Newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 3, No. 5 Feb/Mar '02

  17   Sunday Brunch
DoubleTree Hotel @11:30-2 PM

Speaker:Professional Panel

Topic: "Publishing Journeys"
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Menu: Please listen to the menu on the recorded message when you phone to book your place for the February meeting.

  17   Sunday Brunch
DoubleTree Hotel @11:30-2 PM

Speaker: Paul Williams

Topic: "Psychology & Writing"
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Menu: Please listen to the menu on the recorded message when you phone to book your place for the March meeting.

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Extra! Extra!
SSA 2002 Writing Contest

Running With The Big Dogs

(Sinclair) Zeke Browning

Elizabeth Gunn

C.E. "Buzz" Poverman
   It may be a sad fact of life that seven companies control 73% of the adult book market and most of the Bestseller lists. But it IS life. Come join Sinclair Browning, Elizabeth Gunn and C.E. "Buzz" Poverman as they talk about their publishing journeys. Authors of novels (mystery, literary, historical), short stories and nonfiction, these authors have been published by many of the major players including Bantam, Doubleday, Warner Books, Viking, Walker, Scribner, St. Martin's as well as small and university presses. Bring your questions for what promises to be a lively literary exchange.
   Come listen to this unique panel at the February SSA Luncheon. Please remember to phone in your reservation at 546-9382 by Wednesday, February13th.

Whys-guise Writing Insights

   Everyone knows what passes for psychology—after all, it's about us! But, some of what we know about our own psychology is not true! Writers should know the difference between what psychologists think is true, and what makes sense but is erroneous. At our March 17th luncheon, SSA member and Psychologist Paul Williams will question principles commonly used to explain what good writers do. Might it be better to write what most people believe, rather than what professionals think is correct? Why isn't all writing creative? What makes communication models incomplete? Why is self-motivation a flawed concept? Can procrastination be positive? Why emphasize active verbs? What behaviors does conflict induce? Do nonfiction and fiction writers use the same psychological concepts? Paul has consulted for businesses, administrated colleges, lectured in psychology and business, worked in human resources and counseling. After fifty years researching, writing and editing technical materials and a newspaper column, Paul now writes creative nonfiction, essays, and children's verse.
   Find out more by coming to the March SSA Luncheon. Please remember to phone in your reservation at 546-9382 by Wednesday, March 13th.


Jerry Airth placed 2nd in two Ground Zero Internet short story contests in the spring and summer of 2001 winning cash prizes, certificates, and publication on the Internet. In the fall Jerry won an Honorable Mention in the Calliope short story contest which gained him another certificate and publication in the upcoming March/April edition of the magazine. Jerry has recently been asked to take over as poetry editor for Calliope. Another Ground Zero short story contest this winter brought Jerry a 1st Place win with a cash prize, certificate, and Net publication. To cap off this great year, Arizona Highways just accepted Jerry's short piece, "Blue School Adventures" for their Along the Way section. This submission found its way to Arizona Highways after Jerry queried Bob Early about his article at the 2001 SSA conference.

Jan Cleere recently leaped from Associate to Professional SSA member with articles appearing in Arizona Highways, Arizona Garden, Tucson Guide, The Desert Leaf and Chronicle of the Old West. A finalist for the 2001 Alice Longan Award, Jan also won honorable mention in the 2001 writing contest. Her research on African-American Elizabeth Hudson Smith, who lived in Wickenburg during the early 1900s, led to an invitation to speak at the 2000 Arizona Historical Society annual convention. Jan is currently working on a book of original western fairy tales.

Carol Costa's book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Surviving Bankruptcy, will be featured along with an excerpt in the March issue of Family Circle magazine, on sale February 12th. Carol's romance novel, Labor of Love, has been sold to Avalon Books and will be released sometime this year.

Eric Eaton has accepted a contract to coauthor, with Ken Kaufman, the Kaufman Focus Guide to North American Insects. Published by Houghton Mifflin, the book will will be on the shelves by October, 2003. The guide is being designed for those with little or no prior knowledge of our insect fauna. Eric will also contribute a chapter to the revised edition of a butterfly gardening book published by the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Evelyn Elster's new little book of meditations and poems, Flowering Life, with a beautiful floral cover designed by Mary Loser, received a very favorable response at the SSA 2002 conference with satisfying sales and great interest from the browsers. Published by Ancora Publishing, Evelyn's book is available directly from the author at 885-5011.

Philomena (Wendy) Green's novel, Yellow Roses at Christmas has been released by 1stbooks library. This story shows how ordinary lives are affected by mental illness, but most of all it explores the fragile nature of love, its hopes and expectations, its guilt and regrets. Yellow Roses at Christmas is available from as a paperback or e-book, through and Barnes and, as well as through Rocket e-books and the author, at

Ed Hertfelder's nationally circulated off-road motorcycle column reaches its 25th anniversary of unbroken publication in February. "The Duct Tapes" column began a ten year run with Ziff-Davis' Cycle magazine in 1977. Ten years with Petersen's Publishing in Dirt Rider magazine kept the column running without interruption. Presently, Ed's column is published as "Hertfelder" in Trailrider, a magazine for hard-core motorcycle competitors. Congratulations, Ed, on your quarter century anniversary!

Mabel Leo's first book, The Saga of Jack Durant, biography of the mysterious Phoenix restaurateur, was the highlight of a posthumous 100th birthday party held in Durant's honor on January 20. The Phoenix City Grille hosted the affair, which drew over 200 of Durant's friends from Phoenix, Los Angeles, Tucson, Wickenburg, Fountain Hills and points in-between. Prior to the events, Mabel was featured in the Arizona Republic newspaper and appeared on Channel 5 News. On Saturday, January 26, the Arizona Republic published a follow-up article. Mabel's next appearance will be at a fund-raiser for the United Phoenix Firefighters Community Charities on February 17 hosted by the Phoenix City Grille. Mabel's five published books will be offered during a silent auction.

Ray Malone's novel, Unforgiving Sun, a novel about desert survival, was released on tape and CD by Books in Motion in December 2001. After ten years of rejection letters, Ray is celebrating the first publication of one of his four novels. He never, never, never gave up! Congratulations Ray!

Janice Mitich's poem, "Queen of the West," a tribute to Dale Evans, which won an honorable mention in the SSA 2001 Writing Contest, was selected for publication in a collection of classic cowboy and contemporary poetry titled The Big Roundup, published by New West Library. The book is an anthology of more than 140 of the best classic and contemporary poems from—the world's largest repository of Cowboy Poetry—which posts poems from across the US, Canada, and Australia. The Big Roundup can be purchased from

Beverly Van Horn announces the production of her 4th audiobook in the series, Living Voices of the Past. Covered Wagon Women: Diaries and Letters From The Western Trails, 1851 is a two-cassette, 3-hour adventure told by two Tucson actors, Jane Merrifield-Beecher and Georgia Goodwin. Beverly's other published audio books are Covered Wagon Women 1850, Vanished Arizona and Desert Wife. Beverly gave a seminar for Oasis in January on the history behind her audio books.

Jim Woods' Two Dozen LESSONS FROM AN EDITOR will be published by the McKenna Publishing Group in early 2002. The book is a compilation and expansion of Jim's columns, "Lessons From an Editor" which has continuously appeared in The Write Word for the past four years.

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