, Here We Come!

Eva Peel    Get the inside scoop on the fastest way to get your foot in Hollywood's door! Eva Peel, our featured speaker on March 16, knows what they're looking for and will tell us how to play to sell. She will discuss the power structures in Hollywood; how book marketing to Hollywood differs from script marketing; and the development and use of a killer log line for maximum benefit. Eva says a strong, high-concept log line (a one-sentence description of your story, also referred to as a pitch) will sometimes do more to get a writer ahead than a good script or book. It may even be the factor deciding a sale rather than a pass.
   Through her five-year-old, highly successful Pitch Sessions, Eva provides writers with direct access to buyers. She is a member of the Writers' Guild of America and has for six years published Spec Script Marketplace, a hard-copy newsletter listing available movie scripts for sale, which is very popular with producers and development executives. For information on Eva's services check out: www.hollywoodlitsales.com/eva
   Eva has worked as film critic and reporter in Europe, producer and TV programmer in Israel, and executive at CBS, where she covered countless MOWs (Movies of the Week or "made for TV" movies) and television series.
   Please phone in reservations to 546-9382 by Wednesday, March 12th.


Robin Baade continues to offer advice to a wide audience, from teenage girls to lawyers. Her gossip quiz appeared in the October issue of Girl's Life Magazine, and her article "Should I Take This Case?" appeared in the November issue of the Oregon Law Bulletin.

Lynnette Baughman has placed as a finalist in the Thriller category of the 2003 EPPIE Awards for her novel Lost Almost, published by Wings ePress in electronic and trade paperback editions. Winners will be announced March 8th at the fourth annual EPPIE Awards Banquet as part of the EPICon 2003 Writers Conference. EPPIE Awards recognize the best in electronically published literature. Wings has eleven finalists in the contest, more than any other e-publisher. For more information about the EPIC Writers Conference or the EPPIE awards visit www.epicauthors.org and click on the EPIC conference link. To learn more about Wings ePress, visit wings-press.com

Eileen Birin has published her newest book, Whatnots! Thirty fascinating people share their extraordinary collections. Eileen includes an entire section on valuable resources for collectors, suggestions on getting started and ways to display precious treasures. Beside meeting collectors, learning what they collect and why, the reader will discover the history of Juke Joints, Ribot cards, dippy eggs and soldiers, Doc Savage, mocking kachinas, Cattail, African trade beads, the game of Faro, and so much more. Whatnots! is guaranteed to captivate both collectors and non-collectors. But beware-without warning the collecting bug bites hard-you may be next! Released by Neelie Publishing, Glendale, AZ e-mail: Neeliepubl@aol.com

Greg Brown's new book, Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane, is due for hardcover release by Iowa State University Press on Feb 4th. Journey life's skies with Greg as he matures from fledgling to seasoned aviator, encountering aerial adventure and colorful characters along the way. Sweat through harrowing flights, triumphs and mistakes, and join his young family growing up aloft. Share the conquest of nagging fears that consume every new pilot when mastering this most challenging of human endeavors. Most of all, it's about the joy and boundless freedom of being a pilot, pursuing like our aerial ancestors the inescapable lure of the map. Flying Carpet will be available online and through major bookstores. For more information visit Greg's website: www.paperjet.net

Mary Ann Carman has contracted with Publish America for the first book in her series. Never To Love, a romantic suspense set in 11th century Ireland, will be available spring 2003. Publish America is considering other manuscripts from Mary's series.

Doug Huestis's story, "Lost Again," has been published in Green's Magazine, Winter 2003. The story expresses an elderly man's chagrin at hearing of an old friend's death, and his concern about an incident during their longago comradeship that may have affected his friend's life.

Mabel Leo recently recorded her prize winning short story, "Christmas Secrets" for www.bookcrazy.net. She also taped a commercial of her works and a Christmas greeting. This Internet station, hosted by Vijaya Schartz, is heard world-wide and Mabel was excited to hear from a listener in Norway, who said since radio is not as prevalent in Europe as in the United States, Internet stations have a large audience there. Mabel suggests authors publicize their books internationally using this resource.

Patrick Lavin's fifth book, Celtic Ireland West of the River Shannon:A Look Back at the Rich Heritage and Dynastic Structure of the Gaelic Clans, was released by Writers Club Press, Lincoln, in January 2003. Celtic Ireland is a concise survey of Celtic history, focusing on the origin and expansion of western Ireland's leading clans and tributary septs (sic). It offers a wealth of fascinating facts and genealogical background about western Ireland's ancient Celtic tribes. Celtic Ireland West of the River Shannon is available on line and at major book stores: Amazon.com, iUniverse.com, Barnes and Noble.com, etc.

Marci Martin's series mystery, Tangled Webs, won second place in the Jim Woods Prize for Novels 2003 competition, and is scheduled for publication in October 2003 by McKenna Publishing Group. Stories were entered from all over the US, and Canada, and one from Thailand.

Peggy Pickering Larson has written A Scrapbook: The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. In pictures and text the book examines the goals, history, animal residents, development of exhibits, and people who have made the Desert Museum a world-famous recreational, educational, and conservationoriented institution. The book is published by the Museum, and available at local bookstores or from the Museum, ph: (520) 883-3028. Mrs. Larson's 1976 The Deserts of the Southwest: A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide was revised and republished in 2000, and for eleven years she has written a bimonthly column, which reviews children's books for the Tucson Citizen.

Sharon Poppen's novel, After the War, Before the Peace, is now available from Xlibris.com, major on-line booksellers and by order from local bookstores. Join four South Carolina brothers during the chaotic post Civil War era in their pursuit to avenge guise-of-war atrocities.

Lucy Simons Kaufman, writing as Lucy Simons, has a new release. Killing Grandma & Other Family Issues is written in letter and journal entry form. The issues range from dying to abuse, weight-loss and other problems faced by all families. Many families have one member they contact for support or advice, like Lucy's character Sarah. Although Sarah and her circle are fictional, you may find yourself or loved ones in these pages. Unique as each of us is, the difficulties we face are similar. In addressing these issues, Sarah often includes a recipe or household tip. Killing Grandma & Other Family Issues is available on-line through booksurge.com, amazon.com, other on-line bookstores, or on: www.lucysimons.org

Ann Staadt has published Lily Brightfeather, a romance novel with dark undertones of incest and abuse in a Native American- Hispanic family, with 1st Books Library. To kick-off her promotions, Ann signed her book at this year's SSA Wrangling with Writing Conference. The book is available at 1stbooks.com and should soon be available by order from national bookstores.

Barbara Stahura was recently named as the guest editor for the May and June 2003 issues of Science of Mind magazine, for which she has written articles and essays since the mid- 90s. Barbara also had her first piece in The Progressive, an interview with poet Jimmy Santiago Baca, in the January issue.

Jennifer J. Stewart invites all to have a look at her new website and check out her "seriously funny books for children." Authors considering putting together their own website or online portfolio would do well to take note of Jennifer's excellent layout. www.jenniferjstewart.com

Jennifer Ward, children's author (Over in the Garden, Rising Moon; Somewhere in the Ocean, Rising Moon; Way Out in the Desert, Northland) will be promoting her work in Tucson in February at the following locations:
- Feb 1st: Discussion/book signing at Tucson Assn for the Education of Young Children Conf. (Tucson Community Center)
- Feb 4th: Reading and book signing for her book, Over in the Garden, at the Oro Valley Public Library from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
- Feb 8th: Reading and book signing for her book, Way Out in the Desert, at the Sabino Canyon Recreation Center at 10:00 a.m.
More info: www.jenniferwardbooks.com

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