Vol. 3, No. 7 June/July '02
  16   Sunday Brunch
Sheraton Four Points @11:30-2 PM

Speaker:Carla Emery

Topic: "Hard Lessons"
(see article - this page)

Menu: Meat & Veggie Buffet - London Broil with Red Wine Demi Glaze, Penne Pasta with Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Red Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, Field Salad, Fresh Sliced Fruit, Barbary Rolls, Assorted Desserts, and Coffee, Iced Tea and Water Stations.

  21   Sunday Brunch
Sheraton Four Points @11:30-2 PM

Speaker: Bill Mawhinney

Topic: "Using Poetry"
(see article - this page)

Menu: Buffet: American Field Greens, Tri-colored Cheese Tortellini with Cream Sauce, Char Grilled Top Sirloin with Red Wine Demi Glaze, Seasonal Veggie, Chef's Choice of Potatoes or Rice, Rolls, Butter, Desserts.

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Hard Lessons Learned from a Writer's Life

   Over a period of four years, Carla Emery drove 100,000 miles, crisscrossing America in various elderly vehicles with a goose, turkey, milk-goat, and five children. But, this lady's no country bumpkin! Carla has stacks of published poems, articles, and stories; and, her major life's works are two, massive, nonfiction, self-published encyclopedias. Carla's sales of Secret, Don't Tell, an expose of criminal hypnotism, have reached 10,000 copies. Her awesome The Encyclopedia of Country Living has topped 400,000 copies in print.
   On June 16th, Carla, who teaches all-day writing seminars across the country, will explore the essence of dramatic structure; the rule that works in both fiction and nonfiction; the importance of a 3-way split-personality (creator, editor, and marketer); using and/or ignoring criticism; time management; and the nature and pitfalls of publishing and publishers. The subject of articles in Mother Earth News and The Wall Street Journal, Carla has appeared on To Tell the Truth, Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, The Mike Douglas Show, Donahue, Good Morning America, and has been interviewed by hundreds of local TV, radio and print journalists.
   Please phone in reservations to 546-9382 by Wednesday, June 12th.

Using Poetry to Stay Alive

   Bill Mawhinney heard e.e. cummings read at the University of Pittsburgh and "never forgot how musical language pierced me like a live bullet." On July 21st, Poet Mawhinney will discuss his use of poetry to connect hearts. By writing and teaching poetry, Mawhinney explores the sacred within the world and within himself. He will illustrate how one arrives, through poetry, at a faith in the way one is made for this world.
   Bill attended graduate school at the U of A, worked as estimator, facilities engineer, prep schoolmaster, and retired from Raytheon as a technical writer, newsletter editor and corporate trainer. He lives in the forest near Show Low, devotes his heart to poetry, volunteers as a poet in classrooms, conducts outdoor readings, and leads "poetry circles" at the library. Bill's work has appeared in Heron Dance and Desert Drums. He is polishing Songs in My Begging Bowl, his first collection of poems.
   Please phone in your reservations to 546-9382 by Wednesday, July 17th.


Marlys A. Bedier's first novel, Fateful Parallels, has been released by Jackenkeldan Books. A unique feature with her book is an accompanying music CD, which compliments the story, with lyrics and music by her son, Daniel Bedier.

LaVerne Harrell Clark, Author-photographer, is one of three finalists for the annual Stirrup Award for best magazine article of 2002. Her article, entitled "Mari Sandoz," about the famed Nebraska author, appeared with six photos and was also selected for recognition by the membership of Western Writers of America.

Evelyn Elster brought out her book, Flowering Life, in Nov 2001 and it has just come out in the second edition! Through articles and poetry, Evelyn reflects on her insights into life. "As her publisher and editor, Ancora was proud to have been chosen to work with Evelyn on the project and we offer many congratulations," says Mary E. Loser, maryibbitz@aol.com

Elizabeth Gunn's #5 Jake Hines police procedural novel will be published by Walker and Company in early June. Her local appearances to promote/sign the book will be: June 15, Clues Unlimited; June 16, Reader's Oasis; June 17, Arizona Illustrated, with Bill Buckmaster, KUAT - Channel 6; June 19, Barnes & Noble, Foothills Mall; June 25, Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale. For more information, please contact Elizabeth by email at Ibis Press@aol.com

Ann Isobel's novel, Heart Wounds and Other Crimes, received a Certificate of Merit from the Writer's Digest 2001 National Self- Published Book Awards. Heart Wounds is a literary love mystery set in the Southwest. Marjel DeLauer, literary agent, says Ann's book is "A page turner with deep insight into relationships . . . Heart Wounds is a winner! I can't wait for the sequel." Writer's Digest calls the language "lush, lyrical." Heart Wounds is available at bookstores and at: Barnes & Noble.com and Xlibris.Com

Mabel Leo presented at a festival for selfpublished writers at Barnes & Noble in Scottsdale, distributing bookmarks featuring her books to customers, bringing more people to hear and meet the authors. The store manager invited Mabel and the illustrator of her children's book, Yahoodywho, to participate in a summer program for children. On April 30th she was interviewed by a radio station in Illinois about her romance-suspense trilogy. Watch for Mabel's new website : www.booksbyleo.com
Mabel Leo was interviewed about her book, The Saga of Jack Durant, on KJZZ Radio on April 6, then signed her books at the annual library book festival in Phoenix along with Neil Strickland, the illustrator of her children's book, Yahoodywho, and her editor, Kathy Griffin. Mabel enjoyed the special attention given her romance novel, Dear Sweetheart, and promised fans the sequel, Deadly Choices, will be available by October. Mabel Leo has been elected vice-president of the Phoenix Writers Club, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary, making it the oldest writers club in Arizona.

gal Mustapha was a "Freelance Dance" panelist at the eighth annual VA Festival of the Book in Charlottesville. The panel discussed the road to publication and tips for success in the University of Virginia's Rotunda. gal was quoted in the local daily paper saying writing in today's world is "a psychotic crapshoot, but if it's a passion and you have things to say, you just keep on going day after day." 250 authors presented 200 programs to 16,000 attendees from around the world. SSA Conference speaker Jimmy Santiago Baca and actor-activist Dennis Weaver were among the notables.

