Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 2, No. 24 Feb./March '00

  20   Sunday Brunch
Plaza Hotel@11:30-2pm
Speaker: Irene Lasater, Writing Instructor
Topic: " Pressing History Between the Pages" (see article)
4   Southern Arizona Chapter of the Arizona Book Publishing Assoc. Tucson Book Publishing Fair

  19   Sunday Brunch
Plaza Hotel@11:30-2pm
Speaker: Christina Farnsworth and Nancy Hand
Topic: " That Delicate Art: Contract Negotiation" (see article)
  16   Sunday Brunch
Plaza Hotel@11:30-2pm
Speaker: Sinclair Browning, Mystery Writer
Topic: " The Mystery of Writing" (see article)

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Leave Phone Message
at 546-9382
before noon the
Thursday before Brunch

all Brunch's
$13 mem/ $15 non


Pressing History Between the Pages

  Join Irene Lasater on Sunday, February 20th, to learn how the act of writing down your memories frees you. Did you know that writing down your memories the histories and herstories that aren't found in any book can improve your writing, your mental outlook, and your memory?
  Irene Lasater has taught the non-credit memoirs course "Tell It Like It Was" for the past nine years at Pima Community College. A retired teacher, administrator, special education specialist, and district school psychologist, with bachelor's and master's degrees from Pepperdine University, Irene knows the in's and out's of memory and memoir writing.
  Come prepared to participate; bring paper and pen or pencil.

That Delicate Art: Contract Negotiation

   In March, our luncheon speakers are a dynamic duo Christina B. Farnsworth and Nancy Hand. Perhaps you've written a wonderful query and been assigned to write an article for a magazine.
   What are your rights, whether you have an e-mail agreement, a handshake, or a detailed contract? Can you protect your interests without jeopardizing the assignment? How does copyright law benefit you? Join these two successful freelance writers as they guide you through the art of contract negotiation.
   Christina B. Farnsworth, M.A., is an award-winning, full-time freelance writer of numerous articles appearing in popular publications, such as Better Homes & Gardens, and, of course, many Tucson area publications. She is senior editor of Builder Magazine, based in Washington, D.C. She also serves on the board of the National Association of Real Estate Editors. Watch for her fourth home design and construction book, Building Beyond Wood: Alternatives to Wood Frame Construction, which will introduce readers to the applications and benefits of emerging building materials and techniques.
   Nancy Hand, M.A. is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, Coast Weekly, Recycling International, and other trade, literary, news, and academic publications. She is a National Writers Union journalism contract advisor. With Ms. Farnsworth, she co-teaches a course on this topic at the Writing Works Center of The University of Arizona Extended University.
  We are lucky to have two such savvy and experienced writers showing us how to get the most out of our contracts. Please remember to phone in your luncheon reservation before noon on Thursday, March 16th.


Dale Adams sent a copy of his book Hole in the Sky to Tom Kirkland, an e-mail publisher, at Contractual terms have been agreed upon and a signing is within days. Hole in the Sky is a gripping tale of two young men who find that the real world offers no second chances. At first they simply stared down the dangers but soon they were running for their lives! A true story with photographs and documentation.

Jerry Airth won first place in the Calliope 1999 Nonficiton Contest with his "Journey of Affirmations" article. Winners were based on the usability of the information by other authors, the overall cohesiveness of the piece, and the originality of ideas. It was published in Calliope's Nov./Dec. 1999 issue.

Lynnette Baughman logged onto in late January and was surprised to discover that her mystery, A Spy Within, was #6 on the 10 best-selling books "unique to New Mexico." She had signings in six Southwest states in November and December and is scheduled in San Francisco, Feb. 1-5, and Denver, Feb. 12th. Then she heads East to Maryland, Virginia, and Connecticut.

Carol Costa's play, Deadline Dilemma, a one-act mystery, will be produced in Miami, Florida in March, 2000. The name of the theater is "Theatre with Your Coffee."

Duval Edwards' The Senator and the Runaway Teenager in the Great Depression is the sequel to another of his books, The Great Depression and a Teenager's Fight to Survive. His first book signing in Tucson was extremely successful. It should be on shortly or you can order at Goldsphinx Publishing, 2500 N. Rosemont Blvd. #411, Tucson AZ 85712 (fax: 520-327-3608, e-mail: or Red Apple Publishing (253-884-1450, fax: 253-884-1451, e-mail:

Jean Gietzen's book, If You're Missing Baby Jesus, ranked 7th on the Best-Selling Christian Gift Books list for January, 2000. Distributed by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Assoc., the list is based on actual sales in U.S. and Canadian Christian retail stores.

Mabel Leo will be giving a presentation on how she did research for her book, The Saga of Jack Durant, for the Phoenix Writers Club on May 24th at 12:30 PM at the BeefEaters Restaurant on Camelback Road in Phoenix. In a previous talk she was able to persuade Eileen Birin and another friend to play Jack Durant and Bugsy Siegel in a scene from the book. Her book is available from and

Penny Porter's book, Heartstrings and Tail-Tuggers, was just released by Ravenhawk Books. It is a collection of her Reader's Digest pieces published over the last 18 years. "Penny Porter has made more people laugh and cry with her animal stories than any other author whose work has appeared in Reader's Digest," writes Digest Editor-in-Chief Christopher Willcox.

Barbara Stahura's own, "Freelance Success Story," was printed on-line at is a great, free, on-line newsletter for writers with all kinds of job postings and tons of great information. They also have a section where writers can submit stories about how they succeeded as writers.

Jennifer J. Stewart was doing a periodical search for book reviews at the library when she discovered that Hopscotch had published her short story, "Penelope's Polka Dots," in the Feb/Mar '98 issue. Hopscotch hadn't sent her a copy nor paid her, but when she wrote them and pointed it out, they promptly sent a copy and a check.

Jo David Stockwell had a long-awaited success when his poem, "The Class Reunion," was accepted by Reunions Magazine. He had submitted the poem two years earlier and the publisher, Edith Wagner, wrote, "we do not typically use poetry, but I am intrigued with yours and feel others might be too." She also asked for a photo and bio.

Jim Woods has contracted to sell two of his books to the e-publisher,, to be distributed via computer-link down-load. The books are a memoir of his world-hunting experiences, Honk if You Love Geese and Other Hunting Stories; and a suspense novel set in South Africa, The Outlander.

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