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Upcoming Events

   November 18
Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
Bob Yehling,
"The Art of Self-Editing"
(see article)

   December 16
Forum @10-3PM
Four Points Sheraton
"SSA Holiday Book Party"
(NOTE: there will be no speaker or luncheon buffet-see article)

   January 20
Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
Jane Eppinga,
"Find Resources and FOCUS Your Research"
(see article)

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Come to SSA's Holiday Book Party

by Jude Johnson
   Instead, the Four Points Sheraton will be the site of SSA's Holiday Book Party—a wide open to the public chance for SSA members to strut their stuff and sell their books from 10AM till 3PM. We have room for at least 50 authors and we're filling up fast. The registration deadline is December 1—no exceptions-and only SSA member authors are accepted for book sales. $20 gets you a half-table space and a box lunch of your choice. Volunteers and helpers who wish to have lunch must also register by December 1. Registration forms will be available at the November Forum and by email from Jude Johnson at (put SSA BOOK PARTY in the subject line). You can also email her for information or questions.

   SSA will process all the sales and WILL be able to take credit cards that day for purchases.

   This event is all about giving our authors a venue to get their books seen. Therefore, it's free and open to the public. We will have door prizes—separate ones for children and adults. (SSA Participants will also have their own door prizes drawn at the end.)

   Our special guests are Bonnie Henry from The Arizona Daily Star whose books recall fond memories of older days in Tucson, and Bentley, the adventurous pint-sized canine focus of three children's books by Nick & Connie Pintozzi. And Santa's always a possibility!

   You have to sell this event, SSA Members. Tell everyone you know that this is the place to look for holiday gifts and make this a book event Tucson looks forward to!

Find Resources and FOCUS Your Research

by Jude Johnson
   SSA's own Jane Eppinga will divulge how to find mother lodes of information resources and focus your research during our first forum of 2008 on January 20.

   Her writing has appeared in Biology Digest, Arizona Sheriff Magazine, Arizona Senior World, Desert Leaf, Good Housekeeping, Arizona Highways, Arizona Daily Star and the Chicken Soup series. Her book Henry Ossian Flipper: West Point's First Black Graduate won a Spur finalist award from the Western Writers of America. Her book, Arizona Sheriffs: Badges And Bad Men offers a historical look at crime, past and present, in the Wild West (with 60 b&w photos).

   Jane is well-known for her picture books of Arizona town histories, popular with tourists and locals alike. As she says to great sales effect, "You don't have to read-just look at the pictures!" But sorting through what works and what won't for your writing takes a lot of time. On Sunday, January 20, 2008, Jane will share her tricks and tips to research accurately and stay focused on what you really need. And don't get distracted by the pictures!


Vera Marie Badertscher recently published a story on driving through the Brandywine Valley to the various du Pont estates in a Chevy HHR. The article was for a unique on-line magazine called Automotive Traveler which is beautifully produced to look like a real magazine,
"I just learned that the magazine won an award as the 'hottest new on-line/off-line publication of 2007' from (a business-to-business title that's been covering the magazine publishing industry for more than 60 years)."
"I can't take credit, since the judging took place before my article appeared, but it is nice to be keeping such good company."

Norm Bradford won an honorable mention for his screenplay, The Kreuzvogel Experiment, in the 76th Writer's Digest Writing Competition.

Jane Candia Coleman's third collection of poetry, The White Dove: A Celebration of Father Kino is out from High Plains Press. One reader has said of this book, which took more than ten years to research and write, "Each poem is a meditation." Jane will be doing signings at the Arizona Historical Society Book Signing, December 7-8, at the SSA book signing Dec. 16th, as well as at local book stores. The White Dove has been nominated by the publisher for the Pulitzer Prize. What is especially interesting is that Father Kino is a candidate for sainthood, and the church here, in Mexico, and in Italy is involved in this endeavor.

