Vol. 3, No. 10 Dec '02/Jan '03
  15   Sunday Evening
Sheraton Four Points
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Speaker: many members

Topic: "We're having an evening party!"
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The 31st Annual Wrangling with Writing Conference at The Holiday Inn-Palo Verde 4550 S. Palo Verde Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85715

E-mail contacts: wporter202@aol.com excalibureditor@earthlink.net
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To R.S.V.P. Luncheon
Leave Phone Message
at 546-9382
before noon the
Wednesday before party

December $20
members and non-members

Please tell us if you are a vegetarian.

The SSA Holiday Forum

Sunday, December 15th
Cash Bar 5:30pm

Holiday Buffet & Program 6:00pm-9:00pm

Bring a wrapped Chanukkah or Christmas gift to exchange.
Bring your books and crafts to display and sell.
Bring used or new books to donate to children.

  • Allen Kates - Guitarist and Songster
  • Jean Gietzen - Short holiday story
  • Janice Mitich - Humorous holiday ballad
  • Penny Porter - Short holiday story
  • Dinghy Sharpe - "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

RSVP by noon Wednesday, December 11, 2002 on ph: 546-9382 $20 Guests, Family, Friends and Members . . . Casual or Dressy

The 31st Annual SSA
Wrangling With Writing Conference

will take place on January 24th & 25th at the
Holiday Inn - Palo Verde
4550 S. Palo Verde Blvd.,
Tucson, AZ 85715


  • $200 SSA Member
  • $250 non-member
  • $225 non-member senior

email: wporter202@aol.com or
phone: (520) 546-9382

Registration forms available by request or
find it out on the SSA website.

Letter from the editor

   Greetings and best wishes for a wonderful winter holiday season. As for me, I'm headed for mid-summer downunder on a trip home to Australia. I'll be away a few months but, as in past years, The Write Word is coming with me. My emails will be processed, and I won't hesitate to use the phone. Please encourage all SSA members to keep up the wonderful momentum of contributions I have been receiving for publication in the newsletter. Contact me and/or check the writer's guidelines online before sending submissions. Like any publication, The Write Word follows policies and has limits and preferences. Many thanks especially to all contributors throughout this year and to my support team, including proofreaders, Jim Woods & Kaye Patchett. Thanks also and welcome to our new Associate Editor, Diane Vanover.

  Best wishes, see you in the Spring!
      jeannie (Jean Walsh, Editor)


Lynnette Baughman's Lost Almost has been singled out for the Golden Wings Award in the category of General Fiction from its publisher, Wings ePress Inc. The award is presented twice each year to the book that "best exemplifies wonderful story telling ability, great characterization and exceptional writing skills." In addition to winning the Golden Wings Award, Baughman's newest book was named Wings' Best Selling Book for the second straight month. Lost Almost, a biomedical thriller, is available from www.wings-press.com as a paperback or in downloadable electronic book format.

LaVerne Harrell Clark's novel, Keepers Of The Earth, published by Cinco Puntos Press, El Paso, winner of the 1998 Best First Novel (Medicine Pipe Bearer's Award) from Western Writers of America, has gone into its second printing. Recently, Clark was chosen as one of three local artists to be the subject of a documentary, which is to be produced for broadcast on the public access channel, UUTV of Bastrop, Texas, the setting for her novel. The documentary is being funded by a Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for a project called Art and Me/On TV, directed by Bastrop writer Carolyn Banks.

Nancy Brenan Daniel's new books, Disappearing Nine-Patches and 101 Applique Blocks, were published by The American School of Needlework mid-summer of 2002. These are Nancy's sixth and seventh books about quilting techniques and history for the California publisher. Nancy's Rotary Heirloom Quilts was published by The American Quilters' Society/Schroeder Publications in mid-November of 2002. All books are available online and from booksellers marketing quilting/sewing related topics. Nancy is a prolific non-fiction writer and designer specializing in profiles of women and needlework in books and in periodicals. To find out more about Nancy's work, you can reach her at: www.nancybrenandaniel.com

George Erickson's second book, Time Traveling with Science and the Saints, will be released by Prometheus Books in Dec 2002. Using the biblical dictum, "By their fruits shall ye know them," Time Traveling with Science and the Saints compares the historical record of the defenders of the faith with that of the proponents of reason. George challenges the commonly held belief that, despite its abuses, religion has civilized the world! Says the author, "Time Traveling with Science and the Saints is the book I wish I could have read while I was in college or high school." George will be selling Time Traveling with Science and the Saints and his first book, True North: Exploring the Great Wilderness by Bush Plane, available from Globe Pequot/Lyons, at the upcoming Wrangling With Writing Conference. An excerpt titled "The Minnesota Trapper," from George's Canadian best seller, True North, took first place memoir in the 1999 SSA Writing Contest.

Jean Gietzen will be signing her Christmas memoir, If You're Missing Baby Jesus, at Mostly Books, 6208 E. Speedway, from 11am to 1pm on Saturday, Dec 7th and at Barnes & Noble, 5130 East Broadway and on Thursday, Dec 12th at 7pm. If You're Missing Baby Jesus is a perfect stocking stuffer book.

