Vol. 32, No. 6 Oct./Nov. '04

Important Dates

17 Sunday
SSA Forum
Brook Bessesen

21 Sunday
SSA Forum
Dr. Carroll A. Rinehart

19 Sunday
SSA Forum
Holiday Mexican Fiesta
Dr. Robert Page M.D. &
Dr. Curtis Page M.D.

SSA Conference
Wrangling With Writing

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$20 paid at the door

Brooke Bessesen
   October 17   Brooke Bessesen   For nearly two decades Brooke has served as a wildlife rescue volunteer rescue volunteer, assisting sick, injured and orphaned animals through local rehabilitation organizations. She spent several years on the Phoenix Zoo medical team as a veterinary technician, working with species from anteaters to zebras. Concurrently, she was the zoo's on-camera naturalist, appearing on local and national television with a variety of animals.

   An award-wining television producer, Brook created a children's show, Cool Critters; wrote wildlife segments for the Emmy-winning series What's Up; and produced a top-rated weekly program, A Brighter Day. Now, she writes and produces occasional stories for the cable networks. Her clients include National Geographic, Style Network, and Discovery Health. She also writes an on-line column, The Desert Wild, for arizonaleisure.com.

   Brooke and her husband, Kevin Steiner, are both licensed private pilots. They built their own 4-seat airplane, designed for cross-country travel. The couple live in Scottsdale, Arizona with their dog, Malki.

Jennifer J. Stewart has graciously changed her scheduled appearance at November Forum to the February Forum allowing our esteemed Dr. Carroll Rinehart, SSA Professional member to speak to us.
November 21 Dr. Carroll A. Rinehart
   He has written and published thousands of music textbooks, teaching programs, choral works, operas, songs, books and articles. Rinehart was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters; Arizona Music Educator of the Year, 1970; Arizona Music Education Association Distinguished Service Award, 1989; the Arizona Governor's Arts in Education Award, 1990; and the Community Foundatoin of Southern Arizona Buffalo Exchange Arts Award, 2000. He was President of the National Society of Arts and Letters, Tucson Chapter.

   Dr. Reinhart will again be highlighted at our December forum. On his magic keyboard he will provide a mixture of Christmas, Hanukah, and Mexican music. Our Holiday event will be a Mexican Fiesta, decorated with large colorful flowers, a delicious (sabroso) Mexican Buffet including colorful flan. Bring wrapped books of every and any kind, including your own works, used books, paperbacks, magazines, whatever, re: writing as part of the gift exchange.

Bylines in the Headlines

Connie Spittler presented her video, Grandmothers Speak, to the regional meeting of the Alumni of the Sacred Heart in Denver, Colorado. The video was followed by her talk on "Telling your Stories, Writing Them Down." Connie then led an open session that invited anecdotes form the audience to complete the afternoon.
Her story, "One Scarlet Penstemon," was selected for the anthology, Plains, Deserts, Canyons, Mountains: Women Write the Southwest. A Story Circle Network project, the University of Texas Press will publish this collection of memoir, essays and creative non-fiction that illuminates the diversity of landscapes and environments of the region, as well as the extraordinary range of women's voices and understanding of the land.

In Ed Kolstro's Cemetery Island, Margaret and Thomas Hawkins are a typical harried big city couple in desperate need of a vacation. Sometimes, vacations just don't turn out the way you hoped they would. Anyone who loves nature, dogs, Longfellow, or Native American legend and lore will surely like this book.

Marilyn Pate received an e-mail from Chicken Soup for the Military Wife's Soul. She is thrilled that her submission is in the final 140. A cut to 101 stories will be done by December with an April 2005 release. Think good thoughts for Marilyn.

Fran Lenso's essay, "My New Life," is being published in the September/October issue of Coping with Cancer magazine. The magazine is found in waiting rooms of hospitals and doctor's offices all over the country.

Jane Candia Coleman's novel, Matchless, has been chosen as runner-up for the Will Award given by Women Writing the West. This is Jane's second Willa (runner up), the first being her memoir Mountain Time, in 2002.

Mark Reps', first book, One Summer in Flyoverland, was published in August by Publish America. He is excited to report the sales are good at his various book signings.

Diane M. Vanover's story, "Gallery of Love," appears in the newly released Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman's Soul. Diane's story celebrates the wisdom, fun and freedom of midlife.

Patricia Linder's Row, Row, Row Your Boat has gone to war. A young Marine, home on leave from Iraq, borrowed his mother's copy to take back to his Marine buddies, making this author not only proud, but very humble. Row, Row is also making thr rounds of the neighborhoods in Sussex, England. In August, it was chosen for an audio book.
The Lady and the Tiger tells of the dangerous and life-threatening evernts in Taiwan, Republic of China during the late seventies. Linder and her husband, Rear Admiral James Linder, represented the United States when the Carter Administration ceased diplomatic relations with Taiwan and normalized with comunist China. The Linders were the targets of the ensuing riots. This memoir tells of the author's experiences in an unfamiliar culture, surrounded by political and military demands. It's available form AuthorHouse.com and Amazon.com. For a signed copy, contact Pat at 520-825-8335.

Two memoir pieces by Mary lyn Chapman were accepted by Good Old Days Specials magazine. Yesterday Memorial Day appeared in their May, 2004 issue. My Hayday, slated for publication next summer, is a glimpse of an old-fashioned thrashing day from the viewpoint of an eight-year-old.

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