James E. Cox, author of The Essence of Jim and As The Mood Prescribes, has completed teaching "From Babel To Bard" for the SaddleBrooke Institute for Learning. The course presented an understanding and appreciation of the elements and sounds of poetry; a brief history and explanation of the classical forms. Written and recorded examples of the greatest poems of literature were provided to enhance the experience.

Patricia Etter's book, California Odysssey: The Overland Journey of William R. Goulding and the Knickerbocker Company, 1849, has been accepted for publication by the Arthur H. Clark Company, an imprint of the University of Oklahoma Press. Etter has introduced and annotated the 2000 mile journey by wagon and on muleback between Fort Smith Arkansas and Monterey, California by the Southern Route through Indian Territory, and Arizona and New Mexico. In addition to defining and locating a little-used trail prior to 1849, Goulding recounts the trials and tribulations of an overland trip through the deserts and mountains of the southwest. Moreover, he describes meetings with some 13 Indian tribes, individuals stationed at early United States garrisons, the pathfinder, John Charles Fremont, and Kit Carson, to name a few. Publication is set for 2008.

Melanie Gaines recently released, My Two Grandfathers, through Wheatmark Publishing. This picture book memoir, illustrated by Brandon Huigens, describes her wonderful memories growing up in and around the farm country of New York State with her two grandfathers. My Two Grandfathers tells, through words and creative illustrations, how important family members are to a child's happiness and sense of well-being. Her first adult novel, Canyon Lake, was released in 2006. An excerpt and other information can be found at

Willma Gore, who won first place for fiction in the 2007 SSA contest and was published in the WWII anthology (2006) has a new book coming out—Long Distance Grandparenting. She interviewed more than 60 grandparents for their wit and wisdom in managing relationships with their grandchildren across the miles. The book was released by Quill Driver Books/Word Dancer Press of California and is Willma's second book with this publisher.

Lauren Grossman's short story, "My Dear Ladies," recently received Honorable Mention for Mainstream/Literary Short Story in the 76th Annual Writing Contest in Writer's Digest Magazine.

John H. Manhold's historical novel, El Tigre, has just been published by Shoot Magazine Corporation. It follows the life of a Prussian Junker from his enrolment in the Military Academy at 10 years of age through his travels that range from helping a simple band of Gypsies in France and through the Pyrenees to fight in the 1st Carlist War in Spain, aid Houston to establish Texas, followed by service as a Ranger and then a move to Old California to save the life of a Don, participate in the Mexican War and discover gold in 49. It may be ordered from or the usual book stores.

Sheri McGuinn's manuscript, "Bad Mommy!," has been awarded Honorable Mention in the Genre Short Story category of the 76th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. This year's contest attracted over 19,000 entries.
Book sales for her book, Running Away, have also been going fairly well—"people who purchased books the first week have been bringing other buyers to signings and friends who bought it just to be supportive are telling me (in shocked voices) 'It's good!'"

Mike Rom's original acrylic painting, Lookin' at You, will be shown in the Blue Raven Gallery and Gifts' "Art of the Horse" show, running November 10 through January 12. A portion of sales will go to Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary—they rescue Premarin (PMU) mares and their foals from slaughter (
Blue Raven Gallery is located in the Many Hands Courtyard, 3054 N. 1st Ave. Suite 4. Hours: Fri. 1-6, Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-5.

Lynn Wiese Sneyd and David Russell, Ph.D., D.Sc.'s book Healthy Solutions: A Guide to Simple Healing and Healthy Wisdom (Basic Health Publication) received the Arizona Book Award for best health/wellness/nutrition book published in 2006.

Sharon Lee Willing's No One to Cry To, the biography of Foy Willing of the Riders of the Purple Sage, is an Award-Winning Finalist in the Biography/Historical category of the National Best Books 2007 Awards (its fourth award this year!). NOTCT will be one of sixty titles featured in the USA Book News Booth at the Book Expo America Convention in Los Angeles, May 29 - June 1, 2008.

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