December 4
SSA Santa Cruz Valley Chapter @ 1p–2:45pm
Green Valley Library
Elizabeth Gunn– "A Crime Novelist Must go with the Flow"
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   December 16
SSA Workshop @ 1 pm–3pm
Hotel Tucson City Center
Barbara McNichol– "Plan Your Writing Success"
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   January 20
SSA Santa Cruz Valley Chapter @ 11:30am–2:30pm
Grill on the Green - Canoa Ranch Golf Club
Local Authors Showcase
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   January 21
SSA Forum @ 11am–2pm
Hotel Tucson City Center
Keith Shaw– "Worldbuilding: It's in Every Novel"
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   Dec. 17, 2017 & Jan. 19, 2018
ASU's Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing Events
See their calendar at https://piper.asu.edu/events

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   You'll enjoy getting ready for the new year by planning to make your authorship dreams come true. This session prepares you to set goals for your next book and understand what your current book can achieve for you.

   In the first of three parts, Barbara McNichol introduces you to a planning tool—a big-picture blueprint—that you can use at any point in your writing process, especially for nonfiction. It features a mini- blueprint with key questions you might not have considered before.

   Following that is a hands-on session for streamlining everything you write. Authors are often told to "tighten your writing" but what exactly should you do? We'll work through exercises that show you how to shorten and streamline your paragraphs in ways that apply to everything you write. We'll also tackle four valuable techniques both nonfiction and fiction writers can use immediately to improve their writing.

   Join us for this valuable interactive session that gets you ready for next year.

   As an expert editor, Barbara McNichol is proud to help authors prove that, yes, they can change the world with their well-crafted words. She specializes in editing books in business, self-help, how-to, health, memoir, relationships, and more. Over the past 24 years, she has placed more than 350 books (and counting) on her editing "trophy shelf."

   Originally from Saskatchewan, Barbara has called Tucson home since 2001. She loves to dance Nia-style, play tennis and pickleball, and soak in hot tubs with her hubby.

   Looking for ways to improve your writing? Subscribe to her free monthly ezine Add Power to Your Pen and her comprehensive subscription program, Word Trippers Tips. See details at www.WordTrippers.com.

   Barbara's December 16th workshop is part of SSA's outreach to provide a reasonably-priced educational experience. Every 3rd Saturday in even months we will have $5 workshops.

   World building isn't just a requirement of science fiction and fantasy. From mystery to romance to memoir, your characters live in a time and place specific to them. The presentation covers the three types of world building as well the raw materials and tools of world building. A must for anyone who writes stories.

   ReadersFavorite.com says, "[KB Shaw's] world creation skills are second to none, and people will feel as if they can simply slip through the pages into Neworld as they are reading."

   Keith is the author of short stories and two YA science fiction series: From the Shadows and Neworld Papers. From the Shadows started life as a web series on the Spectrum Home and School Network site and drew more than 20,000 readers. He is also the publisher of iPulpFiction.com and an award-winning writer of educational videos.

Keith grew up in small Wisconsin towns. Moving frequently due to his father's work, he attended three high schools in four years and has fond memories of each. He spent the first fifteen years of his adult life as a theater designer, director, and playwright.

   With the introduction of the Macintosh computer, Keith moved into computer education. He created the interface and more than 600 educational programs for the EduNet network, which served more than 1,000,000 students across the country. He also hosted live broadcasts into K-12 classrooms across the country.

   As a boy, Keith was slow to gain an appreciation for fiction. His work in educational media fueled his interest in the reluctant male reader and led him to start the online Spectrum Children's Book Club, which grew into iPulpFiction.com.

   Keith's recent work includes nearly 900 educational video scripts for the world's largest education company, Pearson. His pilot script for From the Shadows was a Scriptapalooza semifinalist. He wrote the bible and series pilot for Dashiell Hammett's The Continental Op, a detective series from Black Mask Productions, for HBO. Sadly, it lost out to True Detective.


