Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors           Vol. 38, No. 6 Dec. '09/Jan. '10


Upcoming Events

   December 12
Arizona Mystery Writers @10-2PM
HomeTown Buffet, River and Oracle
Karen McLeish will present her 3rd "Annual Christmas Murder Workshop."
$12.50 Members, $17.50 non-members, or $5 mem, $10 non-mem. if you don't want lunch. RSVP Kevin

   December 20
Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
Hawkeye Richardson - "Effective Public Speaking for Authors"

   January 9
Arizona Mystery Writers @10-2PM
HomeTown Buffet, River and Oracle
Our president, Mary Ann Hutchison, will share her experience and knowledge of character development, and finding the balance in making our stories believable and unforgettable.
$12.50 Members, $17.50 non-members, or $5 mem, $10 non-mem. if you don't want lunch. RSVP Kevin

   January 17
David Cuillier, Ph.D. - "The Art of Access"
(see article this page)

   January 22
SSA Metro-Phoenix Chapter meeting@1P
Embassy Suites in Tempe
4400 South Rural Road.
Annie Weissman will examine the current trends in children's publishing and how to sell your book at a conference.
$19 Members, $20 non-members. RSVP Carole Schoneman at or by phone at 480-831-3685.
(see article)

   February 21
Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
Laura Van Etten
- "Bad Writing"

   March 12-14
"Tucson Festival of Books" on the campus of the University of Arizona. Watch for additional information about SSA's Booth (yes, we will have one) and how YOU can help.

To R.S.V.P. Forum
Leave Phone Message
at 546-9382
or e-mail: WEDNESDAY before the Forum
$25 paid at the door

SSA's End of Year Celebration Has Changed!

   Instead of the Readers' Theater play on December 20, SSA member Hawkeye Richardson, motivational speaker and author of Getting Your 'It' Together, will present 'Effective Public Speaking for Authors,' a definite must for all authors to feel confident speaking about their work. Hawkeye has been an author, speaker, humorist, marketing consultant, and personal coach for over 35 years. He will have excellent ideas on how to make the most of your next speaking opportunity.

   Reservations are strongly encouraged; please reserve your seat by Wednesday, December 16th by either calling the SSA reservation line at 546-9382 or emailing As always, the forum is held at the Four Points Sheraton Conference Center, 1900 East Speedway (at Campbell) from 11:30 AM till approximately 2:00 PM. Cost is $25 and includes the luncheon buffet.

The Art of Access

   Every writer needs reliable research information at one time or another, whether writing nonfiction crime, an exposé on wasteful spending, or a romance novel. But where do you look? And how can you verify its accuracy? Join us for our first forum of 2010 on Sunday, January 17th, and learn the basics of acquiring government records in researching any book project. University Of Arizona School of Journalism assistant professor David Cuillier, Ph.D, will show where to find documents online and offer tips for hundreds of public records that can be useful not only in research, but everyday life. David teaches public affairs reporting, database journalism, and access to government information. He is chairman of the Freedom of Information Committee for the Society of Professional Journalists and conducts research on access to government documents.

   SSA's forums are held at the Four Points Sheraton Conference Center, 1900 East Speedway (at Campbell) from 11:30 AM till approximately 2:00 PM. Cost is $25 and includes the luncheon buffet. Reservations are strongly encouraged; please reserve your seat by Wednesday, January 13th. Call the SSA reservation line at 546-9382 or email


Steven Adelson's article "Open Up 'Hidden' Markets," which details how a writer can use a variety of little known directories and indexes to find publications who would be interested in your article or finding places to resell your article, will be published by Writer's Digest in a special edition titled The Writer's Guide to Getting Published. On newsstands now.

Mary Ellen Barnes tells how her father Tony resigned from teaching in 1943 to devote his career to developing the mountain oasis of Summerhaven in The Road to Mount Lemmon: A Father, A Family, and the Making of Summerhaven, a beguiling memoir of the Catalina Mountains. The stories within provide an intimate view of a mountain community over the course of nearly 60 years„"a view that few people have shared but one that all can appreciate."
"In August I was notified that The Road to Mount Lemmon had made it through several review rounds and was a finalist for the 2010 ONEBOOKAZ title. My book wasn't voted in, but I was honored to be nominated."

