Upcoming Events

   October 8
Arizona Mystery Writers @10-2PM
El Parador Restaurant, 2744 East Broadway Blvd.
Morning—Det. Daniel Barajas will speak on the present situation regarding the drug trade. Afternoon—Mark B. Evans will explain how to write a winning blog on writing, and why we should.
$20 non-members, $10 one session no lunch. RSVP Molly at 624-0792 or email amw2010mm@gmail.com

   October 3
SSA Santa Cruz Chapter Forum @ 1PM
Green Valley Library
Alica Mckenna-Johnson and Kilian Metcalf - "YA for Today's Generations: Panelists Discuss Modern YA"
(see article Santa Cruz Chapter page)

   October 16
SSA Forum @ 10AM—1PM
Four Points Sheraton
Katie Mullaly & Patrick Ohlde - "Are Ghosts Real?"
(see article this page)

   October 30
(more info and forms at contest-2011.htm)

   November 7
SSA Santa Cruz Chapter Forum @ 1PM
Green Valley Library
Ethel Lee-Miller - "Marketing on a Shoestring: Free or Cheap"
(see article Santa Cruz Chapter page)

   November 12
Arizona Mystery Writers @10-2PM
El Parador Restaurant, 2744 East Broadway Blvd.
Morning—April Stonehouse will describe how forensic technology works and how it has been used to solve crimes. Afternoon—Mary Ann Hutchison will tell us how to write memoirs for fun and for sending into anthologies.
$20 non-members, $10 one session no lunch. RSVP Molly at 624-0792 or email amw2010mm@gmail.com

   November 21
SSA Forum @ 10AM—1PM
Four Points Sheraton
Maureen Mylander - "From Health Writing to Hollywood"
(see article this page)

   December 2
SSA Santa Cruz Chapter Book Fair
(see article Santa Cruz Chapter page)

To R.S.V.P. SSA Forum
Leave Phone Message
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$25 paid at the door

Are Ghosts Real?

   Are ghosts real? Do you ever find yourself wondering that very thing, every time you see something move out of the corner of your eye? Have you ever felt the gentle, cool touch of something brushing past you, only to be sure you are completely alone? No one knows the answer to this question, but there are certainly countless pieces of anecdotal evidence to suggest that there is an existence just beyond the physical world, with lines running so closely paralleled that they occasionally cross, resulting in unexplained and often unsettling experiences.

   As experienced paranormal investigators and authors of the most popular haunted travel guide to Arizona, Katie Mullaly and J. Patrick Ohlde have had numerous brushes with the unexplained and, with Halloween just around the corner, are excited to share their experiences! Haven't you always wondered where the ghosts of Arizona spend their days and nights? Some of them are right here in the Old Pueblo. You'll be planning your next haunted vacation in no time!

   Don't forget to call in your reservations to 546-9382 or e-mail ssabrunches@gmail.com by the Wednesday prior (in this case, October 12).

From Health Writing to Hollywood

   Networking leads to surprises as well as pathways around obstacles. Maureen Mylander will recount an odyssey that led to the film, Patch Adams.

   It started with flunking freshman English composition. A sorority sister taught her how to "write what you learn, not just what you know" (do research) and—more important—how to self-edit. Maureen passed comp in junior year, majored in journalism, and graduated to a chain of jobs, mentors, colleagues, collaborations, three agents, and four nonfiction book contracts with commercial publishers. Then, in 1989, came an unlikely phone call:

   "Hi, I'm Patch Adams and I'm looking for a ghostwriter."

   "I don't ghostwrite. I only co-author."


   "And I only do 50-50 splits of all earnings."

   A small commercial house in Vermont published her fifth (and second co-authored) book, Gesundheit. Another edition followed, plus two dozen foreign-language and forthcoming Spanish-language editions. A film option, renewed twice, came to life when Robin Williams signed with Universal Studios in 1997 to play Patch Adams.

   Maureen will tell how Patch found her, how she wrote a book proposal in days and book in a year, was turned down by her longstanding agent, represented herself (very scary) when signing book and film contracts, was not invited to the film set, and chose the "wrong" movie premiere. She will explore hazards of expecting too much from Hollywood film studios, a sixth memoir that did not sell, a seventh novel-in-progress, and ways around obstacles posed by the writing life.

   Remember to call in your reservations to 546-9382 or e-mail ssabrunches@gmail.com by the Wednesday prior (in this case, November 16).


Michael Alvarez a freelance writer and adjunct writing instructor, announces the acceptance of his short story, "The Christmas Visitors" by Hidden Brook Press, a Canadian publisher.
Also, coming soon from Red Willow Digital Press—"A newly revised and updated version of my book about and for writers: Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Writers. This new version will be available in most popular electronic formats, suitable for e-book readers and computers. If you don't have a laptop or iPad, just carry around your desktop with you. I'm happy to report that my Xlibris books are now being offered as NOOK books."