Pinkie Paranya's novel, Raven Woman, the first of the Women of the Northland series, has been published by Sands Publishing of El Cajon, California, and slated for a mid- June release. The story begins at a time before Alaska had been imagined, when the Inuit people were just emerging from a glacial wasteland. It tells of one woman who survives to find her destiny and passes her strength, courage, and mystical powers to generations of Raven Women. Raven Woman will soon be available from bookstores, and from www.sandspublishing.com

EJ Phillips sold her manuscript, WOMAN: What she has done with where she has been, an anthology about contemporary women overcoming adversity, to PublishAmerica. Several stories in her nonfiction book won awards from Oklahoma City Writers and from the Oklahoma Writer's Federation. EJ's book is available from the author at ph: (505) 983- 7157 - e-mail: ejphillips@cybermesa.com or online at: www.PublishAmerica.com

Lucy Simons has just completed an assignment for the Southern Cherokee Sentinel, a private, tribal newspaper. Her article describes the Cherokee clan system, Clan Mothers and their place within the nation. Also, Lucy will be signing copies of her book, Soul Food: Feeding The Inner Spirit, in Seattle in late June. She is scheduled to appear at Marlene's on June 2 and at the East West Bookshop on June 22, in Seattle.

Wendy Sizer has a feature article in the summer issue of Tucson Guide Quarterly about mystery writers, among them Sinclair "Zeke" Browning. As well, a short piece by Wendy appears in Zeke's new book, Feathers Brush My Heart: True stories of mothers touching their daughters' lives after death. Wendy's articles have appeared in the last two issues of The Desert Leaf. One features Silke Schneider, advocate for the preservation of rare livestock breeds. The second is about Sam Arcus and the issue of orphanage life versus foster care. Wendy also recently won two awards from Arizona Press Women: 1st place for a series of travel articles appearing in the Arizona Daily Star, The Desert Leaf, and Skirt! magazine; and 3rd place for her Desert Leaf profile on executive director of UA Presents, Ken Foster.

Connie Spittler's videotape, Sage for all Seasons, featured at this year's Brattelsboro Women's Film Festival in Vermont, an annual two-week event, which opened March 1st. Connie also conducted a writing workshop, titled "Hide and Seek," at this year's week-long Border Book Festival, "The Healing Road," in Las Cruces, New Mexico. For Connie, the highlight of the Festival was signing copies of her Wise Women video series at a table with Ha Jin, winner of the National Book Award, Pen/Faulkner Award, and acclaimed author of the novel Waiting. "Ah, the company we keep!" says Connie.

Barbara Stahura met with Debra Witt, editor from Hachette Filipacchi Custom Publishing, at the SSA conference and informally pitched a few stories ideas for several magazines. Barbara's name was passed to another editor, who assigned her 450 words at $1.25/word. Then Debra assigned another article at (nearly) $2/ word and informed Barbara she'd be receiving more work from her and other editors there. "None of this would have come about without Wrangling with Writing. Writers can - and do - make definite and profitable contacts there," says Barbara.

Jennifer J. Stewart's second children's novel, The Bean King's Daughter, has been released in hardcover from Holiday House. Jennifer has a contract for a third children's novel, tentatively scheduled for Fall, 2003, again with Holiday House. Catch Jennifer signing at Kid's Center, 1725 N. Swan Rd., on Friday, June 14, from 3-4:30 pm.

Diane Warner's latest book, Great Parties on Small Budgets, published by Career Press, was released May 1st. She is presently working on an updated, expanded 4th Edition for How to Have a Big Wedding on a Small Budget, F&W Publications, due for release in October.

Jim Woods' new collected short fiction, Journeys, McKenna Publishing Group, transports the reader from ancient biblical lands to modern-day Africa and Australia; from pioneer life to congested U.S. cities of today; from joy to despair. Seeds of these stories were sown in the lush soil of the author's world travels, in life experiences not necessarily his own, and in his writer's imagination. Jim's book Two Dozen LESSONS FROM AN EDITOR is a writer's guide tempered by the real-world experience of an author/editor who has worked both sides of the editorial desk for a lifetime - a necessity for writers, both the working and the wannabe. Both of Jim's books will be available soon at: http://www.insomniac.com/mckenna

Bob Yehling is heading up the Ruidoso (NM) Public Library's Young Authors program, in addition to the continuing Open Mic poetry series in the New Mexico resort town. Young Authors gives writers from grades 4-8 an opportunity to experiment with poetry, short story, essay, playwriting and longer fiction. The program runs through June. On another front, SAF Publishing of London, England, has top-listed Full Flight, Bob's forthcoming book with rock music legend Marty Balin. The book will be published in the United States and Europe in mid-October.

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