$25 Paypal / Credit Card Forum payment link

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Dan Baldwin's Bock's Canyon just won the Winner designation Fiction: Western category, and How Find Me Lost Me earned a Finalist designation in AmericanBookFest.com's Best Book Awards 2017. There were more than 2000 entries nationwide. Each book is available in ebook and paperback formats from Amazon, D2D, B&N, Smashwords, CreateSpace and other major distributors.
Bock's Canyon—Young Brodie Dephrane was forced to watch the murder of his mother by a gang of killers. He grows into a strong, reliable man and a deadly shot with a .45 revolver. Yet, he is a restless man obsessed a need to protect women who cannot protect themselves and for revenge against the killers. He puts his ranch, his romance and his future on hold when he saves a young woman who puts him on the trail of the man responsible for killing his mother. Brodie's dangerous quest drives him from Utah through Arizona Territory and to a final conflict above New Mexico's Gila River on Deadman's Ridge. But the price of his obsession is found elsewhere—in a place called Bock's Canyon.
How Find Me Lost Me—A Breach of Trust Told by the Psychic Who Didn't See It Coming. Of all the books I have co-authored or ghostwritten the one I knew, absolutely knew, that I didn't need a written contract, letter of agreement, or even a confirming e-mail for was the one I began with Kelly Snyder in 2009.
Writers beware. Regardless of how well you know someone, the depth of experience you have with someone, or how much you trust someone, if you plan on writing something for publication—insist on a contract.
Do as I say not as I have done. This isn't a book on contracts. Rather, it is a warning of what can happen when a writer ignores his or her basic responsibility to consider the potential legal ramifications of relying on someone's spoken word vs. the written word. How Find Me II by Dan Baldwin and Kelly Snyder became They Are Not Yet Lost by Dan Baldwin is an interesting and cautionary tale.

Raya Fand's book, Heart of the Deep Cave and Other Romantic Vampire Tales, was released in paperback and on Amazon Kindle, under the pen name April Drusiana. "Fans of sympathetic vampires will enjoy this interestingly varied collection of tales. They offer innovative approaches to the "rules" of vampirism and emotionally vivid portrayals of characters struggling to accept their undead condition, to develop successful relationships in the world of mortals, and to find meaning in their dark existence." - Margaret Carter, author of Dark Changeling, Passion in the Blood, and Different Blood: the Vampire as Alien. Available on Amazon.com.

Stuart Watkins' chapbook on Citizenship by Investment: Information on many nations including the United States is now available on Kindle for 99 cents or $9.50 for the book on Amazon.com.
"If the subject interests you and you will consider spending 99 cents, I would love to have you review the chapbook and post comments.
"It cost me about $80 to have Kindle convert the text into their format and I did not mind paying the fee because when I first posted it on Kindle by myself, a friend told be it was so hard to read.
"Now, if you download my book and make comments on Kindle, I will do the same for you when you post a book on Kindle.
I am also quite interested in your comments."
Stuart also had an article on this subject "Buying Citizenship," accepted for the November issue of SaddleBrooke Progress, and a poem, "Strolling Through Your Mind," accepted for November and "One Snowflake Too Many" in the December issue of SaddleBag Notes.
In November, he read three poems at a gathering on Sabino Canyon Road in Tucson, and they were all well received. The group was the Writer's Read held at Brewd at 4960 N. Sabino Canyon Road. (A nice place to stop and have a snack, cup of coffee, etc.)
He also wanted to note that The Tucson Poetry Society is hosting the Arizona State Poetry Society Spring Conference in Tucson next April 14th at the University of Arizona Library. The 14th is a Saturday and there is free parking in the garage across the street.

Mark D. Walker's first book, a memoir, Different Latitudes, received an Honorable Mention at the Arizona Literary Awards November Ceremony in the published non-fiction category. The event was sponsored by Arizona Authors, which is one of the longest established non-profit writers' organizations in the Southwest. The awards ceremony coincides with the yearly publication of the Arizona Literary Magazine. The Arizona literary Magazine included a two page spread on "Different Latitudes." I was pleased to be among the 60 plus authors at the event and that the "non-fiction" category was one of the more competitive categories with 72 entries.
"I'm also a finalist in the Authors Show 'The Top 50 Authors You Should Read' competition. I did submit two personal essays to the SSA competition but haven't heard back."

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