Dan Baldwin's Caldara Book II: A Man on Fire, published by Red Willow Books, is now available through three major distribution channels: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Caldera, the "sometimes son" of his blood father, Bull McKenzie, and Prospect, the Shakespeare-quoting Pima warrior who raised him, enters the backwaters of Western legend. Guilt over killing his wife and unborn child has driven him nearly insane. Prospect sends him on a quest, a vengeance trail, to burn out the madness. He dedicates his life to the destruction of a vicious gang led by the bandit Malon. These are the men who raped and murdered his blood mother, a sickly prostitute who had worked at the Bull 'N Belle whorehouse. All trails lead to an inevitable violent and bloody confrontation where all the events began - a small Arizona mining community called Privy. www.redwillowbooks.com/caldera-a-man-on-fire

Ronny Herman de Jong has released her second book! Rising from the Shadow of the Sun, A Story of Love, Survival and Joy brings the horror and losses of World War II on Java off the battlefields and military POW camps and into the world of Ronny Herman, who is barely three years old in 1942 when the Japanese conquer Java and force her family into prison camps where they would suffer until 1945. Ronny's father Fokko, a pilot with the Dutch Naval Air Force, escapes with his squadron hours before the Japanese submarines encircle the island. Working under British command in Sri Lanka, Fokko's story is chronicled along the same timeline as that of his wife and children; an interesting link. Rising from the Shadow of the Sun, A Story of Love, Survival and Joy details her journey from childhood deprivation in WWII Japanese concentration camps to peace and prosperity in the 21st century in the USA. Her historical memoir is available from Booklocker.com, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com. If you want to know more, please check out her website www.ronnyhermandejong.com and when you have read the book and found it interesting, please post a review online.

Jean Gietzen is taking her "show" on the road! She has created a program for senior citizens featuring the dozens of family stories published in Catholic Digest over the years. That program culminates in her reading her best selling Christmas classic, If You're Missing Baby Jesus. She has also been steeped in offering her program "Tea and Poetry, Mostly Biblical" based on some New Testament sketches from her book, A People Set Apart—the second edition of said book's cover photo is of a familiar site in Tucson taken by Jean's husband, Don (P. S. Random House's latest royalty statement indicates 84,000 copies of Baby Jesus sold!)

Frederick J. Masterman is pleased to announce the August 2011 release of The Cryon Conspiracy, fourth novel in his adventure/thriller series, The PlanetCare Discoveries. Each volume of the series centers on a scientific expedition, where volunteers join professional scientists for a week of research. In the course of each expedition, a discovery is made which leads the protagonists of the series, Sam and Karen Casper, into mystery and danger. The Cryon Conspiracy is set in Fairbanks, Alaska, involving a glacier in the nearby Alaskan Mountain Range. A baffling discovery in an ice core leads Sam and Karen to discover a deadly conspiracy centered on the creation of 'cryons', frozen superhuman zombies programmed to murder. In the process of their investigation, the couple is targeted for death by the conspiracy's leader, a malevolent enemy from their past. The book is published by Orchard House Press, located in Seattle, Washington, at the cost of $17.00 and is available on line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as at orders@orchardhousepress.com, or directly from the author, who is a professional member of the SSA.

Graham McLeod's second Don Carling Mystery, Shadows on the Flag, has just been published via Wheatmark in Tucson. Anyone interested can check it out at russgrahamnovel.com (Russ Graham' is Graham's nom de plume). In the summer of 2004, private investigator Don Carling is hired by a wealthy client for what he foresees as a routine yet lucrative "follow and report" investigation of her husband. It's only a matter of days before he discovers how wrong he is.
"In Shadows on the Flag, Russ Graham has fashioned an entertaining and topical mystery, a one-of-a-kind plot that twists and turns until it all comes together in an electrifying climax."

John Newport, PhD's The Tucson Tragedy: Lessons from the Senseless Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, recently published by Outskirts Press, Inc. is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com - soon to be available at bookstores. Foreword by Rabbi Stephanie Aaron, Gabrielle Giffords' spiritual advisor. "I'm really excited about this new release, which focuses on the human side of the tragic shooting, the marvelous wave of healing throughout our community, and the lessons to be learned from this experience." You can get more information at www.healingtucson.net

Keith Pyeatt's paranormal thriller, Above Haldis Notch, is under contract with Musa Publishing and scheduled to be released on November 25, 2011. Dark Knowledge is now available again as an eBook, and an eBook version of Struck is now available. For more information, see the "Yippees Come in Threes" issue of the Horror with Heart Newsletter here: http://tinyurl.com/hwh-news8.

Mike Rom's illustration took second place in the Tucson Celtic Festival Association's First Annual Celtic Art Design Contest. The winning design will be on t-shirts, brochures and other items at the 2011 Tucson Celtic Festival & Scottish Highland Games November 4th, 5th & 6th. www.tucsoncelticfestival.org.

Denise Roessle's memoir, Second-Chance Mother, will be released this fall by Red Willow Digital Press, in both e-book and print formats. Relating the story of reunion with the son she'd relinquished for adoption 25 years before, Denise takes readers into the emotional black hole of lost time, connection, and self-worth, as she struggles to restore the bond with her grown son, come to grips with her family's tradition of abandonment, and revive the woman she'd buried after surrendering her only child. A journey that began as a second chance at motherhood turns into a second chance for family, love and life. To learn more, visit: secondchancemother.com or email Denise at droessle@mac.com.

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