Vol. 3, No. 9 Oct/Nov '02
  20   Children's Book Fiesta & Continental Breakfast
Sheraton Four Points
(see article - this page)

SSA Writers' Forum
Sheraton Four Points

Speaker: Dawn Dixon

Topic: "Getting Real about Writing"
(see article - this page)

  17   SSA Writers' Forum
Sheraton Four Points

Speakers: Gilbert Moore, Debbie Kornmiller, Scott Barker

Topic: " Media Panel "
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To R.S.V.P. Luncheon
Leave Phone Message
at 546-9382
before noon the
Wednesday before Brunch

October $17,
November $20
members and non-members

Please note: Buffet style Brunch - Menus will no longer be published. Please tell us if you are a vegetarian.

Children's Book Fiesta
Open House & Continental Breakfast

   In collaboration with the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI), SSA will host a Children's Book Fiesta and Open House from 9:30am to 11:30am during the morning before the October Forum. A continental breakfast will be provided! All those interested in children's literature-authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, parents, teachers, and friends are invited. Children's authors and illustrators should contact Connie Kazal at ph: (520) 682-8009 to reserve a display table for your work-SSA Members: No charge; Others: $10 per display.
   Come display your work, do some pre-holiday shopping, and network with kindred spirits. The $17 fee for all gives you admittance to the Book Fiesta/Breakfast and the Writers' Forum & Buffet, which begins at 11:30am as usual.

Getting Real about Writing
(October Writers' Forum)

   Our October guest speaker for the SSA Writers' Forum will be Dawn Dixon, Regional Advisor for the SCBWI. Dawn will speak not just about writing for children but about conditioning deep inner processes that bring writers success. What is your hidden goal in writing and the roadblocks? Can you face challenges of updating your skills and style? How can you mine your strengths and meet your needs as a writer? Every great story has a universal truth: Can you find the universal truth in your story? Dawn will bring her gentle and penetrating insight to our October meeting. Serious writers who want to succeed should make this presentation a must.
   Please phone in reservations to 546-9382 by Wednesday, October 16th.

Media Panel - Working With Editors

Gilbert Moore

Debbie Kornmiller

Scott Barker
   "There's a well known set of common errors writers make when submitting," says Scott Barker, Executive Editor, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine. At our November Writers' Forum, we are going to find out exactly what those mistakes are and how to: analyze what publications buy; get to know an editor's mind; tailor queries and stories to the right publications; make freelancing pay better; and avoid pitfalls that trip up freelancers who don't do their homework.
   Scott will be joined by Gilbert Moore, Consulting Editor, Arizona Senior World, and Debbie Kornmiller, Reader Advocate for the Arizona Daily Star, to form a Media Panel that will be sure to bring insight and wit to the great mystery of the eternal conflict between writer and editor. If you are seeking to whip your submission into shape for publication, come have a look into the mind of an editor on November 17th. Learn how to break into the Arizona Daily Star and brush up on the do's and don'ts of magazine writing. Address your questions to editors with lifetimes of experience- and enjoy the buffet! ($20 admission)
   Please phone in reservations to 546-9382 by Wednesday, November 13th.

The Society of Southwestern Authors
a one-day workshop
"How to Write, Publish & Promote
Your Nonfiction Book"

with Dan Poynter
at El Con Mall
3601 E Broadway
November 7th 4pm-9pm
Ph: (520) 748-9555
$35 SSA member
$50 non-member

   Learn to use techniques and technology to write your book faster, produce your book for less (regular, POD & eBooks) and effectively promote your book. Dan will share the secrets of finding an agent, contacting a publisher, self-publishing, handling interviews, and autographings.
   Dan Poynter is a publisher and author of more than 100 books including; Writing Nonfiction, The Self-Publishing Manual, The Skydiver's Handbook and Is There a Book Inside You? Dan is a leading authority on how to write, publish and promote books.
   Dan's workshop is complete with 145 action-packed PowerPoint slides and a dynamite 23-page handout. Sign up now; get your book out soon!
For more information visit: http://ParaPub.com
Funds raised go to SSA!!


Vera Marie (Bunny) Badertscher met her long-term goal of $1/word with two assignments for Texas Journeys, an AAA magazine. Also, in Jan, Vera's article, "Five Star Grandparents," will appear in Arizona Living, which contracted two more articles for spring '03. Another of Vera's articles appears in Phoenix Magazine's Oct issue. To top it off, Vera will start '03 with 4 more deadlines on her calendar for-Arizona Highways, Phoenix Magazine and Hoosier AAA.

Lynnette Baughman's third novel, Lost Almost, the sequel to A Spy Within, is now available online (in ebook or paperback) and by special order at bookstores. Lost Almost begins in Los Alamos, New Mexico, during the horrific Cerro Grande Fire and weaves a web of intrigue as reporter Patrice Kelsey finds herself playing a life and death game on the world stage. Lynnette is impressed with her publisher, Wings ePress. To find Lynnette's books or learn more about Wings ePress go to www.wings-press.com

Bob Beck's article "Ode to Atkins" was published Aug 8th as part of a series of humorous essays for the Arizona Daily Star's "Northwest Views" section. Two other articles have appeared in "If you ask me . . ." -on Jul 18th "All That Glitters . . ." and on Aug 1st "The Floodsucker and the Rattlesnake." Bob says, "They don't print essay titles, just the column name. It has been fun writing the essays and even more fun having them printed and hearing from friends about them later."

