SSA's Write Word newsletter needs writers.

(NOTE: This newsletter is for SSA members only.
All submissions from SSA members will be considered.
Only upcoming events and successes are published on the Website,
other articles, poems, etc. are in printed newsletter for members only.
We do not pay for articles.
Publication is your compensation. Publication is not guaranteed)

Topic areas wanted:
Bylines in the Headlines | Poetry | Writing Exercises | Members' Excerpts
Conference/Workshop results | Upcoming events (conferences/workshops/contests)
Other Articles | Letters to the Editor

Deadlines | Formatting & sending submissions | Contact

Successes—Bylines in the Headlines:
Share word of your new publications, book signings and awards. Try to limit to 100 words.
Include the following: Poetry or Flash Fiction:
Short pieces to appear throughout the newsletter.

Writing Exercises
Up to 100 words to accompany the photos published in the Write Word.

Excerpts from members' published work:

Positive results from a conference, forum, or workshop attendance:
350 words maximum.

Upcoming conferences/workshops/contests:
Title, brief description, cost, date/s, venue/s, contact information.
Information will be confirmed and posted as space permits.

Your Choice:
Other articles or a series of columns, space permitting (150-350 words). Check old copies of the Write Word to see what's already been done and offer something new that would be of interest to the membership.

Letters to the Editor:
General suggestions for SSA, comments on writing issues, etc.

The Write Word is published bimonthly.

Dec/Jan | Feb/Mar | Apr/May | Aug/Sep | Oct/Nov

Deadlines fall two weeks before date of issue, usually on the 15th of the month.

Formatting and sending your submission:
Please send your submissions by email to

Keep all submissions in simple plain text. Everything has to be reformatted for the newsletter; so, please do not use fancy formatting.

Simply copy and paste your submission into an email as follows:

  1. Open the original document, do EDIT-SELECT ALL then EDIT-COPY. Then close the document.
  2. Open your email software and prepare an email with the address then click in the "body" area for the email message and do EDIT-PASTE. Your whole article will go into the body of the email.
  3. You can add comments before or after your submission or make changes to it after you paste it into the email.

You may also submit using attachments to emails. Please keep attachments in MS Word format or in plain text, i.e., use the Notepad program.

E-mail submissions to Mike Rom

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