Vol. 3, No. 15 Oct/Nov '03

19 SSA Writers' Forum
Sheraton Four Points

Speaker: Mary Sojourner

Topic: "Memoir & Positioning"
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9 brown bag SSA Brown Baggin'
$5 Bring your lunch!

Goddard Hall,
Unitarian-Universalist Church,
4831 E. 22nd Street, Tucson

Speakers:Debbie Neckle of RadioBookCrazy and Vijaya Schartz

RSVP to (520) 682-8009
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SSA Writers' Forum Plus!!
Workshops 1&2: 9:30-11:30am
Workshops 3&4: 1-3pm
Sheraton Four Points

Topic: "Forum Plus Workshops!"
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To R.S.V.P. Luncheon
Leave Phone Message
at 546-9382
before noon the
Wednesday before Brunch

$20 members and non-members

Forum buffet style brunch menu includes mouth-watering vegetarian lasagna, juicy London Broil, fresh fruits, green salad, baby potatoes, sauteed vegetables, rolls, butter and assorted cakes.

NOTE: for the Brown Bag on August 9 remember to RSVP to (520) 682-8009

Invoking the Muse in the Landscape of Life

Mary Sojourner
   Word warrior Mary Sojourner wields words as weapons in the battle for environmental and social justice in the New West. "Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right," says Mary, quoting songwriter/musician Ani DiFranco. Mary writes to give back to the land with which her words are inextricably linked: "Our western earth, small towns and desert cities deserve nothing but the best defense-active love."

   At the October 19th Writers' Forum, Mary will teach what she learned on the incredibly difficult and powerful journey through writing her new memoir, Solace: Rituals of loss and desire (Scribner/ Simon & Schuster). Solace and her short fiction collection, Delicate: Stories of light and desire, are scheduled for release in March, 2004.

   Mary teaches writing throughout the Southwest and California, focusing on writing about our own place in the landscape of life. She is a National Public Radio commentator, columnist for "High Country News Writers on the Range," and is a fierce supporter of independent bookstores. Embracing her connection with the earth, Mary feels lucky to live in a two-room cabin with wood stove, no running water and nine highly demanding cats.

   Phone in Forum reservations (546-9382) by Wednesday, October 15th.

   Mary is teaching a full-day, SSA sponsored workshop in Tucson on October 18th, before her appearance at our Forum.

SSA Writers' Special!
Bob Early
   Clear the decks for November 16th and prepare yourself to learn from a master. Acclaimed and innovative Arizona Highways Senior Editor and popular ASU writing instructor Bob Early is gifting to SSA four exciting 45-minute workshops guaranteed to polish your style. Workshop topics cover story leads, story ends, characterization, dialogue and description, plus getting the most out of your creative talents. "Understand the structure of what you're writing and know techniques for filling in that structure," says Bob.

   Session One - 9:30am
The Basics
No One Tells Us About Knowing the audience we never think about, understanding good writing, and overcoming common writing mistakes.

   Session Two - 10:30am
Writing Concisely, Precisely & with Purpose
Concentrate on joke writing, the easiest of all writing. It helps us be insightful, forces us to use all our creative abilities, and heightens drama.

   Session Three - 1pm
Story Structure:
The Key to Writing Quickly There are only six ways to begin anything you write. This session will enumerate them as part of the discussion on how to structure a feature story.

   Session Four - 2pm
Nuts and Bolts of Creativity
How to stimulate your own creativity, write descriptions, build strong characters, and master dialogue.

   Bob's expertise in developing writers over thirteen years at Arizona State University West makes him a much sought-after instructor. He has conducted numerous writing seminars throughout the country, including for SSA's "Wrangling With Writing."

   Phone in Forum reservations (546-9382) by Wednesday, November 12th. Workshop attendance is included in the regular luncheon fee of $20.

   Bring a tablet, pen, and something, anything, you've written!

Stirring The Pot
by Connie Kazal, Forum & Brown Baggin Chair

   See what happens when YOU stir the pot? SSA now offers: Brown-Baggin' Saturdays

   E x c i t i n g programs for only $5. (Includes AM coffee & donuts; midday lemonade, tea & cookies.)

   Bring Your Own Brown Bag to:

Goddard Hall, Unitarian- Universalist Church,
4831 E. 22nd Street, Tucson, AZ.
Call (520) 682-8009 for information and to R.S.V.P.

Our 2nd Brown Baggin' event on November 8th features . . .
Debbie Neckel-BookCrazy Radio www.bookcrazy.net
& Vijaya Schartz, Arizona author and host of Author's Secrets Radio

Mystery, authors' backlists, best sellers, writing tips, children's book reviews, poetry, sci-fi and romance have found a home on BookCrazy Radio Network, the largest 24/7 book-talk radio station in the world. Heard worldwide via Internet, BookCrazy Radio is celebrating the second anniversary of its evolution from a popular show on a Phoenix AM station. Creator and CEO Debbie Neckel has brought together book radio shows to promote reading and writing on an international scale. Shows come from around the world. According to web site stats, BookCrazy is heard in over forty countries with 28,000 unique monthly hits to the streaming link. Book and related product advertising keep the station going. The daily schedule loops so you can listen when it's convenient and not miss a show. What's in BookCrazy's future? A show from Germany; self-help from today's top gurus; and worldwide book commentary are beginning soon.
How to listen? It's as easy as connecting to the Internet, typing in bookcrazy.net and clicking the "now playing" button. For older computers there is a link to download the free Windows Media Player to your system. Free tech support is also offered for individuals with computer/ streaming problems.
What's stopping you? Give it a try and get a little taste of Book Heaven!


