Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 3, No. 4 Dec. '01/Jan '02

Holiday Greetings from the Editor!

   As you can see, SSA isn't stuck in a rut for the holidays. The Christmas party is sure to be great and many noble volunteers among you, including the entire board, are busy with conference preparations. Don't hesitate to ask if you can help, you can! If you are wondering how, check out page two, for information about getting in touch with board members. Also, check out our Conference Centerfold in this issue!

   I would like to address two issues pertaining to The Write Word, which need attention from members with internet access. The first is: Yes! We have a website! From now on, the address will be on the bottom of this front page. Please visit our website, bookmark it and send the address to everyone you know. Help us help others find their way to SSA.

   On the SSA website, you'll find: conference info, including a registration form; links to the first two pages of The Write Word, for current and past issues; and a link to our Writer's Guidelines.

   Our newsletter webpage includes your successes notices. So, when someone searches online for your name or titles, they'll be guided to your notices. Mike Rom, our illustrious webmaster, also keeps a page of links to members' webpages.

   Now, one last point of interest for online members: A debate is smoldering about whether to send an electronic version of The Write Word to online members. (Don't worry! members who aren't online would always receive the paper version.) If half our members opted for an electronic newsletter, we could save $1740 a year in postage and printing costs. Of course, there would be a cost to set up and administrate the system. Most importantly, however, members must keep their email addresses current, which has proven in the past to be a burr under the saddle for members who volunteer to take charge of membership lists.

   My question to you is: Are you interested in receiving The Write Word electronically rather than by snail mail? If you have comments or wish to email a 'yes' or 'no,' please send your thoughts to with "Electronic Newsletter" in the subject line.

   In expectation of your enthusiastic response - yea or nay - I bid you a Happy Holiday Season with a sincere wish that none of us are tempted to overeat to excess . . . oh! sorry . . . I should say something better than that. How's this? In the coming weeks of celebration, I wish us all to be near those we hold dear and hold dear those near to us too. Best wishes always, be well, Jean (Jean Walsh, Editor)


Greg Brown's Job Hunting for Pilots, published by Iowa State University Press, is coming out in a new second edition, which includes much added material with special emphasis on networking and tools for job hunting in the cyber-age of email and Internet. Single copies are available through 1-888-MACH-FLT, from ISU Press at 1-800-862-6657, and online, in catalogs bookstores, and pilot shops. Place quantity orders through ISU Press, or aviation distributors. "Many thanks to everyone for offering moral support, encouragement and, especially, for patronizing and referring my books over the years. It is deeply appreciated," says Greg Greg also celebrates the 2nd edition release of Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual, published by ISU Press, which he co-authored with Mark J. Holt.

Evelyn Elster won four prizes in the Midwest Chaparral Poetry contest, two 1st place and two 2nd place. Evelyn also won 2nd place for a humorous poem submitted to Byline Magazine.

Jean Gietzen will be reading and signing her Christmas classic, If you're missing Baby Jesus, on December 9th at 2pm at Barnes & Noble, Foothills Mall. Jean also has sold another story to Chicken Soup and a story for one of the Chocolate for a Woman's Soul editions. Her poem, "God Keeps a Messy House," was recently purchased by Catechumenate magazine and will run in their May, 2002, issue.

Elizabeth Gunn's Six Pound Walleye has been named as one of the best mystery/crime novels of 2001 by Deadly Pleasures Magazine. The listing notes that it received "glowing reviews" from Deadly Pleasures, Kirkus and Publishers' Weekly. Elizabeth is sharing this list with some major names: Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, Jan Burke, Nevada Barr and Harlan Coben.

Bob Lewis' suspense novel, South of Tiburón, revised edition, has been released by Xlibris. The first edition, published in 1977, carried a testimonial by the late Senator Barry Goldwater. South of Tiburón is available in hardback or softback online from Xlibris, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and It is also available directly from Bob, phone: (520) 742-0045 or email: Bob also has a contract with Books in Motion to publish his book on audio cassette.

Delma Luben, former host of The Writing World TV show and contributing editor for Writers' World Magazine, culminates 30 years as writer's advocate with her new book, The Writing World, Living The Literary Life, Hallyn Press 2001. This unique collection of previously published articles and poetry was selected for review and author interview by Freelance Writing online at The Writing World, Living The Literary Life will be available from and local book stores in December. Glorious Autumn, Delma's book of poetry, is scheduled for spring release.

Susan Cummins Miller's mystery novel, Death Assemblage, first in the Frankie MacFarlane series, will be published by Texas Tech University Press in March. For info, see: deathassemblage.htm
Susan's first book, A Sweet, Separate Intimacy: Women Writers of the American Frontier, 1800- 1922 , University of Utah Press, 2000, was a finalist for the 2000 Alice Longan Award, and is now in its second printing. Susan also has been awarded a one-month writer's fellowship (April to May 2002) at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program in Woodside, CA.

Jeri Mills' new book, Tapestry of Healing, was released by White Sage Press in October. Tapestry begins with an account of Jeri's experiences as a physician integrating Eastern healing techniques into her medical practice. The book then explains "Energy Medicine" and "Reiki" in a way that can be understood by anyone. Jeri will be signing her book in February and March at Barnes & Noble. Tapestry is available from Barnes & Noble and many small book stores and through Jeri's web site:

Karen Surina Mulford's new book, Trailblazers:Twenty Amazing Western Women, was released this summer by Northland. The book features a collection of twenty biographies of courageous women who carved their names in the history of the American West. Trailblazers is receiving excellent reviews, especially from teachers and librarians, who find the book a source of inspiration for young women. This is the fourth book for Karen, who also teaches non-fiction writing classes at Scottsdale Community College.

gaël P. Mustapha's third middle grade novel, Haole Girl, published by Island Heritage, is now available. She also recently sold an article on Tubac Artist Hal Empie to American Profile magazine and is a regular contributor to the Arizona Daily Star's Monday edition "Neighbors" section featuring news articles related to Green Valley and Sahuarita.

Sharon Poppen's unpublished novel, Abby, placed 2nd in the Arizona Authors Association annual literary contest. Sharon was invited to receive her award certificate at a banquet in Phoenix on November 9th. The first 20 pages of Sharon's novel featured in the annual publication the Arizona Literary Magazine along with her picture and a brief biography.

Lucy Simons will sign Soul Food on January 26, 2002 at 2:00 p.m. at Borders on Oracle. Soul Food is a book of meditation guides based on the old thirteen moon, twenty-eight day calendar. Please join Lucy at Borders on January 26th.

Barbara Stahura is now team leader for the Project Purpose Writing Team of the Life on Purpose Institute. The PPWT is comprised of experienced writers who will be writing and publishing articles about people and institutions whose lives and missions are dedicated to a bold, inspired purpose or vision. For more information, check: or email:

Jo David Stockwell has just self-published a book of short stories, poems, essays, memoirs and cartoons entitled Dan, Dan, Fat Girl and The Perfect Mr. Livingston. Several of the pieces have won awards in SSA contests, "Dan, Dan, the Weather Man" taking second place in short fiction three years ago. Jo drew upon his experience as an ad agency art director and did all the prep work himself - the design, artwork, typesetting, everything but printing and binding - and published 100 books for less than $500. Anyone in the market for cartoon illustration should take a look at the examples in his book. He's available. ph: (520) 625-3282.

Craig Suter's first book, The Clauberg Conspiracies: Nazi Medicine and The Pill, is now available at Written under the pen name of Artie Scrugs, it is a historical fiction of how a German doctor at a concentration camp discovers the formula for the birth control pill and pays the ultimate price for his deeds.

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