Jean Gietzen's story, "The Music of My Mother's Life," has been selected for publication in the new anthology Chocolate for a Woman's Courage, published by Simon and Schuster. Jean gave us a glimpse of this story at her presentation for the SSA Writer's Forum in May.

Elizabeth Gunn's new Christmas mystery anthology, How Still We See Thee Lie, will be featured at her signing at Mostly Books from 11am to 1pm on Saturday, Dec 7th and at Clues Unlimited on Dec 7th from 3:30pm till 5pm.

Jeff Hartman recently published his first children's book, The Red Coral House, through his own company, Hartman Publishing, in cooperation with Biosphere. The story chronicles the adventures of Samantha, a sleepity snail, and Carol, the questioning coral, as they enjoy a watery walkabout on a coral reef. The book was written in conjunction with the opening of a new exhibit at Biosphere 2, which provides students with hands-on learning experiences involving seashells, coral reefs, and climate change. As part of the grand opening, Jeff's book was distributed to all public elementary schools in Pima and Pinal counties. The Red Coral House is available at Reader's Oasis, on Amazon.com, and at Biosphere.

Ed Kostro's article, "A Sense of Creation," about how lucky we are to be able to observe all of nature's wonders with our five senses, will soon appear in Catholic Digest. Catholic Digest Magazine is a 60-year old publication, which provides two million readers of all ages with the tools and motivation to lead happier, more successful, more fulfilling lives.

Fran Lenzo's personal essay, "Less Is More," which won an honorable mention in the 2001 SSA Writing Contest, has been selected to appear in Strong Winds Make Strong Trees: Stories of Women Growing Wise, written and edited by Gioya McRae and scheduled for publication in March, 2003, by the Pushkin Management Group.

Mabel Leo, after writing non-fiction books and a children's book, is now working on a series of romance-suspense books featuring her tiny hometown of Sailor Springs, Illinois. The first two books are "Dear Sweetheart" and "Deadly Choices." Mabel's third book in the series, "Dark Secrets" is in development. Mabel recently returned from Sailor Springs where she held booksignings at the town's annual Fall Festival. Announcements in regional newspapers drew a large crowd and the books quickly sold out. Mabel also presented her books on the Tonya Mock Show, KUSK-TV, Oct 8th, and at the Paradise Valley United Methodist Church on November 21st.

Jane McKinney's article, "Glassmates," is featured in the October 2002 issue of Tucson Lifestyle Magazine. It's a close-up look at the art of glass blowing as practiced by a Tucson couple, who have a passion for turning hot glass into cool creations. Following the story, Jane writes of her experience making a paper weight at the couple's invitation and under their direction.

Pinkie Paranya's historical Raven Woman will be featured at her book signing hosted by Mostly Books at 6208 E. Speedway, Tucson on Dec 14th starting at 11:30. For details about the author and book check out www.sandspublishing.com. Since Pinkie lives in Yuma and has been a long-time member of SSA, she would appreciate any support the group can give her. Raven Woman will also be available at Wrangling With Writing in January.

EJ Phillips' book, Woman: What She Has Done With Where She Has Been, is now available through www.publishamerica.com and other on-line book stores. This book is an anthology of women who have overcome adversity to rebuild their lives. Once you read it you will say, "Hey, if she can do that, I can do it!" Woman: What She Has Done With Where She Has Been is selling 25 to 30 books at signings!

Penny Porter's story, "Santa Loves Me, This I Know," has just been published in Keeping Christmas, an anthology of Christmas and Yuletide stories by the New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author, Barbara Russell Chesser.

Germaine W. Shames' debut novel, Between Two Deserts, the first two chapters of which earned her the AZ Commission on the Arts' Literary Fellowship, led the Fall 2002 list at MacAdam/Cage Publishing. Publisher's Weekly highlighted Between Two Deserts in its Forecasts: "Shames, a former Middle East correspondent, handles the complexities of Eve's visit to war-torn Jerusalem with a subtlety seldom seen in this genre. She is careful not to pass judgment on either side of the political equation as she skillfully intertwines the lives of this diverse cast of characters to produce a tightly executed emotion-filled work." Alan Cheuse of NPR's "All Things Considered" praised Shames for "creating the intense atmosphere of an unstable world with grace and a kind of lyric power." Shames, capping a book tour, recently appeared at the S. California Booksellers' Author Feast. Between Two Deserts is available from the publisher at www.macadamcage.com and at bookstores nationwide.

Connie Spittler's short stories, "Glorious Mysteries" and "Fine Lines," plus her poem, "Possessions," were selected for the multicultural anthology: Sowing the Seeds, Una Cosecha de Recuerdos. The book, edited by Rosi Andrade and Elena Diaz Bjorkquist, is published by Writers Club Press, an imprint of iUniverse.
Connie's essay, "The Paper Trail of Women's Words," won a bronze award in Albuquerque, New Mexico at this year's Southwest Writers Conference, held the first week in September.

Jim Woods' two new books, Journeys, a collection of short stories, and Two Dozen Lessons From An Editor, a writing/editing tutorial, have been released by McKenna Publishing Group and are available on www.insomniac.com/mckenna, Amazon.com, at bookstores, and from Jim at jwoods@ultrasw.com

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