Dale Adams' "Grand Slam" of four great successes began with a display for the Baker's Street Memorial in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. Dale created and shipped his framed display, commemorating the 60th anniversary of Australia's largest air disaster. The Baker's Street Memorial, celebrated by citizens of a small community on Australia's tropical, northeast coast, honors forty American soldiers killed during WWII in a horrific accident. Dale says his involvement was quite accidental, which has me intrigued! His contribution is on permanent public display.

Dale Adams' second "success" was the publication of "The Souvenir" in the February edition of America's Flyways magazine, edited and published by Arv Schultz. This story was also part of Dale's Australian display for the Baker's Street Memorial.

Dale Adams' third "hit" was a review by Arv Schultz of his CD-book Hole in the Sky! - an adventure tale of two who thought they could simply "Stare down the dangers." Then, lost in a strange land, had to run for their lives. "A true story," Dale says, "I was there!" The review appeared in America's Flyways in May.

Dale Adams' "home run" appeared in the July issue of America's Flyways magazine. Adams wrote a review of SSA member Greg Brown's latest book Flying Carpet, saying, "Greg has dared to write of his feelings about flying . . . Few pilot/writers have taken such a risk . . . Even Lindbergh . . . could not tap the depth of emotions as superbly as Greg has done." Congratulations, Dale. Grand slam, indeed!

Jerry S. Jones' fascinating, self-arranged East Coast tour promoted his first novel, The Sugarbush, self-published by 1st Books Library in April, 2003. The Sugarbush is an historical fiction human-interest mystery. Jerry's signing tour encompassed five states beginning at The Bookmark in St. Simons Island, Georgia, then moving to Hickory, North Carolina, in the heart of Catawba County, the story setting, where Jerry arranged radio and TV interviews with WHKY. Ads in local newspapers, plus radio & TV interviews set the stage for a fun filled and exciting book signing at Barnes & Noble in Hickory.

Ed Kostro's non-fiction animal memoir, Curious Creatures - Wondrous Waifs, My Life with Animals, has been published by Publish America, Inc. Curious Creatures depicts Ed's fifty-year love affair with all non-human creatures - great and small. It is available at www.amazon.com and at the publisher's website: www.publishamerica.com

Ken Lamberton's new book, Chiricahua Mountains: Bridging the Borders of Wildness, has just been released by the University of Arizona Press. The book deals with the natural and human history of one of Arizona's premiere "Sky Islands" and how wildlife there are trespassing not only geographical boundaries but those of gender as well. Lamberton will be reading and signing copies at Reader's Oasis on October 3rd at 7pm; at Barnes & Noble (La Cholla) on October 19 at 2pm; at Barnes & Noble (Broadway) on October 25 at 2pm; at Sabino Canyon Visitor Center on November 1st at 10am; and at the Arizona Historical Society Book Fair on December 5th and 6th.

Mabel Leo's third mystery in her "Sailor Springs Series" is Dark Secrets, sequel to Deadly Choices. It will be available on www.booksbyleo.com in October. Mabel is headed for the annual Fall Festival in her hometown, Sailor Springs, Illinois, the setting for Mabel's series, for book-signings and research for the next book. Dark Secrets is available at a discounted price when ordering directly from Mabel at mibbles@att.net

Mabel Leo's children's book, Yahoodywho, is now available through The Literacy Company. This computer program teaches children to read faster with better comprehension and recall. Take a look at www.readfaster.com

Penny Porter's short story, "Angel in Chains," first published by Arizona Highways, is being produced as a movie by Southern Adventist University. The write-up online: http://art.southern.edu/films/story.html is fascinating, detailed, and full of pictures. They added some violence to catch the eyes of today's viewers, says Penny. The film is planned for release on VHS in November. To purchase a copy at that time email art@southern.edu, subject - Chains. Angel in Chains is one of Penny's favorite stories. When she saw the video cover showing her grizzly "angel" hugging her little girl goodbye, tears streamed. "He was a man to remember."

James Sandefer, satirical, weekly "Senior Living" columnist for Tucson's Northwest Explorer, has self-published his new book, Rambling Thoughts, through 1st Books Library. Blending humor & philosophy in this creative mind teaser, James presents selections from his diverse collection of rich observations on daily life. Rambling Thoughts, available through 1st Books or any Ingram book venue, serves an uplifting dose of humor and subtle intellectual motivation and provides public speakers with a gold mine of stimulating material. For order details, quotes and additional author information check out: www.realfunnyquotes.com Contact James at: scorpios21947@aol.com

Seen in the Press-SSA Collective Success Three of SSA's authors received rave reviews in J. C. Martin's "Southern Arizona Book Reviews" in the Sunday, September 7th, Arizona Daily Star. They include More Than Petticoats (TwoDot/Globe Pequot Press) by Wynne Brown, Elsewhere in the Land of Parrots (Harcourt) by Jim Paul, and How I Helped Win the War: Memoirs of a Five Year Old (1st Books) by Ron Lancaster. Reading "Lovin' Life" in Arizona Senior World was like going to an SSA Sunday Forum and chatting with Gilbert Moore, Faye Brown, Lou Mucciolo, Al Sizer, Ted Risch, gael Mustapha, Ann Kuperberg, Al Petrillo, and Rosemarie Colombraro. This month, they lit up the pages of "The best little newspaper in Arizona" with fifteen articles between them.

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