Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors           Vol. 35, No. 5 Oct./Nov. '07


Upcoming Events

   October 21
Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
Rhys Bowen,
"A Royally Regal Speaker"
(see article)

   November 18
Forum @11:30-2PM
Four Points Sheraton
Bob Yehling,
"The Art of Self-Editing"
(see article)

To R.S.V.P. Forum
Leave Phone Message
at 546-9382
or e-mail: WEDNESDAY before the Forum
$20 paid at the door

A Royally Regal Speaker

by Jude Johnson
   Our forum on October 21 is our Writing Contest Awards luncheon! The winners of each category will read their entries, judges will be introduced, and the Michael Lacapa Award will be presented to the winning Children's Short Story.

   Rhys Bowen--BBC playwright, romance novelist, and Mystery Author with a capital M.A.--will be our featured speaker. Winner of seven major mystery writing awards, Rhys knows exactly how to capture the reader's imagination. Her Royal Spyness is the first book in Rhys' new series taking us into the aristocracy of pre-WWII England (think Paris Hilton during the Depression--but with a bit more brains!). A dead man in the bathtub and a royal command to spy on "that Simpson woman" are only part of the action.

   Her experiences writing in many different genres and locales as well as her quick Brit wit are sure to inspire and excite your creativity.

   We were filled to capacity last year so be sure to make your reservations early for this very popular forum--e-mail or call 520-546-9382.

The Art of Self-Editing

by Jude Johnson
   At our Sunday Forum on November 18th, award-winning author, book editor and magazine editor Bob Yehling (Writes of Life, The Voice) returns to Tucson to discuss his experiences with editing and offer self-editing tips for SSA members. More and more publishers and agents demand perfectly edited and crafted manuscripts before they will accept them--or represent you. Bob will provide specific self-editing techniques for fiction, non-fiction and essay writers--techniques that will make your writing sparkle and lead to acceptance letters and contracts.

   He will also take a limited number of appointments to discuss manuscripts. Don't miss out: This is the most important of all editing discussions--the editing you perform on your own work. To schedule a ten minute private appointment with Bob after his presentation, contact Jude Johnson at A $10 donation is requested. We will only have time for about eight, and they'll go quickly on a first-come, first scheduled basis, so request early.

   Copies of Bob's books will be available, along with his workshop schedule for 2008.


John R. Gentile's Siren's Song: Book III of the SOFAR Trilogy has recently been released through AuthorHouse. The cast of Blue Planets and Offworlder are reunited in the thrilling last book of the SOFAR Trilogy. Cooper Ridley returns to Earth with an ominous warning: The Trochinids are coming–and they're looking for a hot lunch. Along with Azrnoth-zin, Mara-jul and the Displaced Alien Workforce, Ridley must convince the nations of Earth to unite against the Swarm–or perish. Not to be denied again, Richard Jenks and the Phoenix Project are determined to obtain the alien technology they failed to acquire two years before in the crater.
Most readers declare they can't put the books down once they start reading. This kind of feedback comes from a diverse audience including: retirees (both women and men) who normally don't read science fiction; a fourth grade class in Limon, Colorado (where Harry Potter was banned from the school); and a 103 year-old gentleman.
John and his screenwriting partner, Howard Allen, have recently completed A line in the Sand, a drama which takes place on the volatile Arizona/Mexico border. Along with screenwriter Autumn van den Berg, Howard and John have formed Coyote Moon Productions, a vehicle to acquire, produce and market stories for film.

Cathy Marley recently released an inspirational video companion piece to her book, Peeking Over the Edge...views from life's middle. It combines her photos with a poem she wrote about the second half of life and original music by her grandson Jason. The link is on her website, and YouTube.

Mike Rom's night-blooming cereus photos (most notably the Wrangling With Writing cover photo) will be shown in the Blue Raven Gallery and Gifts' Flora and Fauna show, running September 29 through November 3. Blue Raven Gallery is located in the Many Hands Courtyard, 3054 N. 1st Ave. Suite 4. Hours: Fri. 1-6, Sat. 10–5, Sun. 12-5. For information call Katie Iverson 405-3657. SSA Member John Gentile will also have photos there.

Hugh Starkey's poem, "Ode to Chocolate," was published in the spring 2007 issue of CALLIOPE (it can also be seen on the back page of the Write Word). This poem and another of his poems, "On a winter night, long ago," can be seen on the CALLIOPE web site at

Jennifer J. Stewart's website––was named one of 10 finalists in the Writer's Digest Best Writer's Website Contest!

Betty Webb, author of the best-selling Lena Jones mysteries, has been teaching "Introduction to Writing Fiction" at Phoenix College. She has a blog (check below for URL), which gives fiction writing tips, as well as the usual blather.

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