Lili DeBarbieri's wildlife feature, "Coyote 'round the Town," is forthcoming in the December, 2009 issue of Terrain magazine and article "Academic Sojourns in Japan and South Korea" will be published in the spring 2010 issue of Abroad View magazine. Lili is a contributing editor of Ethical Traveler and a frequent contributor to the Tucson Green Times. Her writing and photography have been featured in dozens of local, regional, national and international publications including Montana Naturalist, Arizona Wild, Earth Island Journal, E: The Environmental Magazine, and Nature Alberta. Lili specializes in travel, environmental issues and wildlife.

Jane Eppinga has signed a book contract with the University of Arizona Press to produce a book detailing all of Arizona's Museums. She is also completing a Historic walking tours book of Tombstone and Bisbee for DestinWorld in London. She is also preparing a Postcards from Tombstone book for Arcadia Publishing.

Jean Gietzen's Christmas memoir If You're Missing Baby Jesus (Random House) continues to find many homes for the holiday and she recently received word that another memoir is forthcoming this holiday season from Pacific Press. Her story "Grandma's Three Christmas Trees" will appear in the anthology Christmas in My Heart #18. The story originally appeared in Catholic Digest several years ago. Jean kept the rights (as she does with all her work) and happily sends her work out again and again. She is also busily doing her own version of tea parties with her program "Tea and Poetry, Mostly Biblical" which features her second edition of A People Set Apart. Jean will be in Tucson in March if you'd like to have her do a program for your group. Her e-mail address is

Allen R. Kates' new ghostwriting website has just been posted on the Internet, and he'd love to hear your comments. "Like life, it is a work in progress."
His publishing website has also seen some changes, if you feel up to the challenge—
Allen was also asked to give a Ghostwriting Workshop at the 2010 Tucson Festival of Books, March 13-14, on the University of Arizona campus. The tentative direction of the workshop is "Ghostwriting a Story Without Losing Your Mind." What skills do you need to write somebody else's story? How do you capture that person's voice and not go crazy? More information as it develops at Please click on Upcoming Events.

Bob Natiello's fiction entry, "El Caballo Blanco," earned first prize in the Arizona Authors Association 29th annual literary contest. His memoir, "How Jiminy Cricket Helped Me Even The Score With The Dodgers," won second prize in the essay category. Both stories are featured in AAA's current Arizona Literary Magazine.
His recent story, "Dog Fight," was the sole winner in Manhattan Media's 2009 summer fiction contest, "Eight Million Stories." "Dog Fight," the tale of two New York City hot dog vendors, appeared in New York Press, The West Side Spirit and Our Town.

Hawkeye Richardson's second book, MLM — Is Multi-Level Marketing Right for You?, was released in October through BookSurge publishing, a division of The book provides a no-hype introduction to the world of multi-level marketing. This is a great book for (1) people who are considering joining an MLM, (2) for people who are already in an MLM but wanting to be more successful, and (3) for people who would like to have a good set of logical responses to give to MLM ïrecruiters' as to why they don't want to join. The book is available on Hawkeye's website at and on

Jon Seawright's fourth book, A Can of Worms, will be published in November, 2009 by Xlibris and sold on line by and Barns and Noble. It is a collection of short stories which are suspenseful, romantic, humorous and tragic. It contains stories of intrigue, irony and murder, and includes Jon's previously published short stories: "In Dire Need," "Early Bird Special" and "Where To?" You will also find his memoirs of traveling through western and eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, the Middle East, northern Africa and Australia . . . while living out of his '64 Volkswagen van. Like the title suggests, "Once you open the book . . . it is hard to put the contents back into the container."

Barbara Stahura's new book, co-authored with Susan B. Schuster, M.A., CCC-SLP, is titled After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story. The first journaling book written specifically for people with brain injury, it has been endorsed by leading journal researchers; trauma managers and researchers who work with people with brain injury, including veterans; and the founder of the National Veterans Association. It evolved out of a journaling workshop for survivors of brain injury that Stahura created after her husband sustained such an injury in 2003. She and Schuster have facilitated the workshop in Tucson since 2007. After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story was released by Lash & Associates Publishing/Training in late September. It is available from their Web site at or from Stahura at
In conjunction with the book, Stahura has launched a blog, Journal After Brain Injury, at, for people with brain injury and family caregivers. Along with information on brain injury, it contains journaling exercises readers can use to tell their stories and so assist their healing.

Shirley Starkey has published The Monkey Drowns, her second book in a series depicting the trials and triumphs of a military family. Her first book, The Scorpion Stings deals with the shock of living in Iran in the early 60's. The Monkey Drowns tells of the difficulties for the family during the unpopular war in Viet Nam and, when the family is sent back to Iran, finding the amazing changes the Shah has made in that country. The book is available from Shirley, or can be ordered from any bookstore.

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