Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 2, No. 16 Oct/Nov '98

  18   Sunday Brunch
Plaza Hotel@11:30-2pm
Speaker: James Reel, "Starlight" Editor Arizona Daily Star
Topic: "Entertainment Articles" (see article)

  15   Sunday Brunch
Plaza Hotel@11:30-2pm
Speaker: Richard Sheldon, Author, Poet
Topic: " How to Dig Out the Talent Within Ourselves" (see article)

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Writing for Arts & Entertainment
Our October 18th speaker, James Reel, is one of the few people born in Arizona who has stayed put Š he's lived in Tucson for a quarter-century. Since 1988 he has written about classical music, jazz and offbeat people and issues for The Arizona Daily Star, where he is currently the Arts and Entertainment editor. His column on arts and cultural issues appears there every Tuesday. Reel's more unusual features for the Star have included a survey of what sorts of pipelines, tunnels, animals and corpses lie beneath Tucson's streets. Before joining the Star, Reel toiled 12 years at the University of Arizona's KUAT Radio, beginning as a lowly substitute announcer and rising to the post of music director. Besides music performance programs, Reel also produced and hosted TV segments on local history. He has also written program notes for classical performing ensembles, and liner notes for compact discs. He currently writes features for the record magazine Fanfare and an irreverent monthly column on literary matters for the online magazine The Whole Wired Word ( His music-appreciation screed, The Timid SoulÕs Guide to Classical Music, is available online ( His most recent opus is the City*Smart Guidebook: Tucson, just issued by John Muir Press. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Reel holds degrees in French and library science.

The Beauty of Words
Richard Sheldon will speak at our November 15th luncheon. He wrote Going Back to Bisbee, is a poet, short story writer, and author who will show us "how to dig out the talent within ourselves." A University of Arizona professor, Richard has a way with words that reflects the beauty of language not only in his poetry but in his prose. He has taught Creative Writing for years and his way with imagery leaves lasting imprints on the minds of the listener and reader.

Bunny Baderscher has sold several pieces to web sites. The latest to hit the screen is "Ready, Set, Vote," an article on political information on-line. It can be found at (or just go to and look under "new"). The next issue of the e-newsletter, Inklings, will have a short article for magazine writers on "Organizing Your Queries."

Greg Brown had an article published in the Fall 1998 American Style Magazine. It is entitled, "Kerry Vesper - In Touch With Studio Artists."

Marjorie Coffey, sold her miniature artist-made book, Which Came First?, to the Children's Literature Center at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. It was illustrated with her water color paintings of chickens; thus, the name.

Rebecca Cramer was a much sought after presenter at the Great American Book Festival on Sept. 19th in Kansas City. Rebecca's novel, Mission to Sonora, is an anthropological murder mystery set in Tucson and on the nearby Indian Reservation at San Xavier del Bac. Rebecca, a cultural anthropologist at Johnson County Community College, divides her time between Kansas and the Southwest. Her efforts to promote her book should be an example to all writers: "No matter how famous the author or how prestigious the publishing house, the author must continue to make appearances, sign, speak, and stay in touch with the media to keep the book selling."

James Alfred Davidson's new book, Patches On My Britches, will take you through a boy's childhood as he experiences the delights, sadness, and wonders of growing up with twelve brothers and sisters. It's a true story with Alfred and his friend talking in that distinctive West Texas dialect. Readers of all ages will wonder and worry as Alfred gets caught in the roaring total-black-out sandstorms of the 30's. You'll smile as you remember what it was like to get a crush on a little girl at a very young age. Jim's book is available at bookstores and via e-mail:

Mary Miller Hall's self-published book, Prostitution of our Constitution, is now available at Borders Books on Oracle, Malikas on Broadway, and Antigone Books on 4th Street.

Elaine K. McEwan's hard work in 1997 paid off and she had six books published in 1998. Four books were published by Books for Educators (Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, CA): Seven Steps to Effective Instructional Leadership; The Principal's Guide to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; The Principal's Guide to Raising Reading Achievement; and How to Deal with Parents Who Are Angry, Troubled, Afraid, or Just Plain Crazy. Two were published by Books For Parents (Harold Shaw Publishers, Wheaton, IL): When Kids Say No to School: Helping Children at Risk of Failure, Refusal, or Dropping Out and Angry Parents, Failing Schools: What's Wrong With the Public Schools and What You Can Do About It. Elaine has also been doing workshops around the country for school principals on raising reading achievement Š the reception has been very exciting. For further information visit her web site ( or email her (

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