Bea Carlton's 14th book, Mystery At Natural Bridge, published by SonLife Books is now available. Written for older juniors and young teens, Mystery At Natural Bridge, set in Natural Bridge, near Payson, Arizona, is a suspenseful adventure/mystery about two boys and their dads, with danger, kidnapping and intrigue. Available from Bea Carlton and SonLife Publishing, sonlife@vtc.net, as well as Rip Griffin Travel Center and Friends of the Library Bookbank in Willcox. Bea Carlton's In The House Of The Enemy, first in a series of three, is now available in large print, hard cover, published by Thorndike Press. The other two - Moonshell and In The Foxes' Lair will follow in December and February. Bea instructs for Writer 's Digest Correspondence School and helps in writers' support Groups in Benson and Willcox. Bea's has published 11 novels and 3 puppetry books!

George Erickson has sold the US rights to his Canadian best seller True North to Lyons Press, a division of Globe Pequot of New York. The book is now available in US stores and on Amazon.com. In True North, Erickson mingles with caribou, musk oxen and polar bears - and exposes conflicts that arose when animistic beliefs of the natives were swept away by the often unprincipled missionaries. For further information contact: erickson@pro-ns.net

Robert P. Ezzo's story, "Charles Breyfogle and His Lost Mine," has been published as a feature article online by DesertUSA.com. This fascinating and complete version of the gold miner's life derives from Robert's brother's diary and newspapers from the mid-1800's. DesertUSA.com is a monthly Internet-based magazine published by Digital West Media, Inc. For further information, contact Robert by email at bobrae9@worldnet.att.net

Cynthia Kennedy Henzel's (formerly Hollander) article, "Thanks, Mr. Reagan, for the Recession," from Jul 1983, has been chosen for reprint on the Newsweek website, along with her update, "Something of Greater Value." Cynthia's two articles are part of the Newsweek celebration of thirty years of the "My Turn" column. You can read both of Cynthia's articles on-www.msnbc.com/ news/nw-myturn_front.asp

Doug Huestis' new book, The Struggle for Viability, is the only English translation of Alexander Bogdanov's book, first published in Russian in 1927. The book discusses Bogdanov's theories about blood transfusion and includes a biographical introduction, an evaluation of Bogdanov, and an epilogue giving the relevant history. Ironically, Bogdanov died as a result of a transfusion experiment. The Struggle for Viability can be ordered from www.Xlibris.com

Jonathan Holman's Epic of Porch, in two volumes, has been published by Xlibris and is now available through www.xlibris.com and other online bookstores. No science fiction library is complete without this fast paced adventure and love story, taking place in future time. "Thanks also for querying your local library!" (NB: Xlibris is having trouble with their bookstore search engine. If you need to, try using the browse function and search for Epic of Porch by title. Ed.)

Ed Kostro's story "Fishing with a Friend was a Soothing Getaway" about the perfect companion on relaxing trips to the lake, has been published by GRIT Magazine in the Sep. 15th issue. GRIT, is an American family magazine published since 1882, dedicated to bringing readers good news. You can also read Ed's story on www.grit.com

Delma Luben, author of The Writing World, has contracted with Cruise Adventures to conduct a series of "Seminars at Sea" for writers and their families. The first "Writing World Seminar," will be on the Star Princess, departing from Los Angeles, Feb 8. For information and a brochure phone: (520) 886-7447 or (800) 955-5769; email: terry@cruiseadventurestucson.com.

Sherry Monahan's non-fiction book, Pikes Peak: Adventurers, Communities & Lifestyles, will be released in Aug by Arcadia Publishing. Sherry's Aunt Ivah was an avid mountain hiker and photographer in Colorado Springs circa 1900. The book captures, in almost 200 of her vintage images, the lives, trials, and adventures of the Peak's early pioneers. Sherry will appear in the Oct issue of True West magazine in the "How the West Was Won" section and her photo will appear in the Nov/Dec issue, which will hit the stores in October. For more information go to www.wildwestinfo.com

D.J. Smith says, "Eureka! Hallelujah! I have to share my good news." D.J. has received a contract from Arizona Highways to publish his picture book for children, The Doctor Bird. "I am thrilled beyond words, even if that sounds strange coming from a writer," says D.J.

Sam Turner will have his fifth article for Arizona Highways published in the Feb 2003 issue. He has two pieces in the Journal of Aviation and Business: "Flying From the Ground Up," about radio controlled model airplanes, in Jul; and a two-page feature in Aug devoted to "Wandering through the AMARC Candy Store," about the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, Davis-Monthan AFB! Sam's wife, Phyllis, as his editor, shares his byline.

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